Overcome Trust Issues In A Relationship

how to overcome trust issues in a relationship

There is a situation that produces a lot of suffering in relationships. Living love from the distrust that leads you to position yourself in a defense role, observing possible dangers where there are no reasons for doubt. Mistrust, when subjective and born of an internal fear, is not supported by a real sequence of data inherent in that love story. How to overcome trust issues in a relationship? In this article we answer this question by putting value in communication as a means of understanding to achieve this love objective.

Why do you have trust issues in a relationship?

Before knowing how to overcome trust issues in a relationship it is important that we analyze the origin of this situation. The distrust itself is very general if you do not limit it in the reality framework. Why do you feel this way? What worries you specifically? What thoughts do you experience in those episodes of intense distrust? Is there any observable behavior of your partner that makes you worry in this way?

In short, try to specify if, really, this discomfort is caused by recent experiences that have conditioned you negatively with this person or, conversely, these doubts are the result of your internal insecurities .

Do you feel that past experiences and disappointments are altering your current happiness? In that case, your suspicions are not rooted in the present, but in fear of being disappointed again. These questions can inspire you to start a dialogue with your own fear, that is, to narrow it down, reason it and put words into it.

Otherwise, when you feel overwhelmed by the insecurity of distrust, that discomfort makes you feel helpless. Through inner dialogue you can do something to move beyond that fear.

5 tips to regain trust in a relationship

To be able to overcome trust issues in a relationship you have to know that it is not something that you can get immediately. A process is needed to accomplish this purpose. Here are some good tips that will help you regain confidence and so that you can enjoy a fuller and more satisfying relationship.

1. Team work

A relationship repeats the essence of a team that collaborates in achieving the same goal. In this case, regain confidence. That is, the struggle for this goal must be reciprocal, each one can contribute their virtues, their communication skills , their positive disposition and their active listening to reach this point of emotional intelligence.

To work in a team, it is very important that you express assertive requests to your gesture partner that you would like to receive from him, and in turn, it is also very important that you listen to his point of view. That is, instead of taking for granted what the other thinks or feels, it is essential to have mental openness to foster understanding.

2. Short term objectives

The general objective of regaining trust in the relationship can be limited in time through closer time goals in the calendar. For example, you can take the initiative to schedule more conversation plans. Quotes that put the value of the word in the center since the main tool to regain confidence is the sincerity expressed through language. Therefore, to be able to talk openly with your partner, you must create opportunities conducive to it. And what better than to program funny plans that generate a positive disposition in the mood to enjoy the conversation?

3. Action plan

To regain trust in the relationship you have to find the balance of rescuing the strengths and virtues of this love story in order to find a resilience support in those factors that should be maintained, but it is also essential to identify possible points of improvement. That is, to overcome trust issues in a relationship, it is vitally important to correct those vulnerable points that are producing a distance to generate new emotional intelligence habits.

You can write down in a notebook the principles that you want to apply at this stage of your love story so that whenever a moment of doubt arises, you can reread that information that you have agreed on both sides.

overcome trust issues in a relationship

4. Sorry

Forgiveness is an act of freedom. However, it is impossible to regain trust in the relationship without having the ability to forgive the other or yourself. Obviously, the ability to forgive is also related to the nature of the events that have caused the damage. Try to reflect on this issue by relating the global balance of this story and your own future: How do you observe your life in five years? Would you like your partner to continue being part of your story?

In that case, listen especially to your emotions. Since they offer you very important information about your true internal desires. If this relationship does not make you happy, the idea of ​​continuing to share the future with your partner will have a certain tinge of sadness.

5. Patience

However, think that before you have reached the ultimate goal of improving confidence you have already had the opportunity to observe the evolution of the story. That is, you can check if your actions are helping you to improve the quality of love or everything remains the same as before.

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