The Power of Silence After Breakup: Why It’s Important to Heal

Do the techniques of silence following an breakup works? It is something that is recommended to follow after the separation or breakup. Many people believe that remaining in a secluded place and not having any contact with their ex following an breakup is a means to “punishing their ex” and telling them what they have missed however I believe it is more than it does.

In the absence of any communication after a breakup can be the ideal time to reflect on your own actions. This is when you can reflect on the actions you took as well as what you could have done differently in the future, and where your responsibility in the come to an end. It’s true that we cannot be perfect since everyone plays part in the relationships that’s right!

In this post, we dive deeper into understanding the significance of silence following an separation, the benefits of having a moment to reflect to reflect, the effects it has on both parties and how long it will take.

The Benefits Of The Power of Silence Following Breakups

1. Encourages Self-Reflection

One of the benefits of being in a silence following a breakup is that both of you are able to think about your own reflections on. We can lose ourselves when we enter into an arrangement where we put all of our energy in the relationship. We forget to set our priorities in a position where your life is focused on your partner.

In the event that you cease communication with your ex-partner, this is the moment to think about yourself. You get time to discover and appreciate the mistakes you made in the relationship , or how you can do it differently.

The opportunity is given to look at the circumstances and figure out whether you put in too much to yourself that is unhealthy, or if you gave too little effort. It is possible to be aware of whether the relationship helped you up on an individual level or if it sucked your energy to the extent where you lost your sense of worth.

Be aware that this isn’t something you can do on your own Your partner will also get time to think about the relationship as well as themselves on a personal level. Based on that, both of you will determine whether you’d like to remain together or go apart.

2. The Hallows To Heal You

Following a stormy breakup or separation The first thing you’ll need to accomplish is to get over it. Maintaining a close relationship with your ex can do more harm than positive. If, for instance, the person who broke up with you is the one who broke up with you, they’ll have the opportunity to unintentionally or intentionally continue to hurt you.

They will continue to avoid you as they aren’t willing to speak to you or think you’re intrusive in their space. Your ex might constantly remind you that you’re not their type and, sometimes, people who love each other don’t accept rejection lightly.

You’ll keep an eye on your ex-partner and their activities and, trust me when I say that the thought of your ex moving forward and happy without you can cause pain. The silence after a breakup is not interacting with your ex. This involves not paying attention to the way they live their lives, and also what they post through social networks.

It is as if they do not exist in your mental or emotional realm, which provides a place for healing. Be aware that healing is just one step in getting yourself back on track after the breakup.

3. It gives a chance to make Better Decision Making

You’ve been silent for over three months and were doing fine or even better with no one around. Things you thought you couldn’t do or accomplish were achieved with ease.

You believed you couldn’t be without them for a day and yet you’ve remained for at least three months without seeing your ex. It is time to look back and think, “Was the relationship worth it?” or “Do I require a new relationship?”

The answer will depend on what you did in the relationship and where you’re feeling currently. Sometimes, relationships can reach the point of being toxic however, both parties can’t discern the issue. When you reach the level of dependence and your spouse, regardless of the extent to which you harm one others, you will remain together, which results in draining both of you physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.

If you’re in a relationship that you were not happy with you must take time to make a sound decision regarding the relationship. That’s right, you’ve taken the time to know your own situation and determine the kind of relationship you are worthy to enjoy. If what your partner has been offering does not meet your needs then you’ll be able decide whether or not to continue your relationship.

However, if two of you return to a state of communication and decide to improve your relationship,, do it.

4. You’re In Control Once More

It doesn’t matter if it was you who have been the victim or if you did harm to your ex-partner, cutting off contact with your ex-partner gives you authority. It’s a clear sign that you have the ability to take decisions, live and succeed without them being in your life. This is a powerful statement that says “I am in charge of my life and I am successful.”

5. Let Your Ex-Boyfriend Make You Feel Miss You

I’m sure you were waiting to get this moment for a long time and it’s working. Whatever the severity of break-ups were or how disappointing relationship, you can be confident that a day is coming that your ex-partner will be missing you. Between all the chaos you enjoyed a great time and shared moments of affection, love and friendship and were attracted to one another.

So, your ex will surely miss all of this, and if they are looking to get back together it is likely that they will search for you. At this point, the choice is entirely in your control. Are you looking to return to your former partner or did you recognize that your relationship was not working for you?

How to Make Use of The Power of Silence Following the breakup

The power to be silent isn’t simple, and often people fail to implement it. It is important that you know exactly how to do it as well as your partner. If you’re in this circumstance and wish to use that power to silence here’s an outline to help to do the process.

1. Remove Everything That Reminds You of them

You’ve shared photos together and you’ve got their texts and other things that you have been able to share during your time together. If this is the case, you have to delete everything that makes the other of your ex. Consider this as an opportunity to make a fresh start, without the ex on the screen. Also, by storing their memories within your phone will speed up the process of healing because you’re not constantly reminded of them whenever you are using your phone.

Be aware that this means removing their numbers from your phone. Even though you have their phone numbers take the initiative to erase them, as it’ll be difficult to resist the temptation to call them when you are in an uneasy point and have a need for someone to talk with.

2. Unfollow them on Social Media.

Imagine that you’re still in mourning over the breakup. But as you scroll through your Facebook profile you come across a photo of your ex-partner with either a woman or a man, and they appear to be content? It would be a huge shock since it makes clear that your ex is moving on and is now content with their life without you. It is possible that you get angry and then call your ex-partner to ask what they did without you. Or, it could shock you and make you feel even more sad.

So, in order to stay clear of the above and many more remove your ex from every social media. If they’re still pestering you and contacting you, but you’re not ready to communicate, unblock the account from all social media platforms. If you’re still connecting with them, remove them, and then forget that they was a part of your social media list of friends.

3. Avoid Your Familiar Places

If the things that attracted you to your ex was your shared outdoors activities or a particular joint that you liked Be sure to visit them every once in some time in these places and it isn’t healthy. Instead, you should find other interests that you were interested in prior to getting to know your partner. This is the perfect time to meet new people and get outside into your own comfort zone and take on new adventures without having the distraction of your ex.

4. Write down your feelings.

Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic because you’re renting your emotions. We all know that writing down or releasing our emotions can be a powerful tool in helping us to move on and relax. Instead of calling your ex-partner to vent and telling that you’re miserable with them, why don’t you record all of that.

Write down what you’re thinking, feeling, thinking about, and what goals you’d like to achieve.

For instance, do you desire to create your career and yourself or do you wish to change your direction and discover an even better partner? These things should be written down in your journal of vents.

5. Do not invite their friends to parties

No, we’re not suggesting that you hate their acquaintances or completely avoid them whenever you meet outside. However, any contact with them must be blocked too. Many people make the error of calling their ex’s buddies in order to obtain information on their ex, but this is not a good idea. They are your ex’s closest friends and, therefore you owe them loyalty only to him.

There is more confusion and possibly conflict from your ex-partner if they hear from their friends about the fact that you’ve contacted them. Therefore, unless you have a acquaintance, your ex’s buddies should remain close friends following an end of relationship, and.

6. Honesty is a Step In Making Yourself More Effective

No matter what you’re experiencing or feeling Being honest about yourself is essential. If you’re the one who was in the wrong situation, you must be accountable to yourself and think about the things you can have changed differently to help save the relationship, or prevent being in a similar situation.

If your ex wasn’t attracted to you, but you continued to push for the relationship on them, you have to accept that they may not have the same feelings for you and that’s okay.

This is the last sentence that relates your decision to move on making a decision about whether you want to win over your ex or look for a new partner.

What is the effect of silence on you after a breakup?

When you are silent following a breakup, it is as if you take the time to think your way out. It gives you time to consider the reasons that led the relationship to reach this point, and also how it has impacted your life.

Examining all of this can help you make an informed conclusion about whether you were worth it or whether you’re better off moving into the next phase of your life. Additionally, it allows you take your time and recover from the pain.

What impact will silence following a Breakups Have on Your Ex?

It is contingent on the conditions of the relationship that ended. If your ex is the one who ended up breaking off with you because they were not willing to remain in a relationship you, then they’ll appreciate it.

If you and your partner discussed going on an break, the silence period gives your ex-partner a chance consider the relationship, and maybe even regret you. This allows them to think about things and consider what he’s missing out on without you .

This could bring them back or make them completely ignore you completely and begin a new journey to a different person.

How long should you remain Still After Breakups?

It is based on the reason why you’d like to experience the art to remain silent in the first instance. Are you looking to take the chance for keeping your lover from your life to allow you to move on forward in your life? In this scenario, you are able to go for the length of time you like until both of you have no feelings for the other.

You can then reconnect as friends but instead of as lovers. However, if you and your ex rest and decide the direction you would like your relationship to be it is suggested that a one or two months are sufficient to work things out.


The importance of silence after the breakup can be beneficial for any couple who’s had a breakup or separation because it allows both parties to concentrate on themselves and think about their relationship. If your relationship hasn’t been building and you are in a rut, this time can help you determine whether going it alone and seeking out a new partner is the right choice or not.

Sometimes people need to take a break from each other to grieve In this situation, this approach will help you to build your relationship but with different people. If your ex-partner isn’t in a position to talk to you again or doesn’t want to speak to you, give them space and take their decision seriously. It’s never too early to find out! Perhaps your best friend is waiting around for you.