Questions to the groom on the ransom of the bride – what can you ask?

Historians consider the ceremony of redemption of the bride to be ancient. It ranked second in importance after infant baptism. It was carefully prepared by the bride’s relatives and neighbors.

The ceremony was a kind of performance with various tests for the groom, including tricky riddle questions. Over time, the ceremony has transformed, but it necessarily contains competition tasks with various questions. In the publication we will consider what questions are asked to the groom at the bride price.

What interesting questions can you ask your groom?

Our ancestors were afraid of evil spirits, corruption and envy of evil envious people. Therefore, before the baptism and marriage of children, they performed noisy and cheerful rituals aimed at driving away evil spirits and sent spoilage from them.

The ransom of the bride was prepared very carefully and was an important part of the wedding. The ceremony should have been performed very loudly and cheerfully. Relatives and fellow villagers went out to meet the groom on the outskirts of the village, blocking the road with a log. The good fellow could be asked to demonstrate ingenuity or strength by holding a saw in his hands to demonstrate what kind of husband he will be.

Other tests awaited the newlyweds near the house of the betrothed. The children helped to determine the greed of the future son-in-law. A large gang of kids gathered in the courtyard, demanding sweets and other sweets. The intellectual abilities of the future spouse were tested by the elder brother or respectable relative of the bride. He made tricky riddles to the newlywed.

The modern ceremony of redemption of the bride, of course, looks different, but its essence remains the same. Bridesmaids and relatives of the bride cheerfully greet the groom, who has come with witnesses and friends to take the future spouse to the wedding ceremony. They arrange various comic tests for him, and when he cannot cope with them, they demand a ransom in the form of sweets, champagne and money.

He will be able to see his chosen one only after, together with his friends, he passes all the stages of the ceremony prepared by the witnesses.

An obligatory component of the test is contests in which the groom needs to answer the questions posed. Most often, the questions concern the hero of the occasion and her family.

They can be completely different, but often they have a certain catch that requires ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Questions for the future

A loving man knows a lot about his beloved. After all, it is so pleasant to talk with a loved one about everything: about the past, present, plans for the future and innermost dreams. The groom can be asked the following questions about the future of the chosen one:

  1. Where does your beloved dream of spending her honeymoon?
  2. What countries does the future spouse want to visit?
  3. What is more important for her family life or career?
  4. How many children and what gender does the future spouse dream about?
  5. What does your beloved want you to call her parents after the wedding?
  6. What kind of living space does she dream of for your family?
  7. What kind of car would the chosen one like to have?
  8. Does the future wife dream of a pet?
  9. The desired amount of money per month for personal expenses for the future wife?
  10. Who will be the head of her family?

The witness negotiates in advance with the hero of the occasion a list of questions and answers to them. Otherwise, she will not know whether the subject answers correctly or is dashingly twisting.

Dating questions

Questions regarding the dating of the couple and the development of their love story should be included in the contests. First, the questions will be of interest to the bride’s relatives present at the ceremony. Secondly, the ransom is filmed with a video camera, and the filming will become part of the family archive, repeatedly reviewed by children and then by grandchildren. The future spouse can be examined on the following questions:

  1. Specify the date, month and year of your acquaintance?
  2. What is the day of the week at the time of meeting?
  3. Where exactly did the significant event take place?
  4. What was the bride wearing on the day they met?
  5. When was your first date scheduled?
  6. Where did you invite your bride on a first date?
  7. How many minutes late was the future wife for the first date?
  8. What flowers did you give her at that memorable moment?
  9. When and where was the second date?
  10. What season of the year did your first dates take place?

Try not to drag out the competition, if you see that the groom cannot give an answer to the question posed, then do not torture him, but offer to buy it.

You can add a touch of fun by asking questions that require ingenuity. Having answered the first question, the groom will easily give an answer to the last question from the proposed list.

Questions about the hero of the occasion

Questions regarding the bride’s appearance and her preferences will add a special enthusiasm and joyful mood to the ransom ceremony. After all, everyone knows jokes in which a man who has been married for several years cannot remember the color of his wife’s eyes. The following questions are good options:

  1. What is the color of the eyes of the beloved?
  2. What is the size of the narrowed ring finger?
  3. Favorite perfume of the chosen one?
  4. Favorite flowers?
  5. Favorite performer?
  6. Favorite performer?
  7. Favorite movie?
  8. Favorite cartoon?
  9. Favorite book?
  10. What is the bride’s favorite hobby?

There is a lot to roam in this block of questions, but you should not include too many questions in the competition. The optimal duration of one competition is 5-8 minutes, and the whole ceremony is 30-40 minutes.

Tricky and funny questions

Tricky questions, like spices that make an ordinary dish a culinary masterpiece. They spice up the ransom ritual and then become one of the hilarious moments of the wedding videotape. The main rule of drawing up such questions is not to offend anyone. The groom can be puzzled with the following questions:

  1. If the bride catches a goldfish, what will she ask of her?
  2. On Saturday evening, she will watch TV with great pleasure, go to a disco, go to the kitchen to cook a dish according to a new recipe from the cookbook?
  3. On weekends, does the future spouse like to stay at home, go to the theater, go out into nature?
  4. Where does she like to rest the most: at the sea, in the forest or in the mountains?
  5. Is your chosen one more willing to accept gifts or gives it herself?
  6. Favorite cuisine of your favorite: national, Italian, Japanese or other?
  7. What qualities of men annoy the chosen one?
  8. How does your beloved react to compliments from strangers of the opposite sex?
  9. How much time a day does the chosen one spend in front of the mirror?
  10. What three words can you use to describe your future spouse?

The competition ends only after the groom has answered all the questions posed or bought the correct answer. It is better not to name the specific cost of the answers, but to say, for example, how much you feel sorry for or how much your heart desires.


Now many young couples refuse to carry out the bride ransom ceremony, considering it unnecessary and uninteresting, and some even humiliating, arguing their position by the fact that money is paid for the bride as for a thing.

In fact, the meaning of the ceremony is completely different. It is carried out to protect newlyweds from envy, spoilage and other troubles before the wedding ceremony. A well-organized modern ceremony takes 30-40 minutes, creating a joyful atmosphere before the groom sees his chosen one in a wedding dress for the first time.

The main participants in the ceremony are unmarried bridesmaids and single friends of the groom. During the ransom, everyone has time to get to know each other, and this is an additional plus of the ancient wedding tradition. We wish you a happy wedding and the same ransom!