Original Ideas For Wedding Invitations

Original wedding invitations, 15 ideas to inspire

Original, beautiful and simple wedding invitations:

original invitations

Original wedding invitations that are received by the guests, they will immediately notice your style. They can be in different ways:

  • Bought
  • Sent by whatsapp
  • Made by yourself DIY (do it yourself)

It can be personalized and free in addition to being made with a lot of humor as well. After choosing the wedding date and the place, you should think about the invitations. There are a wide variety of formats, styles and colors among the options.

Wedding Card

In each invitation you cannot miss these standardized points:

  • Wedding date
  • Place and address of the wedding
  • Time of the event or ceremony
  • Dress code
  • Request to confirm
  • Contact address

To attract wedding attendees we can use different designs, classic, romantic, rustic or fun.

wedding invitations
Showy invitations with glamor

It is innovative to design original wedding invitations in electronic and creative form that replace the traditional ones. There put a personal touch and save on the budget. It all depends on how formal or informal the bride and groom are and that the participations are in accordance with the wedding style.

If you want to be more informal with your friends:

  • Classic invitations for relatives.
  • Quirky and crazy stakes friends.

We must not forget that paper invitations are often kept as wedding favors. To calculate the number of invitations to print we must ask ourselves:

  • Who to invite?
  • When am I going to invite?
  • How to deliver the invitations?

There are web pages where you can download exclusive templates with photos of the couple. The formats are infinite. They resemble passports or boarding passes for travel lovers for example. Floral and romantic also according to the taste of the couple.Send all the original wedding invitations at the same time to avoid omissions, duplicates or some arriving too late. It is in bad taste and can offend last minute invitations. Cards should reach guests 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding so they can plan the gift and dress. To invite:

  • Family
  • Childhood friends
  • Coworkers
  • Club friends
  • Neighbors

Order them from a printing company in advance by having the exact data and quantity. It is convenient to calculate 20% more because contingencies are always added that were forgotten at first.

Check the spelling, syntax or space in the model. There are different types of cards with unique and elegant designs.

wedding invitations
Romantic style

Giving the Original Wedding Invitations to a family member or friend is an act of affection. It is to communicate the joy of living this important moment in our life.

1) Invitations with rice for the end of the ceremony

An original and different invitation. Include a handful of rice in the invitation. It is used on the wedding day in tribute to the newly married couple. Rice is a very typical element of weddings as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.


Having some participated only for the civil or ceremony and other guests to the party could put together two lists: make one with the invitation and another list just notifying the wedding. In the highest priority we include parents, siblings, relatives and friends. While in the other list, the most distant relatives and neighbors who are only involved should be included.

2) Original wedding invitations with photos

Do you want to impress your guests with something original? View graphics, web illustrations and creative designs to make original wedding invitations. Make the invitation with selfies photos of you, this is a good idea so that they will remember you forever.

original wedding invitations
Pretty and simple invitations

3) Wedding cards made by yourself

If they are personalized, it is necessary to attribute a greater value to it for the own effort to create them. Make them handmade when the number of participations is not very large. Enjoying putting together the Original Wedding Invitations is challenging. Choose the paper, colors, text and letters, decoration with ribbons, poetic or fun.

original invitations

Business selling papers of different textures and styles where you can choose from the most sophisticated to the simplest to adapt spending to the budget.

4) Wedding invitations with map

These invitations include a map with the route between the church and the ballroom. It can be located on the inside of the envelope or stamped on the invitation as part of the design. It is very original and fun to include the map as if it were a treasure hunt.

5) Vintage wedding invitations

What to do to make your wedding invitations as creative and original as your party? The cards can be formal, romantic or vintage according to your style.

6) Original invitations in the form of a puzzle

One of the most original invitations is to devise a puzzle in which an illustration of the bride and groom is shown, or a photo so that the guests have fun putting it together and discovering the information. An interactive way to invite.

Wedding invitations
Invitation in the form of a puzzle

7) Original invitations “Save the date” with calendar

A nice way for guests to remember your wedding day is to invite them with a card that includes a calendar and a stamp to mark the days that are left. These types of cards can be purchased through Etsy.

Original invitation with calendar shape
Original invitation with calendar shape – Photo credit from Etsy

8) Wedding invitations, the latest trend “on line”

Add a personal touch and choose a beautiful design on the Canva web to create your personalized invitation, download it as a jpg to share via email. It is a very good option to consider taking care of the environment and preserving the scarce natural resource when sending them online.

The best wedding invitations are the ones that your guests will never forget because of their personalized message. If you can’t find the words and don’t know what to put on it, there are professional designers who can help you reflect in a unique and elegant way what you want to convey.

9) Original wedding invitations with protocol

Include a map to get to the ceremony and party. Do not forget that it is polite to draw up a card and then a thank you letter for the gifts. Usually in the invitation card to the party they include RSVP (from French that means: answer please) followed by a phone number. This is to confirm the caterer with the number of party goers.

original wedding invitations
Make a list of people to invite

The protocol says that the invitations for the wedding ceremony must be of the same type of paper and printed with the same character of the participations. Better to choose sober and elegant characters, such as English cursive in dark gray, sepia, burgundy colors.

According to the label, if the recipient only receives the participation, they will be able to attend the ceremony, but will not attend the party.

10) Wedding invitations with phrases

The creation of original cards with phrases that are usually:

  • Romantic
  • Simple
  • Fun
  • Short

We will show you some proposals:

11) Original wedding cards

The first thing we have to think about when we want to make an invitation for our wedding is that it be unique, different, and original.

If we have creative skills and know how to use editing tools, welcome! Once you have the concept and / or the theme, you will continue with:

  • The forms
  • Colors
  • Elements
  • Typography

Another thing we have to think about for our invitations are the papers that we choose if we want to print them. There are a variety of papers to select from to make our invitation stand out. If we are confused with so many alternatives, there are people with a lot of experience like Siena Estudio who can guide you.

original wedding invitations
Photo: Siena Estudio

12) Original civil wedding invitations

On the internet you can look for ideas, many ideas, but you have to think that those cards that we find on the internet were designed based on the characteristics of the couple to which they belong. Although it may be similar to your partner, we are all different because there are no partners and tastes the same as others.

Another thing that we can choose to differentiate us is the typography. The trend is that handwritten typography is very fashionable and the advantage is that it gives it a very own and personal style.

13) 2021 wedding invitations

Personalize interactive invitations to surprise guests. Put a phrase that reflects the style of the couple. The Canva portal has many designs that will give you inspiration.

More and more couples are looking to add something creative to their invitations. Some romantic phrase can be one more element on the card. Place at the foot:

  • Love knows no barriers
  • To love is to look together in one direction
  • With you forever

14) Themed digital invitations

There are models of invitations that allude to a particular topic. Make the invitation in a passport format for the traveling couple. We can make our invitation original with a thematic concept. For example, invitations with jute detail for a rustic wedding or lace for a romantic wedding.

original invitations
You have to carefully calculate the number of guests

 As a thank you for being invited, send a gift of flowers or a gift as a sign of kindness. If the recipient receives the invitation, a gift must be made, even if the ceremony and reception are not attended.

15) Sustainable invitations

With beautiful invitations that can be distributed online we can save paper for the benefit of the environment. Animate! the delivery method is fast and adaptable to different social networks.

Guests could also be encouraged to choose some music to dance to during the wedding. The value of what they will receive as a gift will be in relation to the number of people in their family who will attend the party. The trend is that the bride and groom’s bank account number is added to a separate card attached so that the guests can make a deposit. Add phrases that have Glamor.