Paragraphs To Make Her Him Fall In Love

There are times when you need to find the right words to show that person so special to you, how much you love her and how much you would like to have her in your life as something more. That is why the article we write on this occasion may be very useful to achieve it. In it, we have compiled a lot of the most romantic verses to fall in love with, which will undoubtedly allow you to reach the heart of the one you love the most. Find the ones that best suit your situation and recite them or send them in a beautiful letter that will move you.

Verses to fall in love in friendship

  1. I never imagined that over the years my heart would choose you as the person it loved. This new feeling, as sublime as it is strange, made me realize that I really needed you.
  2. You have always been by my side, simply as friends. But today something new has happened to me, I don’t know if it was the work of fate. I want to see you every day and enjoy your company, to be the reason for your joy for the rest of my days.
  3. I never believed that what we call love would find it in your person, you have been in front of me every day and every hour. Now I know that it is for you who I sigh the most and you take over in my head, each of my delusions.
  4. In your eyes I could see an unconditional affection that caused me to fall in love with you. I want to occupy all your nights and your days so that you can fill yourself with me. I miss you like the air I breathe and your heart is the one that causes mine to beat.
  5. To love you I do not need to make excuses such as friendship, because since you arrived I loved you even if I could not suspect it. I only ask that you turn your gaze towards me otherwise, I will have no reason to exist.
  6. Your words were my breath when I was in despair. Then they became the most beautiful melody, when I finally understood that I loved you. I don’t want you to get away from me or get away from a moment like this.
  7. Your loyalty and your way of being managed to captivate me like no one else had, as time passed I enjoyed being present even in each of your silences. The warmth of your smile made me wake up in the middle of a dream that I don’t want to escape from.
  8. You would never abandon me into nothingness, that is something I know perfectly well. I only ask you for an evening to show you with all my being, that you are the person to whom I owe the most and also, to whom I most yearn.

Verses to make your ex fall in love again

  1. I know that in the past there were many times when I was wrong, but you need me to become the person I always wanted to be. All I need is another chance this time, to procure your happiness.
  2. I never wanted to hurt you or shed your tears, you were the most important thing but I did not know how to value it. The light in your eyes was what made me smile but today I realized that I cannot be happy without.
  3. I love you as the night cloak that awaits the arrival of the stars, to make the darkness in which it is found a little more beautiful. You are in each of my dreams and fantasies and I cannot deny that only because of you is my life going away.
  4. Your hands used to be the only ones that could comfort me and the breath from your lips the oxygen that I needed to breathe. Now I have the bitterness of misfortune to make mistakes again, only your return could make me reconsider.
  5. If I had you in my arms and your eyes met mine, today it seems to me the most beautiful dream in which I could have lived. When I felt the warmth of your whisper in my ear and your heart pounding against mine.
  6. Every hour that passes is meaningless unless I am by your side listening to your heartbeat. Your departure was the door that opened the way to the void, but I long to love you again to change our destiny.
  7. Don’t say there is no turning back when my heart breaks from pain. I would rather die over and over again than live without your way of being. Your kisses are the remedy to each of my regrets and to you whom I need, to laugh again at every moment.
  8. All I want is for you to look at me again as before, hold your hand and walk without worrying about what will come later. By your side my life had become the happiest, do not leave me crying for the feeling that I lost.

Verses to fall in love with who you like

  1. Do not ask me how or why, because they are answers that I still cannot understand. I only know that you have broken down the barriers that I built and without even proposing it, you have lit a flame in me.
  2. I love you like the sunset that longs for the embrace of the sun, it is your laugh that fills my world with color. Your heart is a refuge that I long to possess and your lips the elixir of which I need to drink.
  3. It does not matter where or when to tell you that I love you, this may surprise you but I am not going to turn around. You have become the reason for my existence, so I want every second to be worth it from now on.
  4. In the end the only thing I have left is this love, which has managed to nest in the depths of my heart with fervor. You are the cause, you know, you have the power to stop my suffering as soon as possible.
  5. Each one of my awakenings is directed towards you, because you are more than ever everything I need to be happy. It is your hair and your gaze that fascinate me more than anything. Even if it was a second I would like to have you, even if I had to lose you.
  6. What have you done with my emotions, what can they only be for you? He barely heard your name and I find myself standing here, trying to discover if you correspond to me and it is a hopeless case that I must suffer.
  7. In the first and last hour of days your memory occupies my mind, I cannot escape or put aside the memory of your every move. You have completely enchanted my reason and with it, also my heart.
  8. If I could count each one of the seconds that I have lived for you, I would not finish accounting for the time that has elapsed until now. Your voice is the owner of my thoughts and your person, a sweet presentiment.

With these precious verses, you have everything you need to express to your loved one, everything you feel with great originality. Take as many as you want to support you and do not forget that the best statement is the one that comes from the heart. If you follow this advice there will be no one who can stop you from living love as you want.

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