Promise Messages For Girlfriend

We have a collected a huge list of promise messages for girlfriend for you to dedicate it to your loved ones.

I promise to do my best in the relationship

2. I promise to allow you to enter my heart

3. I promise to always tell you the truth, however difficult it may be

4. I promise to listen to you

5. I promise to support and encourage you when you need it most

I promise to be nice to you

7. I promise never to take responsibility for my emotional problems

8. I promise never to blame you for our problems, I know we will both be responsible

9. I promise to accept every part of you, the good and the bad

promise messages for girlfriend

10. I promise to support you in your hobbies , your passions and anything that makes you happy

I promise to strive to improve our relationship every day

12. I promise to respect your free time and not suffocate the relationship

13. I promise to have a romantic date at least once a month

14. I promise to be open when talking about our sex life

15. I promise to try to realize the attitudes that hurt you

I promise to push you to achieve your dreams, but never achieve them for you

17. I promise to always take care of our relationship

18. I promise to make you feel safe and comfortable

19. I promise to do my best and recognize when I have been wrong

20. I promise never to say phrases like, “What the hell are we doing together?” or anything that hurts our relationship

I promise to make you happy every day

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22. I promise to say cheesy things every time I feel it

23. I promise to love your family, regardless of anything

24. I promise to be by your side through thick and thin

25. I promise to respect your privacy

I promise to hug you when you feel sad

27. I promise to make you feel loved at all times

28. I promise to be honest in any way

29. I promise never to make you feel less

30. I promise to miss you when you’re away

I promise to imagine a future with you, but still enjoying the present

32. I promise to understand when you are angry and give you your space

33. I promise to inspire you to be a better person

34. I promise to grow together with you and never leave you behind

35. I promise to rejoice in your successes and sustain you in failures

I promise to make you smile, even in the worst moments

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37. I promise to take risks together with you

38. I promise to make the most of every moment together

39. I promise to laugh out loud with you

40. I promise to always talk about my feelings and pay attention when you talk about yours

I promise to have pillow fights, trips, camping and bath times together with you

42. I promise not to ignore the fact that you had a life before, but to understand that now your life is with me

43. I promise to kiss you often

44. I promise to thank you for the little things

45. I promise to keep all the secrets you trust me

I promise to try new things in sexuality

47. I promise to always remember why I fell in love with you

48. I promise never to settle, but always seek to improve

49. I promise not to make promises without the intention of keeping them

I promise to love you always

A relationship promises to last forever when the two parties that maintain it are inclined to give body and soul to each other. If the passion of the first months can quickly run out of steam, there are nevertheless a thousand and one ways to maintain the flame , and this, until the end. Among them, 14 promises to keep.

I promise to conquer you every day:

The love and passion that characterize your relationship is like a fire: You must maintain them so that they do not run out of steam. Do not tell yourself that after a few years have passed, you will no longer have to prove to your other half that you deserve it. It must be a perpetual conquest.

I promise to trust you and do everything to make myself trustworthy:

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One of the couple’s cements – yes, there are several – is trust. Without it, you are likely to have a toxic relationship. This trust should not be seen as an obligation but a will on the part of both of you.

I promise to make you vibrate every day:

Each moment that punctuates your life as a couple must be special, you must not forget the magic or the emotion that you have so seduced each other under the pretext that time passes and that passion, fatally, disintegrates . Routine is most likely the number one cause of breakdown.

I promise to take care of you:

Trust, desire and protect: These are the three pillars of a relationship that promises to survive for decades. You yourself are obviously aware of this, knowing that someone is watching over us is so good.

I promise to leave the past behind and enjoy the present moment with you:

No matter what you experienced 10 years ago, today you are together and in love, this is what you must remember and make clear to your companion.

I promise to bring you breakfast in bed after a hard week’s work:

Lunch or something else: The idea is to spoil your other half, to show them that their well-being matters to you. Each morning must be different, a true concentrate of love.

I promise you that no one will be able to put themselves between the two of us:

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Your relationship, no one other than you can judge it, SO, nobody can interfere in it to sow discord. No, you are stronger than that.

I promise not to judge you:

Again, it is really about trust. Be sure your companion makes the right decisions, don’t doubt him, at least not constantly. You chose it as it is, do not try to change it or to make it doubt its choices.

I promise you loyalty:

Is there really a need to dig this point? No.

I promise to fight for our love to last:

Routine shouldn’t dilute your passion, and to avoid routine, you must first promise to believe it. The rest will follow. Besides the routine, there are the vagaries of life, and these cannot weaken your rock-solid duo!

I promise to forgive your mistakes:

Knowing how to forgive and leaving aside an improper grudge is synonymous with maturity. Good, however, do not confine yourself to the role of the stuffing turkey, but know how to relativize and try to understand why your spouse has come to make a mistake. Or many.

I promise you unalterable respect:

The promise to respect your companion every day of the year is not optional: You must respect the one with whom you are going to share your life, and this is valid even if your points of view differ …

I promise to listen to you and help you no matter when:

I will be the person to whom you will be able to confide your secrets, your sorrows and your joys, and who will be able to help you if you need it… Here is a promise which is worth gold. We keep telling you, communication is often the key.

I promise to be there at all times:

Knowing that your other half will always be by your side is as reassuring as it is enjoyable. Your man probably thinks the same. Whether it is 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., whether it is a Saturday evening or a Monday morning, you will be able to make yourself available for your Jules.

Not all relationships are idyllic, but if you and your partner are aware that for a relationship to last, you have to put your own into it, then you will have chances that your duo will last for years. These 14 promises kept, and your couple will have great years ahead of them.

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