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If you are thinking about how to express to someone that appeals to you, be encouraged to express it, originally, with the following collection of Phrases for Him from THE HEART.

Cute Phrases For Him

Not only will you be able to captivate him, but you will be noticed and you will be able to attract him to you.

Choose the best phrases, since you have several alternatives, and conquer it intensely!

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To The Friend That Attracts You!

Do you have a friend that appeals to you?

Do not despair, here you will find the best phrases to dedicate and make her see you as more than her friend.

You can also know how to make a friend fall in love and, in this way, change his status from friends to boyfriends.

Read Carefully And Take Note!:

  • You are my joy, my encouragement, my inspiration, my friend, my confidant … and, therefore, I confess that my love and my soul I give you forever.
  • Are your eyes of fire? It is that your gaze dazzles me.
  • I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could smile at you, I wish I could hug you but, above all, I wish I could kiss you.
  • Although the smile is mine, you are the reason I smile.
  • Don’t ask me why, but my mind spends the day talking about you.
  • Every time our eyes meet, I touch the sky.
  • How is it possible to accelerate time so much when I am by your side?
  • You can’t imagine how nervous I get every time you approach me.
  • Whenever you need me, whether it’s two in the afternoon or four in the morning, I’ll be there, to support you and answer your call.
  • You are an invader who has monopolized all my thoughts in the day and my dreams at night.

For Your Boyfriend

Now that you managed to make the boy you like so much be your boyfriend, take the opportunity to continue falling in love with these phrases of love.Also, analyze your male body language and conquer it intensely.

Remember that keeping it by your side is a daily task.

What better way to dedicate these beautiful phrases to captivate him more and more.

Look at them!:

  • You are so many things in my mind: you are smile, you are melancholy, you are desire, you are love, you are dreams… it is you
  • More than like, I love you
  • And my favorite coffee will always be your eyes
  • I love you intensely like yesterday, like today, as I always will.
  • How not to dream about you, if you are my protective angel? How can I not want you, if I only feel love for you?
  • With a small gesture we met, with a look we like each other, with a hug we loved each other and with a kiss we fell in love.
  • Today I can feel, let myself go, and thanks to your love, I flow without thinking.
  • I want our love to be like the sea, to have a beginning but never an end.
  • Expressing what I feel is easy thanks to you, I let my thoughts flow because you are the light within me.
  • In a beautiful sunset in your eyes I was reflected, it was from that moment that I had fallen in love with you.
phrases for him

Phrases for Him from The Heart: Love!

If you know a boy you love and want to insinuate your intentions, this is the best alternative for you.

This way you will learn how to seduce a man quickly.

Fall In Love With The Following Messages, You Can’t Resist !:

  • Your love inspires me, your tenderness moves me and your kisses drive me crazy.
  • You enlighten me every morning, you color all my days, that’s why I dedicate these words to you, I love you my life.
  • Your look makes me smile, your lips make me dream, your kisses make me feel and your soul allows me to love.
  • Your look is an explosion of sensations: sweetness, daring, tenderness, warmth, mischief, daring … with one look you seduce me, my life.
  • The bird without wings can’t fly, and I can’t breathe without your love.
  • Today I want to wrap you in bed, to dream of beautiful things, to give you all my soul, and so on until the end of our days.
  • My love for you is an infinite dream, from which I don’t want to wake up, your skin leaves me breathless, from this fantastic world I don’t want to get away.
  • At first I didn’t dare to look at you, then I didn’t dare to talk to you, later I didn’t dare to kiss you and now I can’t stand the idea of ​​losing you.
  • Your eyes are a maze, I get lost looking at you, but your kisses are the lifesaver that help me find you.
  • Since I met you, life is much prettier. You give me energy to move on, to get up when I fall, to dare with whatever comes straight ahead … a smile from you is enough not to be afraid of death.

Phrases for Him From The Heart: Attraction!

Don’t wait any longer to tell the boy that you like, with these phrases, how much you love it.

Choose the best ones to dedicate and surprise him with the subliminal seduction of words.

Not only will it fascinate you, but you will also know how to attract a man and drive him crazy with love.What are you waiting for?

  • “For a look, a world, for a smile, a sky, for a kiss … I don’t know what to give you for a kiss!” (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer).
  • “I’m not afraid of anything, but I still can’t explain why I tremble every time I see you.” (Jaime Sabines).
  • You make me dream without sleep.
  • One of the most beautiful things that happened to me was to meet you.
  • I never fear for anything, but I love you so much, I tremble with every look.
  • The color of the sunset is beautiful, but not even the sun is comparable to the brightness of your eyes.
  • I would like to be the caresses of your skin, the light that illuminates you but, above all, I would like to be the woman of your life.
  • But how can I not love you, if each of my thoughts have your name written?
  • Love is not just a feeling, it is giving yourself completely to another person, enjoying every kiss, every caress, every hug …
  • I will not lie to you, I want you only for me.
  • Asking my head to stop thinking about you is like asking my heart to stop beating.
  • “I know that I will love you without questions, I know that you will love me without answers.” (Mario Benedetti)

Phrases For Him From The Heart: Fun!

  • The little birds are sad if the sky is cloudy, the same thing happens to me when I’m not by your side.
  • I don’t have Pluto phrases or Neruda’s verses, just a heart that loves you has no doubt.
  • If loving you is a crime, I will be a criminal, I will serve my sentence, but I will never forget you.
  • You fill my life with color, you enlighten my awakening, I love you more every day and I don’t want to forget you.
  • The only thing I like about you is EVERYTHING.
  • Your eyes are gleaming, your skin is an emerald, diamonds are your teeth, your mouth is dying to kiss her.
  • My greatest anguish is your pain, I can’t stand to see you suffer, I would sell my heart if it were a condition to see you smile.
  • I never had any addiction, but it was trying your lips and with so much sweetness I went crazy for your heart.
  • My biggest dream is not possessions, an expensive car or a mansion; My only dream is to conquer a piece of your heart every day.
  • Months ago I loved my sanity, but since I fell in love with you, my madness broke loose.

Phrases For Him From The Heart: In The Distance!

If the guy you like so much is far from you, don’t worry.

Here you will have the indicated phrases to tell you how much you miss it, the distance will not separate them!

Send a lot of love to remind you.

  • You’re the perfect person in the wrong distance.
  • How could I not think of you, if I miss you?
  • Distance can, I miss you my darling; the air in my chest enters empty, because having your heart so far hurts.
  • I wish you were here with me, or I was there with you.
  • It’s amazing how far you are and how close I feel you.
  • You are that person who has the privilege of making me smile just by writing to me.
  • I miss you; Your smile, your look, your hugs, your advice, your problems and your dreams … I miss your jokes, I miss everything about you … From your departure I only think of you.
  • There is no distance, no obstacle large enough that it can defeat two souls who love each other.
  • Talk to you, and just want to go through the screen to hug you …
  • Distance prevents me from kissing you, but not loving you with all my strength.
  • My smile is ready for when you come back.

Phrases For Him From The Heart: Good Morning!

A very good way to get the man who brings you crazy to think about you all day is by sending him the ” Good morning messages for my boyfriend.”

You’ll see the results, he can’t get you out of his mind!

  • There is no better coffee than a message from you in the morning. Good Morning.
  • I send you a ray of positive energy so you have a great day. Very good days!
  • Make every day, at least have the opportunity to be the most beautiful day of your life.
  • Every morning is great for me, if you are close and give me even a look. You have no idea how much I like you.
  • Good morning, I just wanted to tell you how much I like you and that your smile makes my life happy.

Phrases For Him From The Heart: Good Night!

If you want to let your special boy sigh all night, say these good night phrases before bedtime.

You will have sweet dreams thanks to you !:

  • I can’t find a better way to sleep than thinking of you. Goodnight.
  • The best way to dream peacefully is to think of yourself before bedtime. Goodnight.
  • Rest my heart. Think of all those great moments we have enjoyed, they will soon be repeated. Good night!
  • I hope this message serves as a good night whisper.
  • I only have one purpose with this message … that you would smile and remember me before you sleep deeply. Goodnight.

Now that you have read this compilation of Phrases for Him from THE HEART , it is time for you to choose which ones you want to send to your boy.

Choose the one that best suits your personality and dare to conquer it!

So this is an excellent option to complement the theme.

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