Options for original and unusual wedding greetings

Songs, dances, fun and happiness in the faces of others – all this and much more can be found at any wedding. Not only the newlyweds are preparing for the solemn wedding, but also the guests. About riginalno congratulate the wedding, not everyone can. 

One of the tasks of each present is to meet a young married couple with warmth and kindness, to congratulate them on such an event in their life. Of course, everyone wants to stand out against the general background. This can be done using the original greetings.

Unusual and interesting wedding greetings

How parents congratulate the young at the wedding is original.

To congratulate the young on their wedding day, you have to think carefully, because in fact it is quite difficult to stand out. Let’s start with how young spouses are most often congratulated on their wedding. In most cases, this is a poem or prose.

Moreover, more mature people often read a poem from a postcard. Currently, this is considered a very commonplace option. And interesting congratulations on your wedding day should be chosen based on who you are young spouses.

From parents

If you are the parents of the bride and groom, then surely something special is not expected from you. Mom and Dad mostly read the same poetic forms. You can make a little effort and then you get a more original version.

  1. Write a poem yourself – why not, if you have read so many lyric works, then at least you have an idea according to what laws of genres they are built. Moreover, the lyrics are solemn and majestic. With her, like no other genre, you will be able to compose a beautiful congratulatory speech.
  2. Add background music to the poem – in the end, if you can sing, you can perform the song. If you have neither hearing nor voice, then it doesn’t matter either. In this case, you will hear your speech, and melodic music will sound in the back at a distance.

The parents of the bride and groom can join together to perform a joint musical composition. Larisa Dolina’s song “Weather in the House” will sound harmoniously from their lips. It is so unique that it doesn’t even need to be reworked. Therefore, it can be easily performed at a wedding celebration.

From witnesses

Congratulations to the wedding in your own words, short and cool.

On the part of the witnesses, I would like to see something bright and unusual. An excellent option as a congratulation would be a number in the show program. Please note that it is not at all necessary to perform everything on your own.

Previously, it was considered necessary, but now more and more people trust professionals. Therefore, if you do not know how to dance or sing, but really want to dilute poems and toasts at the wedding of your friends, then be sure to order a team. There are many options for what your chosen ensemble will do. All wedding shows are spectacular and unique.

  1. Dancing.
  2. Songs.
  3. Soap bubbles show.
  4. Performance on musical instruments.
  5. Fire show.
  6. Magic tricks.
  7. Comedians.
  8. Parodies.
  9. Beatbox.

You have to decide what to choose, based on the financial ability and the wishes of the groom and the bride. For example, if they both like to listen to rap music, then playing beatbox or freestyle would be a great option for them.

If there are no specific preferences, then you can dwell on something general. It can be a musical composition or a simple dance number. All groups come prepared in advance, with beautiful costumes and rehearsed numbers. Therefore, it becomes much more pleasant to look at such a celebration.

From friends

Friends are the youth who are present at the celebration. For the most part, the presenter focuses on them. After all, they are the most energetic and subversive. Friends can, like no one else, congratulate in the most original way.

But for this it is best for them to unite and unite. There are always peculiar dance numbers at weddings with a bang. Their essence lies in the unexpectedness of the moment. It is necessary to make sure that neither the groom nor the bride is aware of what is happening.

It looks especially impressive when absolutely everyone comes out to dance and at some point the music starts, during which all friends are slowly synchronized and begin to dance the same dance. Believe me, the bride and groom will be surprised and amazed at the first moment. Then a smile will surely appear on their faces. Subsequently, all guests will want to join a kind of flash mob.

What gifts to please the newlyweds?

At weddings, it is customary to give a monetary gift to the newlyweds. If there is a certain list of wishes abroad, where young people bring in what they would like to see as gifts.

The guests’ task is to distribute among themselves everything that the bride and groom wanted. There is no such tradition, and at most weddings it is customary to hand envelopes with money.

Recently, this method of giving a gift has bored everyone, and the guests began to show imagination, come up with an unusual greeting on their wedding day , giving the newlyweds their gift in an original way.


Although money has already become a commonplace, it can still be given in an original way to the bride and groom. There are some cool ways to do this best:

  1. In a bottle with a nipple – you can say a fiery speech to the spouses who have taken place, wishing the prompt continuation of the family. And be sure to give as a gift for a little family member a beautiful bottle, which should always be full of money, from the cradle.
  2. Flowers from banknotes – with the help of money, you can create an original bouquet, similar to ikebana. Place it in the basket and then you can present it at the wedding. Just warn the bride and groom that the bills are real. If you are afraid that they will be damaged, then buy jokes banknotes in advance by making banknotes from them. In this case, hand in real money separately in an envelope.
  3. Piggy bank for vacation – where is it better to keep money, if not in a piggy bank. Place paper bills in it and hand it to the married couple, telling what you would like them to spend them on.


Absolutely no one will be upset if they see not money, but impressions at their wedding ceremony. We remember emotions all our lives, especially positive ones. They can nourish and rejuvenate the body. It will be useful to present several unforgettable impressions at the wedding.

  1. Weekend trip – if you know that the newlyweds are not going to go anywhere and they will not have a honeymoon, then arrange for them at least a weekend tour. It will be no less interesting and rich.
  2. Hot air ballooning can be the most romantic moment for a married couple. They only recently got married, still have a warm and tender relationship. Romantic events feed them as well as possible. This is what the balloon flight will be like. It will be especially impressive in the dark.
  3. The boat is a great way to continue your wedding week. A few hours spent on such transport will leave an indelible impression. Water, starry sky, motor ship, open deck – all this evokes a special atmosphere of love and tenderness.


Among a wide variety of original ways to beautifully congratulate newlyweds at a wedding , it is sometimes very easy to get confused and choose the very only option.

It is best to be determined on the basis of what interests the spouses the most. If they are extreme and sports lovers, then it is worth choosing the appropriate type of recreation for them.