Partner Expectations

When we start dating someone, it is normal that we still do not know many things about that person, since we will know part of his life and his tastes, as time passes. However, it is important that our partner expectations are clear from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations.

It is important to know what we want in the relationship and to talk with our partner on time.

In this way, we will be able to know what he wants and we can agree with what we are willing to do for the relationship as a whole.

This will be beneficial for both!

Expectations In A Relationship

The expectations of couples are defined as what we want for our present or future relationship is what we expect our partner to do, say or how to behave; as well as his reactions to some events.

These expectations are created in our mind from childhood, our environment and idealized beliefs of television series, movies and even in some kind of book.

partner expectations

However, we must be aware and know that these expectations must be more real than imaginary; since, if they are real, they will help for a better understanding as a couple, but if they are unreal, they will do the opposite, and may be the cause of a separation.

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Real Couple Expectations

The expectations of real partners are those that help us know what we want and expect in a relationship.

This is good because we know that we deserve the best and, therefore, we want to be with someone with whom we understand.

Similarly, you know that your expectations of a partner are real when the relationship is benefited by certain positive behaviors and that both we and our partner are willing to do, which do not undermine the will, autonomy, desires or way of acting of Some of the parts.

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Irreal Or Imaginary Couple Expectations

This type of couple’s expectations are very harmful, both for the relationship and for the person who owns them, since an ideology of the loved one is created, based on an imaginary concept.

This person may suffer more love disappointments, sadness and even the end of the relationship or future relationships, because their expectations will never be met.

To avoid inconveniences of this kind, it is best to be aware that all people are different and with our own personalities and expectations.

So it is healthier, if you find yourself in this situation, that you manage to raise new expectations that are real and that can contribute to a good relationship with both yourself and your partner.

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No Couple Expectations

Although we already talked about the expectations of unreal and harmful partners, not having expectations of any kind for our relationship or our partner is neither indicated nor recommended.

This means that we do not care what happens to us or the relationship, because everything that happens in this, we do not care.

You should keep in mind that, in general, we raise expectations about the person with whom we want to have any kind of relationship.

For this reason, the best option will be to think about your previous relationships, your current relationship or if you don’t have a partner yet, you can visualize what you expect from a couple and from mutual coexistence.

Remember to focus on what you want and what would be a good relationship for you, as long as they are real partner expectations .

Do not let your imagination play with your mind in these circumstances, so you will achieve healthier and lasting relationships.

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So, What To Do?

If you have difficulty knowing how to rethink your expectations of a partner , the best thing you can do is start creating a list of things that have happened to you in past relationships.

On the one hand, write everything negative that you don’t want to repeat in one relationship and on the other, write everything you liked.

After you have completed this list, then you will find your new partner expectations.

Remember to do it consciously and eliminate everything that does not bring anything positive to your life or your relationship.

Thus, you will notice some insane behaviors or thoughts that have not allowed you to enjoy a good love bond.

Remember to be realistic and try to decipher what every woman should know about her partner to build a healthy relationship based on trust.

Communication: The Best Option

After you know what you want in a relationship and also what you do not want to repeat or would not like, it is good that you identify that they are things that can really happen.

Both your partner and yourself are different people and, therefore, it is normal for them to want different things.

Final Tips

By knowing what you want, you can talk openly with your partner, since he also has his own expectations of a partner.

Listen to it, keep in mind your views, your wishes and most importantly: reach agreements.

Keep in mind that everything is not as you want it to be, remember that they must have a healthy communication as a couple and thus they will be able to solve what is presented to them.

Do not settle but do not exaggerate with your demands.

Find the balance to be happy!