Questions for girls with a trick: tricky and provocative topics

How to diversify communication with a girl to spend time with her interestingly? This can be done with the help of provocative and tricky questions. Therefore, we have prepared trick questions for girls that will make them think before answering. And for men, the answers to these questions will help to better understand women’s thinking.

After all, the female mind is a mystery that is sometimes difficult for men to comprehend. They need to make a lot of effort to understand what their chosen ones think. That’s why the questions on this list are unusual. We divided them into categories: tricky, provocative, cunning, and uncomfortable.

There are no insidious questions that degrade women’s dignity in this list, and all questions are taken from life. So, let’s start with the first on the list.

Questions for girls with a trick

  1. Ever appreciated guys? What do you think the dignity of a guy means? What dignity should he have?
  2. What is erudition? Is it important for a girl to be erudite, or is it enough just to be beautiful in order to successfully arrange her life?
  3. What kind of holiday romance do you prefer?
  4. Is it true they say that all “women are fools”? Do you consider yourself one of them too?
  5. Do you prefer men’s swim trunks or family briefs?
  6. When a man and a woman live without signing, do you consider this marriage or cohabitation? Would you agree to such a relationship with your man, or do you definitely need a marriage stamp in your passport?
  7. On whose clothes in the family can you save money – men’s or women’s?
  8. Do you always look this good or are you just trying to impress me?
  9. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word pleasure?
  10. Can a man dating a girl be friends or have things in common with single women?
  11. What is preferable for a girl – just to get married or become the wife of a rich man?
  12. Choosing a girl for me, which one would you choose?
  13. What comes to mind when you say “they were in love”?
  14. What is a man most proud of?
  15. Are you naughty or beautiful?
  16. What does a man want from a woman and expect every day?
  17. What are you more interested in – spending money or earning it?
  18. How often does your brain go on autopilot?
  19. Which is better: a good hug or a good kiss?
  20. If your family categorically refuses to recognize your marriage with your chosen one, what will you do?

Tricky questions for girls to find out what they think

  1. If a husband becomes disabled, what is the best thing for a woman to do: divorce, or continue caring for him all her life?
  2. What is the most ideal career for you?
  3. How to distinguish a “womanizer”? Can you trust his loyalty?
  4. If the husband wishes, will you agree to become a housewife?
  5. Can a guy hug and kiss a girl on a first date?
  6. How do you feel about a guy who kisses a girl for money?
  7. What kind of guys do girls like? Is it true that they like the beefy and rich more than the skinny and simple ones?
  8. Should guys shave their underarm hair, shave their chests, shave their legs, or is it just effeminate men?
  9. Is it always necessary to honestly answer the question “what do you not like about me”?
  10. How can a young man surprise and then conquer a girl he likes?
  11. Complex about your appearance?
  12. What will you do if you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you?
  13. Do you believe in long-distance love when a couple breaks up for a long time? (We advise you to read what will help keep love and relationships at a distance? )
  14. Only frankly: tell me, are you sure that I can make you happy?
  15. What are your feelings about our first kiss?
  16. What will you do if you find out that your husband/boyfriend watches pornography?
  17. Can you forgive your lover if he cheats on you?
  18. Are you happy with me?
  19. Will you be able to leave a prestigious job, devoting yourself to raising children?
  20. Who will be in charge in your family? If your husband’s salary is less than yours, will you be able to obey him, especially in matters of the family budget and money management?

The most tricky questions for a girl

  1. Will you give a second chance to a man who “offended” you?
  2. Do you like my friends with whom I want to spend time on weekends?
  3. For the sake of your beloved man, can you move with him to live in the village?
  4. Does a guy need to react to flirting and “tackling” other men to his girlfriend, or should you not attach importance to this?
  5. Can you leave me if your parents are categorically against our relationship? Who will you choose: me or your mother?
  6. After a long party, will you stay with a guy or will you drive home?
  7. Would you tell your husband that an attractive man is trying to woo you at work?
  8. In your dreams, how far does our relationship go?
  9. Do you like my male friends or not? (I recommend reading 20 trick questions for a group of friends ).
  10. In a relationship with me, what do you think about?
  11. Am I fat or chubby for you? Do you like my figure?
  12. How will you react if you see me in a cafe having a nice conversation with a girl you don’t know? What do you think about first?
  13. If I become poor and homeless can you live with me?
  14. Is it worth it to “keep yourself” for a future spouse, or is it not important?
  15. For the sake of maintaining relationships and reconciliation, should a girl ask for forgiveness from her lover, even if she is innocent? (We recommend reading cool statuses for girls that show what she thinks about a failed relationship).

Provocative questions for a girl

  1. Do you need to love a guy more with your ears, eyes or mind?
  2. For the sake of a man, would you agree to leave your faith and accept another?
  3. What would influence your decision to continue a relationship with a man more: his money, qualities or intelligence?
  4. Could she marry a “stupid and soft-bodied guy”, but rich?
  5. How do you deal with an unwanted pregnancy?
  6. Who should serve breakfast in bed to whom: wife to husband or vice versa?
  7. Should a woman after marriage and the birth of children follow her figure?
  8. Is it always necessary to tell a man the truth, or is it better to lie to spare his feelings?
  9. Would you agree for a good reward to participate in a contest where girls are asked ambiguous, insidious or vulgar questions?
  10. Out of love for a man, will you agree to share paradise with him in a hut?
  11. Which is better: to return to the ex-boyfriend who proposes marriage or to continue the relationship with a new man?
  12. Would you go with your boyfriend to rest in the mountains as a savage?
  13. Are you capable of crazy antics?
  14. Am I a better kisser than your ex-boyfriend?
  15. What kind of gifts would you like to receive from a guy: expensive or unexpected? (We recommend finding out what gift to give girls? )
  16. Knowing your parents’ preferences, would you be able to truthfully describe me to your family?
  17. Can you refuse to marry the man you like for the sake of your career?
  18. Are you virgin?
  19. Will you buy the man you love cigarettes and booze? What is the proof of your love for him: tolerating his bad habits or fighting them?
  20. Are you ready to do anything to keep a man?

Unbanal questions for a girl when communicating

  1. Is the smile on your face a sign of cheerfulness or are you just happy to see me?
  2. Are you hiding something from me? What exactly?
  3. What does a mother want most? (We recommend 104 quotes and sayings about mom ).
  4. Should a couple keep secrets from each other in a relationship or not?
  5. What are you constantly fooling yourself about?
  6. How often do you drink alcohol?
  7. What did you think when you first saw me?
  8. What will you do if the guy you like is allergic to your favorite pet?
  9. From a week to a month, how long would you be able to do without a smartphone?
  10. What will you do if you unwittingly witness that your colleague has stolen a thing or money from work?
  11. Have you ever used a dating site to find a mate? Is it worth it?
  12. Should an unemployed girl agree to work in strip clubs?
  13. Having found a bag with money and documents, will you give them to the police or will you try to find the owner yourself, or will you take the money and throw away the documents?
  14. Is it better to marry someone who loves you or someone you love?
  15. Have you ever done something mean to your sister that you now regret?

Strange questions for a girl

  1. For the sake of her husband’s desire, could she constantly go on diets, run around the gyms?
  2. Will you agree to cater to your husband’s desires to wear a minimum of makeup and maximum length of clothes?
  3. How do you rate yourself as a person?
  4. What is your attitude towards female grooming? (Do you want to know what a well-groomed woman looks like through the eyes of a man? Then read the rules and signs of a well-groomed woman according to men).
  5. Does a guy have the right to ask questions to a girl with a trick, a trick, if he meets her?
  6. Do you think the features of past relationships should be hidden, or is it better to tell them to each other?
  7. Is it normal to take back gifts given to each other after parting?
  8. Do you like me for my looks or my brains?
  9. A couple who buys a bed likes different models, who should cede the right of choice to whom?
  10. How do you get revenge on the guy who hurt you?
  11. If the husband does not like to celebrate wedding anniversaries , should he then give gifts?
  12. If you are sure that the husband with whom you quarreled the day before is making the wrong decision, what will you do in this situation?
  13. Have you dated many guys before me?
  14. Do you think you are ready for marriage?
  15. What is your attitude to female piercings and tattoos?


What do guys need to remember about tricky trick questions?

  • It is important to remember that men will not always be satisfied with the answers to the questions asked by girls with a trick.
  • The purpose of tricky and provocative questions is to show a personal interest in the girl, and not to make her feel uncomfortable.
  • That the key to an interesting conversation is to ask the right question at the right time. This means that not all of the above questions can and should be asked.
  • For some questions, the girl may refuse to answer, so respect her privacy if she does not want to answer your question. It is better to first learn more about each other, and then discuss some juicy topics.