Outdoor wedding: ideas, place, DIY decoration, photo

Weddings in nature attract newlyweds by the fact that the celebration takes place in the open air and without restrictions in time and space. During the day you can have fun until you fall under the rays of the sun, and in the evening – light candles, small bulbs, making a real fairy tale. It is real to organize a celebration in nature, the main thing is to think over everything thoroughly.

Pros and cons of an unusual wedding celebration

A wedding celebration in nature has its positive and negative sides, which are very important to consider before starting to organize an outdoor celebration.

Wedding celebration in nature

Benefits of the ceremony:

  • stay in the fresh air, and not in a stuffy enclosed space;
  • lack of limited space;
  • the originality of the wedding celebration;
  • the opportunity to order an off-site wedding ceremony;
  • no time limits;
  • a wide range of venues for the celebration;
  • the ability to launch pigeons, fireworks, balloons;
  • availability of different ideas for organizing a wedding.

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A holiday in nature has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages:

  • The main disadvantage is the unpredictability of the weather. Becauseyou need to plan a celebration at least a month in advance, even forecasters will not be able to predict whether there will be precipitation.
  • The second trouble is the presence of mosquitoes, ants and other insects… It is important to be able to find a place where you can avoid the attack of various living creatures or purchase devices that scare them away.
  • And the third drawback is the complexity of organizing a banquet far from the kitchen, train station, metro stations, bus stops… But in any case, you can think over everything to the smallest detail so that nothing could overshadow the holiday. The main thing is to have a good attitude!

How to celebrate a wedding in nature?

First of all, you should make sure whether it will be convenient to celebrate your wedding outdoors. You need to calculate your capabilities to ensure maximum comfort for guests. Be sure to figure out what to do if the weather suddenly turns bad.

Outdoor wedding in the rain

If you are determined to celebrate outdoors, it is important to plan how everything will go. You can register a marriage directly at the registry office, and then go to celebrate in nature or order an exit ceremony. The latter option is now in great demand, because the registration process originally takes place, and is not trivial within the walls of a state body. In addition, all guests will be able to attend the event.

Wedding ceremony in nature

The party can be organized in different places, there are no spatial restrictions in nature. Below we will tell you what options you should pay attention to.

The perfect place for a wedding in nature

The ideal place for a wedding will be something that will please the newlyweds themselves and will be convenient for the guests.

Tourist base

Great idea, but you need to order houses in advance, discuss all the nuances with the management. But the celebration will be truly beautiful because there are always beautiful landscapes at the tourist centers. There is no time limit for the celebration.

Outdoor wedding at a tourist base

The only thing is that tourist centers are located far from the city. On the one hand, it is good in terms of fresh air and lack of city bustle. On the other hand, it can be difficult for guests to get there, you need to arrange transportation for them.


Many couples choose the city park for their weddings as it is located within the city limits. Guests can easily get to the place, at any time you can go to the store or somewhere else if necessary. You can put up a tent, order food delivery.

Outdoor wedding in the park

But first, it is important to get permission from the city administration to hold a holiday in the park!

Summer terrace of the restaurant

A convenient option where the newlyweds do not have to make much effort. There is a staff who will take care of serving dishes, seating guests. It is enough to discuss the conditions of the celebration with the owner of the establishment, discuss all the details with the employees, in particular the menu.

Outdoor wedding on the terrace

Often, restaurants offer live music, a toastmaster, and help in organizing contests.


A wedding not on the seashore is a very romantic option. The sound of waves creates a pleasant atmosphere, charges with positive. You can install a tent for a banquet, an arch of flowers for an off-site ceremony.

Outdoor wedding on the beach

Guests have the opportunity to dress up in swimsuits and swimming trunks, swim in the sea, and soak up the sand.

Motor ship

If the newlyweds and the guests are well tolerated by sea travel, you can arrange a boat trip. The option is unusual, romantic, bright, leaves a positive impression.

Boat wedding

There must be cabins where you can hide in case of rain and continue the celebration.

Vacation home

If you choose a country house for a wedding in nature, it is better to rent some old castle with a spacious courtyard and beautiful gardens. All this will create a unique atmosphere.

Castle wedding in nature

In this case, the historical theme of the holiday with the appropriate attributes, outfits, script is ideal. And what unusual wedding photos will remain with the guests!

Noble style

A wedding in a noble style involves the organization of a real ball, held according to ancient rites. Men dress in knights, women wear fluffy dresses with a corset.

Outdoor wedding in noble style

Instead of a modern car, they rent a carriage with horses. Any historical place is ideal for such an event.

Eastern wedding

A great option is to hold a wedding celebration in nature in an oriental theme. It is just under the open sky that it is convenient to place a tent and all the necessary paraphernalia – candles, pillows, bedspreads, lamps, and so on.

Outdoor wedding in oriental style

You can put tables, but if you support the oriental style of the holiday, then it is better to treat guests sitting on the grass, having prepared the flooring in advance.

Boho style

If the newlyweds want to turn their wedding into something light and airy, it is better to hold a boho-style celebration.

Boho style outdoor wedding

It is important to have a good taste here, since you need to maintain naturalness in everything, even in colors, or use ethnic motives.

Rustic wedding

People in villages used to prefer to celebrate any holidays, including weddings, on the street. Tables, benches were placed in the courtyard, balloons, flowers, congratulatory inscriptions were the decoration of the courtyard.

Rustic wedding in nature

A great idea for creating a truly soulful atmosphere. At such an event, every guest will feel at home!

Hawaiian style

If the newlyweds love bright, dynamic parties with exotic elements, then this option is perfect.

Hawaiian style outdoor wedding

You can arrange a wedding on the beach or the summer terrace.

Hawaiian wedding in nature

A Hawaiian-style wedding involves a riot of colors, energetic dances, and rhythmic music. An atmosphere of ease and freedom is created.


A picnic is a rather unusual idea for a wedding event.

Wedding picnic in nature

But any cozy corner in nature will do.

Wedding picnic

The menu can traditionally include barbecue, vegetables, fruits, various snacks. You can hold your wedding under a canopy so as not to be in the bright sun or hide from the rain.

Wedding dresses of the bride and groom

A fluffy dress is not suitable for a wedding in nature.

Newlyweds celebrate their wedding in nature

It is better to choose a light outfit that will be comfortable and not hot.

Outfits of the newlyweds in nature

If the celebration is organized in a specific theme, then the attire must fully correspond to it.

The outfit of the young at a wedding in nature

As for shoes, shoes with low heels or sandals are suitable so that it is comfortable to walk on the ground or sand.

The groom should also choose a suit made of lightweight fabrics that allow air to pass through well and do not constrain the body.

Images of the newlyweds at an outdoor wedding

Guests should wear loose-fitting outfits. Long evening dresses in nature are superfluous.

Wedding ceremony

For the ceremony in nature to be successful, it is important to think over all the details, for example:

  • Come up with a backup option for the holiday in case the weather turns bad. For example, prepare a canopy, warm blankets.
  • Cover the ground with decking so that guests can move around comfortably.
  • Take care of repelling insects, purchase special devices.
  • Provide good lighting in the area.
  • Check the equipment so that no incidents happen. If possible, buy amplifiers, as the sound is too diffused in the open air.
  • Provide for the availability of water , so that in natural conditions it was possible not only not to feel thirsty, but also to wash your hands.

Wedding decoration in nature traditionally includes many flowers, balloons, ribbons.

Organization of a wedding ceremony

But it all depends on the theme of the celebration, which was chosen by the future spouses.

Musical accompaniment of the wedding celebration

What a wedding without music! It is convenient if the toastmaster will be in charge of the soundtrack. Also, experienced presenters can always tell you how to organize a live performance. It is only important to agree in advance, since there are many weddings in the summer, so good musicians are in great demand.

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in nature

Nature opens up many opportunities for beautiful photos.

Photo of a wedding in nature

You can arrange a walk in the forest, build a wedding arch from fresh flowers, placing it against the background of the river.

Photoshoot at a wedding in nature

Decorate the trees with garlands of light bulbs and glowing balls.

Photo of the newlyweds in nature

A great idea is a photo session in the style of a romantic dinner for the newlyweds in nature or a picnic right on the grass.

Couple in love at picnic

Festive wedding menu

The menu should be composed of foods and products that can withstand long periods of warmth and outdoor exposure to stay fresh. Otherwise, it all depends on the taste of the newlyweds. But it is better to provide variety so that all guests find a treat for themselves.

It’s not necessary to cook on your own now. You can negotiate the menu with the restaurant, and the staff will deliver the food wherever you need it.

Toastmaster and entertainment program for guests

The best option is to hire a toastmaster. The specialist himself will come up with which contests and games to conduct with the invitees, taking into account all the ages present.

Guest entertainment is an important part of organizing a wedding.

In nature, the choice is great, you can even arrange sports! Don’t forget about the dancing part of the program.

Celebrating a wedding in nature

At the end of the evening, you can launch fireworks or glowing lanterns into the sky.


If you decide to hold a wedding event far from the city, you need to take care of the delivery of guests, for example, order a bus. To support the theme, decorate the car with balloons and ribbons. By organizing a transfer, you will be able to avoid expectations if suddenly someone is late or gets lost in an unfamiliar place.

How about the second day?

Since people are used to celebrating a wedding for 2-3 days, you can leave the event outdoors for the second day. For example, the first to celebrate in a restaurant, and the next to go to relax on the river, have a picnic with barbecue.

Second wedding day outdoors

But it is important to understand that the guests have not yet moved away from the first day. Therefore, organize the entertainment program so that everyone has the opportunity to relax as much as possible. The second day is also good because the invitees have already met and can spend the holiday in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wedding trivia

The organization of a wedding involves solving not only global issues but also the design of various trifles, for example:

  • ring pads;
  • money box;
  • invitations;
  • cards for seating guests;
  • ribbons for witnesses;
  • attributes for the ransom of the bride and contests;
  • books of wishes for newlyweds.

This is an approximate list of details that should not be forgotten, it can be significantly longer.

Traditions and rituals

People have a lot of wedding traditions. In nature, you can organize a touching ritual – the launch of white doves. The custom symbolizes love and peace in the relationship of lovers. A young couple – like two doves set off on a joint journey.

Photo of newlyweds with pigeons

Another tradition is a meeting of newlyweds with a loaf, from which they bite off pieces. The one who turned out to be the largest is the head of the family. Bread is decorated with figures of swans, spikelets, personifies fertility, wealth, happiness in the life of spouses.

Among the modern traditions are:

  • shower of lovers with rose petals;
  • wedding dance of the newlyweds;
  • breaking glasses;
  • a young couple cutting a wedding cake.

The idea of ​​holding a wedding in nature with your own hands or with the involvement of professionals is attractive because the celebration takes place outdoors and without the usual restrictions. Suitable for the warm season. The main thing is to organize the celebration with maximum comfort for the guests, which is a very real task!