Portuguese love quotes

Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages ​​to seduce that person you like, or to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a nice date. So today we bring you the best Portuguese love quotes. Do not miss it!

There are hundreds of artists (poets, singer-songwriters …) who have made use of this Romance language to express their ideas about love and reflect on this feeling, due to the great lexical-semantic baggage that exists in this language. Below you have a list of Portuguese love quotes to share if you like them, although I would also love to read yours . So readers will have more to choose from!

Without further delay, we leave you with the Portuguese love quotes.

Best Portuguese love quotes translated into English

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To be with you … And to be on the wings of love walking around the world without any limit . Being with you… And being in the wings of love wandering around the world without any limit.

I wrote your name on all the walls of my heart, in very large letters. So, if someone gets in, they will know that they already have an owner . Write your name on all the walls of my heart, with very large letters. So, if someone can get in, you know that you have due.

You are not the love of my life, you are the love of all my lives . You are not the love of my life; you are the love of all my lives.

I know or love that I feel for you for a dream… I want to sleep forever!  If the love I feel for you is a dream … I want to sleep forever!

No matter the difficulties that come your way, I want to always walk by your side . No matter how difficult it is to walk, I always want to walk beside you.

It is so nice to see the person you love smiling.

O amor é o espaço eo tempo tornadoes sensitive to a heart . Love is space and time sensitive to tornadoes of the heart.

Love what you have, before life teaches you to love what you had.

At your side I discovered that between dream and reality, there is a space called happiness, and for my happiness to become reality, I need to be at your side.

Please spread love, because of pain and suffering, the world is already full.

For many difficulties that exist, when love is true there is always a way to make it triumph.

No matter the distance, we will always be together.

No one can escape the love and death.

I learned that love is made of freedom. It’s like having other options every day, and still making the same choice.

If it is to change, change for the only person who is worth it: you.

I felt it was love when after “Good night” there was an uncontrollable urge to say: “I love you”.

Words are unable to express every feeling I have for you. Love you very much.

It’s funny how someone can break your heart… and you still love it with all the art pieces.

Women are like stars, they always light up a man’s sky.

Portuguese love quotes

If God does not give you what you want, it is because that is not what you need.

True love is one that the wind never takes, and the distance never separates.

One day I was told that the smile is a way of showing how much we like someone and today I was asked if I liked you and I just… smiled.

My heart couldn’t afford to be just your friend …

Impossible is to look at your smile and not smile too.

I have no doubts about the love I feel, I want to eliminate uncertainty and the fear of losing you.

There is no love at first sight. What exists is the right person at the right time. You happened to be there.

Details about Portuguese you may not have known

Once you have seen these beautiful messages in this language, it does not hurt to know what their roots are. Coming from the Galician-Portuguese, it became popular during the 12th century, just at the time of Portugal’s independence. A few decades later, it spread to Brazil with the conquest of South America by the Europeans. Furthermore, it is the official language in some African enclaves.

Currently, Portuguese is among the ten most spoken languages ​​on the planet, as it has 250,000,000 speakers. And his fame in love letters to dedicate is due to his origin from Latin, which allows him to build numerous lexical and grammatical forms to express the deepest feelings .

Another name by which it is known is the Camões language , given by the writer Luis de Camões. Furthermore, one of the most famous authors of all time, Miguel de Cervantes, confessed that the words of this language were “touching and sweet”.

We hope you liked all these Portuguese love quotes.