Psychology Of Attraction

At the time of conquering, the attraction plays a very important role; Therefore, today I will talk specifically about psychology of attraction.

Attraction Psychology Facts

Being able to captivate a person does not depend on having the perfect body, it is about understanding what attracts us to the majority and, specifically, that special being that you want to conquer.

Ideally, you learn how to use your strengths and how to improve those things you don’t like.

On this occasion, I will show you how to see and enhance your appeal to the fullest. For this, we will see different types of attraction.

Rules Of Attraction Psychology

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psychology of attraction

Rule # 1: Physical Attraction = Symmetry And Health

Certain aspects of a person can be attractive without really knowing why.

This happens in an automatic and almost unconscious process that is summed up in two key aspects: symmetry and health, which are part of psychology of attraction .

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Let’s start, then, with the first: Something that is universally attractive, not only in people but in many other things, is symmetry.

Symmetry And Attraction Psychology

The symmetrical is pleasant and striking for our brain. In people, this translates into factions that, commonly, we see in movie stars and models.

Detailed faces in which half is a perfect reflection of the other, bodies with perfect proportions, etc.

But, those features are not something we all have the fortune to possess. The good news is that there are different ways to create them and psychology of attraction reveals them to you.

Makeup and clothing are the main weapons to achieve it.

  • Use base and contour techniques that help to better define the features of your face.
  • Remember that an expensive wardrobe is not necessary to look good; combine and accessorize correctly will give you a great advantage.
  • If makeup and clothes are not your strengths, you can consult an image consultant.

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The second point is health. We have evolved to identify certain elements that express health without realizing it.

According to psychology of attraction , for our mind, perceiving well-being in someone translates into a better quality of life next to that person and better sexual performance.

After all, having well-being is being able to share well-being with another person.

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Taking care of your health is necessary for your attractiveness:

  • A good state of health will help you have energy.
  • Being happy with your physical appearance and achieving goals with your exercise plans will improve your self-esteem and safety, crucial aspects as we will see later.

Rule # 2: Psychological Attraction = Creating Positive Emotions

Our emotions dictate much of our behavior. What awakens positive emotions is what we appreciate, value and do not want to let go.

Your favorite movie, series or brand is because of the emotions they evoke.

Once your brain has made that association, it is so strong that it can hardly break.

In order to create that association and for a person to be attracted to you, psychology of attraction proposes that you need to represent positivity.

  • Dedicate yourself to meet the person you want to conquer to discover what evokes positive emotions.
  • Seek to create experiences that link those emotions with you.
  • Come to him and have contact when you see him smile or rejoice to talk about something that encourages him.

The attraction for a person is characterized not only by emotions, but by the physical response that emotions cause.

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For example, when you see that person who attracts you, your heart speeds up, there is some agitation, your pupils dilate. All this is similar to your body exercising.

That is why in appointments, activities that are active, have such a good effect to attract people; Creating the feeling of attraction in a person is a highly effective method of creating emotion.

Rule # 3: Attracting With Your Behavior

There are certain ways of behaving that are attractive to most; Be friendly and social, enjoy humor and, above all, show safety.

Reflecting this last feature is a guaranteed way to have great appeal.

Some men see the lack of security and trust as a sign of a vulnerable person, approaching with not very good intentions.

Safe and confident behavior not only makes you more attractive, but also serves as a way to identify people that you probably don’t want to have by your side.

Projecting security is something possible, paying attention to two aspects that are connected: your self-esteem and your body language.

Good self-esteem naturally creates a body language that conveys security.

Similarly, taking care of having a body language that transmits security helps improve self-esteem.

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Rule # 4: Taking Advantage Of Fashion In Your Favor

Fashion changes depending on the time and place where you live; But, regardless of those changes, it can be a great tool to increase your appeal.

This is also part of the tactics of attraction psychology !

Different styles can increase your appeal, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Being fashionable does not mean suppressing your personality. You can express your identity taking care of the way you use and combine clothes, colors and accessories.
  • Remember that what may be fashionable in one place may not be in another. Pay attention where you live to get the most out of it.
  • If the idea of a change of style does not convince you, remember that it can lead you to discover the ideal combinations and aesthetics that make you feel safe, confident and beautiful.

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The attraction works in many ways; what we look at without realizing it, what we reflect, the emotions we wake up and how we feel.

Dare to increase your charm and conquer the man you want with the help of attraction psychology !