Platonic Love Quotes

Throughout life, there will be a part in which we will feel an ambivalence of joy and sadness when we meet someone with whom we have fallen in love and who, unfortunately, that love will never be reciprocated. In this article we have collected the best platonic love quotes to connect with this state of mind.

They are short and beautiful platonic love quotes that combine opposing emotions such as happiness, pain and even some will seem funny to you with their sarcastic touch. They are typical sensations that run through our thoughts when our dreams cannot be fulfilled, when our illusion remains in it, a simple illusion leading many to misery. However, after these appointments we will share some tips with you to overcome impossible emotional situations.

The best platonic love quotes

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I would love to be the reason that does not let you sleep.

The greatest declaration of love is one that is not made: the man who feels a lot, speaks little.

Strolling around your waist is my dream.

I will throw a hundred coins into fountains and look for a thousand shooting stars to wish that you fall in love with me.

Platonic love is falling in love and not confessing it, since deep down you know that you will not be reciprocated.

Platonic love is a kind of loaded crossbow and, not knowing how to use it, you could shoot without realizing it.

We cannot choose the place where we are born, the place where we die or the person we love.

It can be seen that I like to fall in love with the danger, the complicated, what makes you cry, the impossible.

Only the stars know the nights that I have spent contemplating them thinking of you.

Anyone, even a chicken, can become reckless for love.

I opened my eyes wanting to dream about you …

You will not be by my side, but you will not escape my thoughts.

Tomorrow you will know my existence …

Our past and our future are nothing compared to what is between you and me.

Each one has a platonic love that he longs for, an unforgettable one that he never accepts and a wild one that he enjoys intensely.

Thank you for having entered my life. Although not as I expected, at least these weeks have been the happiest since I was born. Thank you for making me laugh, even though now you have taken my smile away.

Take me to the stars + How? -Kissing me.

platonic love quotes

And what saint did I start to love you, if I couldn’t have you!

I fall in love with the impossible, the absence of opportunity.

How much pain causes you to be called friend, when there is only love in your soul.

And before sleeping, I wonder if you will dream of me too …

What a desire to stand in front of you and steal a kiss …

Platonic love cannot be understood without its infinity. If not, I would lose the lure of all those inexplicable and passionate feelings.

I was born and I already loved you, I will die and I will continue loving you.

There are people whose destiny is to love another person and not be reciprocated.

I don’t know you, I don’t know what your name is, but you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever come across …

I did not believe in happiness, but with you I smiled; I didn’t believe in love, but you made my heart beat.

Maybe my platonic love has a platonic love, and that’s me …

I love you, and not for today or tomorrow, but for and forever.

I am tired of saying that I am your friend. I need to scream that I love you with all my heart.

I love you and I love you, it is an impossible love, but I cannot forget you.

Platonic love is pure and unconditional, since you love in silence, without expecting to receive love. You love knowing it will never happen. You love … and that’s it.

The truth is that sometimes it is better that some stories do not go beyond the Platonic, that they are fictitious, a fairy tale in your mind, since it is the only way that they are perfect.

You are the most beautiful accident that has ever happened to me.

Several very interesting details about platonic love

The term “platonic love” was not invented by Plato (although he did develop the idea in his work “The Banquet”) . The philosopher spoke of love as an idea that was perfect in itself, but when a human being put it into practice it was full of defects. That is to say:

  • Plato created the so-called World of Ideas that does not exist but in it everything is pure and perfect, since he moves away from human error focusing on the spiritual essence and immaterial beauty. And here love is included.
  • On the contrary, the real world is not capable of contemplating this beauty because it is corrupted by material and physical desire, as well as by money and power. That is, you do not get to love a person, you do not become platonic in itself. If you stop to think, it is an argument to overcome a lack of love because, deep down, even if you think you are in love, it is not a pure feeling as you are imagining , and over time you will meet someone more suitable for you.

We hope you liked these platonic love quotes.