Putting together a gorgeous menthol wedding bouquet

Nowadays, when choosing a flower arrangement for a wedding party, you will have to take into account many factors. One of the main ones is not only the variety of the plant, but also its color palette. Breeders have tried and brought out a large number of different color combinations.

Therefore, the bride can make her choice based not on the variety of the plant, but on the desired color. When choosing a bride, she relies on her own taste, fashion trends, stylistic orientation of the celebration and financial opportunity. The mint shade is one of the most beloved and widely used.

Features of bouquets of mint shade

Many people think that mint is a color that appeared on its own, which has much in common with the herb of the same name. In fact, the shade was born by combining soft blues and rich greens. Thus, mint can be safely called a mixed shade.

In addition, the shade itself has nothing to do with mint. The leaves of this plant have a rich green color, rather turning into a deep dark one. At the same time, mint is considered rather a pastel tone, very light and at the same time gentle.

If you disassemble this shade by the values ​​of the original colors, then you can determine that blue means purity, sincerity and tenderness. Green instills confidence and peace. Thus, when combined, a rather interesting solution is obtained.

On the one hand, you will have a shade that will make your look more delicate and romantic. On the other hand, it will show that you are a self-motivated and confident girl.

The mint color is also unique in that it goes well with all pastel shades. An original combination can be noted in mint and peach colors, mint and pink. Due to the fact that the color is complex, its structure includes several shades at once, it can be disassembled into parts by attaching separately one of the constituent shades. For example, add greenery to a bridal bouquet with a mint color or freshness with a blue tone. By the way, in this way even a kind of ombre effect can be obtained.

Wedding in menthol color.

It is believed that open and sociable ladies prefer mint. They are always glad to meet new people and gladly make contact.

Such beautiful young ladies do not soar in the clouds, stand firmly on the ground, clearly go to their goals, but at the same time they are gentle, vulnerable and romantic personalities. Combining the incompatible, the result is a rather interesting floral arrangement.

What flowers to use?

There are several varieties of varieties of flowering plants. Pay attention immediately to what your bouquet will be. It can be made from artificial flowers, and maybe from real ones. The final choice, of course, will be yours. Both options are acceptable in terms of fashion and style. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Since the mint color looks quite rare and exclusive, it is worth choosing exactly the same plants for it, which will differ in their exoticism and originality. Please note that you will have to order the color in advance, as it is not always available in large quantities in flower shops. The shade is not considered to be often sold, therefore it is not ordered for future use.

  1. Rose is a classic version, the existence of which few people know about.

    Roses look especially delicate and sophisticated. Although these flowers are considered royal, in this case they acquire a completely different color from the one that we are used to seeing. Roses are becoming the most real exotic.
  2. Orchid is a rare and interesting flower.

    Its inflorescences look quite original and creative.

    In addition, it is distinguished by its color variety. The buds, as a rule, are not painted in the same tone. They have a slightly different interesting outline. Inside each flower is the so-called stamen, which is either white or yellow. From this stamen there are arrows that repeat its color. And from the middle along the edges, a rich mint color begins. Thanks to this color scheme, an unusual composition is created.
  3. Hydrangeas and cutters are delicate and neat inflorescences that look very elegant together.

    It seems that a wonderful butterfly is about to land on the hydrangea. If you pay attention to the photos of wedding bouquets of hydrangeas and freesias, you can note their original shape and unique appearance. A mint tone is definitely suitable for such plants.

Floral arrangement in menthol tones

The bride’s bouquet is a photo of mint color.

Pay attention not only to the color itself, but also to the shape of the flower arrangement. It can be absolutely anyone. The most popular is the ball, sphere, or scepter. The shape will depend on the appearance, the type of the bride and the style of the wedding.

For example, the rustic style requires carelessness in the image and details, so the form is not paid much attention to. Flowers often look like they have just been picked from the fields.

Despite the beauty and tenderness of the mint color, florists advise against composing a composition using one tone. In his guise, he always looks boring and uninteresting. It will be great if you manage to dilute the mint. For example, use shades of white, yellow, cream, or pink. All of them are ideally combined with a blue-green hue.

What to combine a bouquet with?

Brides want to combine a flower arrangement with certain elements in their wardrobe or general look. Also, they often order a design of a cake or mint-colored glasses.

The classic option is a traditional white dress and a menthol necklace. The girl will look especially, calm and romantic.

Please note that mint has several shades depending on the tone (dark or light). Be sure to consider this fact. Blondes should choose the lighter option, and brunettes, on the contrary, the one that will be darker.

The mint shade looks perfect on tanned skin, so before that the bride needs to visit the solarium.


A bouquet of an unusual shade will become an interesting and creative accessory for a wedding celebration. It is used less often, thanks to which it wins the well-deserved love of creative people and extraordinary brides.

With the help of mint color, you can convey the character of the bride: gentle and vulnerable, but at the same time purposeful and confident.