Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

If there is a boy that you like a lot but you are not sure if he likes you, do not worry, simply by observing some of his attitudes and powerful signs of male attraction you will be able to know if he is interested in you.

The looks, the body posture, how he behaves when you are close to him and what he talks about (if he does) are the main keys to keep in mind to discover if he likes you. Some guys are very self-confident and will give very clear signals if they like you. Others are quite shy, and their displays of interest will be much more subtle.

And finally, some have the same attitudes towards all the girls, as if they liked all of them. Maybe because it really is.

But if you look closely at the attitudes that we will tell you next, you will know if you like that boy that interests you so much, even if he is shy and not very demonstrative.

Let’s see what these 18 powerful signs of male attraction are.

1. The way he looks at you.

A glance is worth a thousand words, it is a common saying, but … How much truth it contains!

Pay attention to the way that boy looks at you. Does he always seem to be watching you? When you look into his eyes, does he hold his gaze for a second? You look away and when you look back at him again, you meet his gaze again. Maybe he’ll raise his eyebrows a little as he looks at you.

If you are shy, you will probably look away for a few seconds and then make eye contact again. These are unequivocal powerful signs of male attraction that he likes you. If his eyes shine, his gaze is expressive and also adds a smile when his eyes meet yours, he is surely crazy about you.

 2.  His body posture when he is near you

When they are together, he leans towards you. It speaks to you closely, invading your personal space. Their feet, hands, and legs point in your direction. These are some key body language that will reveal the boy’s interest. If he likes you, when he is close to you he will sit in a masculine posture, with his legs open and his hands on his hips, trying to impress you unconsciously.

If you are standing, you will probably stand very straight with your shoulders back. It is another posture that many boys inadvertently adopt when they like a girl. It is to appear taller. And if you are in a meeting, he will try not to turn his back on you at any time.

Shy guys might fold their arms when they start talking to you, but you’ll see that as soon as they gain confidence, they put a hand on their hips and open their elbows, as if to prevent other guys from approaching you. Check out all these powerful signs of male attraction to see if he really likes you.

3. He Remembers what you told him

Maybe the day before you told her you were going to visit your granny, or that you would watch a movie with a friend. And today he asks you how your grandmother was or if you liked the movie. If you remember these little details of your life and are interested in knowing how it went, if you liked it, etc, etc, it is obvious that you are interested.

Some guys who only consider themselves friends and nothing else can also ask you these kinds of questions. But if you notice that a particular boy is always attentive to this detail and does not miss an opportunity to ask you about it, then it is very likely that he likes you, not as a friend, but for more than that.

4. He Always appear where you are

When a boy likes a girl, he tries to get close to her to get her attention. If he likes you, the boy in question will often appear near you, anytime, anywhere. You are at school on a break, you go out to the playground and after a few minutes, there he is with a friend. You are going to have a drink in the cafeteria and after a while he also appears.

If you are both in the same meeting and at any given moment he loses sight of you, he will look around to find you, and if he doesn’t see you, he may ask for you. Sure sign that he likes you. You can go to the bathroom for a moment and ask a friend to observe her attitude when you are not there.

If the boy likes you, he’ll try to go to the parties you go to, and maybe you’ve even run into him a couple of times in the corner of your house. If in addition to appearing where you are, he looks at you in the way that we explained in point 1, then he sure likes you, and quite a lot.

5. He Follow you closely on social media

Nowadays social networks make it easier to demonstrate interest, especially for the most shy boys and girls. Maybe he never dared talk to you much, let alone tell you that he liked you. But he likes all of your posts, comments on your status, and via chat, he does know how to chat.

It is likely that through text messages he will dare to tell you some things that he would not tell you personally. Or at least until I’m sure you reciprocate. If every time he sees you online he doesn’t miss an opportunity to send you a message, he will probably like you. And if he adds hearts, kisses and smiles in his message, he will surely like you a lot.

Just make sure he doesn’t behave the same way with other girls. If you are the only one to whom this type of message is sent, you are at your feet.

6. His friends whisper and seem to prank him when you’re around

If you have a chance, watch how his group of friends behaves when you pass them by. Do they whisper, the boy blushes, everyone looks at you and seems to talk about you? Maybe they even point it out and give it some loving bumps. What do you think all this means? That guy probably likes you a lot, and his friends play pranks and jokes on him, especially since you’re around.

7 . He Seeks to be in contact with you

Boys who are not so shy or who already have some confidence in you, will try to put their hand on yours or on your knee, while chatting or walking in the park. It is a sign of intimacy and closeness, there is no doubt about it. But be careful, see if he does the same with other girls. Some are smart and try to have contact with everyone.

But if not, physical contact indicates not only that he likes you very much, but that he is determined to move forward. If he notices that the gesture does not bother you (quite the opposite), he will soon ask you for a kiss … or he will surprise you.

8 . He babbles when he speaks and blushes

Another powerful signs of male attraction is these are clear signs of nervousness. When a boy approaches a girl and becomes nervous, it is because he likes her and therefore he cares. He’s likely to get close to you and his words won’t come out, stammer and say things with little consistency, simply because he likes you so much. Maybe he will blush and sweat and shake his hands. If you like the boy too, try to stay calm, offer him a wide smile or some other reassuring sign and you’ll see that he soon gains confidence.

9. He try to make you laugh

It is very true that all women like to be made to laugh. It is a classic weapon of seduction, which many guys use to get closer to the girl they like. If he makes jokes and jokes and is always trying to make you smile with his occurrences, it is very likely that he is trying to get your attention.

10. He Try to impress you

Other boys flaunt their skills and demonstrate them in front of the girl they like, to catch his eye. You can talk about a particular topic that you really like, demonstrate your knowledge of sports, science, music, or even politics, why not. Or maybe he tests the strength of his muscles by lifting heavy objects, flips his bike, or anything else flashy, especially when you’re watching him. These are also clear signs that you are interested.

powerful signs of male attraction

11. He makes small gifts

Well this is another classic sign too. For no apparent reason, the boy gives you a chocolate or a flower. Or it could also be a chain or a ring that you made with your own hands. That is indeed romantic. Those little gifts are a compliment, a compliment to you, but why would you do something like that? Well, because he likes you … what other reason could there be?

12. He Share his feelings with you

He comes to you to tell you certain things that he does not tell everyone. Things that have to do with situations that you live, and with the way you feel about it. How he suffered when his parents separated or when he had to change schools. Or how happy he is to have a little sister. Maybe I’ll tell you that he would like to have a girlfriend, a partner, someone with whom to share beautiful moments together. You don’t open your heart to anyone. Maybe he does it with you because you are a good friend, but if your friendship wasn’t really that close, he may tell you all this because he likes you.

13. He Looks at your appearance and compliments you

Most guys will not notice that you have changed your haircut or that you are wearing makeup. Except the boy who likes you. He will notice and is likely to use these remarks to compliment you. It will tell you things like “Have you cut your hair? It fits you well!” or “You look very pretty today, that dress is new, right?”. It is true that some guys say this kind of thing to all girls, because they all like them, but if you notice that one in particular only says it to you, then it is very likely that you like it in a special way.

14. He Seeks to provoke you amicably

This is especially true of younger boys, who often behave in a way … let’s say something immature, trying to get the attention of the girl they like. Maybe he jokes about some part of your body that you don’t like very much, or about your favorite singer or anything else, trying to make you “mad.” Some guys even tap the girl’s arm a little bit. If he behaves like this especially towards you, he may like you more than any other.

15. He Behaves like a gentleman

This attitude is the opposite of the previous one. Fortunately, many other guys seek to capture the attention of those who like to behave like true gentlemen. He will open the door and let you go first when you enter school together, he will lend you his jacket if you are cold and you have not brought a coat and he will accompany you to your house when you leave the disco, distancing yourself and protecting you from other boys who only want to disturb ( or conquer the girl he likes).

16. He gets jealous when you talk to a friend

One more powerful signs of male attraction when he sees you chatting with a boy, he asks you, “Who was that?”, “Are you dating him?” and he is jealous. A true friend, or you have to feel jealous of another friend or even your boyfriend. But if you behave in the way just described, it may be that you really want to be more than just your friend.

17. He Take care of your appearance

If a man likes a woman, he takes much more care of her appearance. She wears better shirts, nice jeans, she fixes her hair and uses the best perfume she has when she knows that she is going to see who she likes. If a guy likes you, he’ll probably straighten his hair and fix his shirt collar when he sees you, in an unconscious act to improve his appearance before you.

18. He Is interested in the things that interest you

Possibly he asked you what singer or musical style you like, or what is your favorite sport, simply looking for coincidences or topics to talk about the next time they are, topics that you find interesting. In this way he will be able to approach you talking about what you like. It is a frequent attitude when a boy tries to conquer a girl.

Well, if you’ve found matches on many of these tracks, you probably like them a lot. To check it out, try these tricks:

  • If you have already spoken a few times, think of anything you can tell him, no matter what, because the important thing is “how” you are going to tell him.  Lean towards him and whisper something in his ear, just brushing your shoulder with his. If you want, you can also gently rest your hand on his back. If he approaches you too and corresponds to you in physical contact or looks you in the eye, then he is interested in you. If he didn’t like you, the boy would not react or even walk away, because you are invading his personal space.
  • Another way to check their interest in you is to look for the “super long” look . For example, he walks with his friends down the school hallway, while you go with your friends in the opposite direction. Find his gaze and see how long he keeps it. If it’s those intense looks that never seem to end and he turns his neck to extend it as long as possible, then it’s really obvious that he likes you a lot.
  • Send a friend over to talk to him. If you have an outgoing friend who is not shy, and who is willing to help you with this, you can ask her to speak to that boy to see if he really likes you. Choose someone who is completely trustworthy, and do not be guided by rumors you hear from other people, to avoid misunderstandings.

Well, taking all this into account, it will be easy to know if he likes you. Do you think he really like that and would you also like to date him? If he’s shy, you don’t have to wait for him to ask you for it, tell him yourself. Invite him for a walk in the park or to watch a movie. Then you will be able to see again if the clues above continue to appear: powerful signs of male attraction: if the boy looks at you a lot, smiles, tries to make you laugh, behaves like a gentleman, etc, etc, then you will be sure that everything is going smoothly and the relationship will continue to advance naturally. Good luck to you!

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