Poems About Waiting For True Love

He looked out the window hoping to find you any minute

In the faces of people walking aimlessly under a gray sky

who probably shares the same feelings that nest in my heart

because since your departure my unconscious is restless and my mind scattered

my life has become an empty and constant time of waiting.

He watched the autumn leaves fall as the seasons change

I wonder if where you are, have you also sat down to look at them

a cold breeze brushes my cheeks and touches me inside; I shudder

imagined that you are next to me to convey that warm feeling that today

I need it more than ever while the seconds seem to be slower.

Before, breathing was easier and the days were full of new emotions

today everything seems to me more of the same and the minutes do not help to heal me from you

as always, you have been and will be the only thing that transmits peace to me

now I can only stay silent and wonder how long

the clock will stop tormenting me marking an eternal waiting time.

I could go looking for you and it’s what I want the most right now

Even if you find yourself at the end of the world I’d find a way to do it

Well, I can’t fall asleep or focus on the things around me

for me, the only thing that exists is the warmth of your gaze and the feeling of your hands

that once used to hold mine to infuse me with happiness and adoration.

I do not imagine what would be of me if I had not found you in the middle of my path

even though at this moment I am feeling in deep loneliness

fate brought us together and returned us to the starting point at will

where we were distant but now aware of each other

Trying to wipe out the waiting time

We grow thanks to you, share 🙂