No response is a response

No response is a response. No response may like there is nothing. However, the true meaning is that the silence is also a response. When you see no response, you may think it is harmless but indeed it is sending you some hidden responses. For this instance, you will not able to ignore it.

Getting no response to texts, or calls may annoy. At that time when you receive no response, you have to more focus on that situation. In silent response, you will also get your answer.

Most of the time, when someone not gets a response from his/her partner and usually they get a response. Then, it’s time to understanding that their relationship may finish soon. Generally, majority of the people end a relationship with either concrete or contrary purposes. In comparison, some of the people give no response.

No response is a powerful response

Whenever you are not clear about your thought about action, then it is better to remain silent. In silence in your mind, you will able to take the proper step. And in opposite to yourself, when someone does not give a response, then it may that something is hurting inside him. In general, people avoid responding to others because they do not want to hurt other’s feelings with their words.

No response is the response: In relationships

In relationships, when you do not receive a response, then it will have many reasons. Most probably, when your partner is in a bad situation or cannot respond to you instantly. In particular, your partner thinks again of the relationship. Maybe, he needs some time and not contact with you.

To summarize, no response from the partner is very complicated. It is not easier for you to easily judge this sort of behavior. Particularly, in this situation, you have to give time and maturely handle the situation.

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Sometimes, no response also demonstrates that they have found another person in their lives. When they do not need you, they stop responding towards you and consider that you will receive a hidden message of move on.  On the positive side, it prevents the bitter ending. In opposite to straightforward persons, some prefer and think that giving no response is a powerful sign.

In brief, if the partner is ignoring you for short time, then you can directly talk to him and know about the problem. If you are too bothering by someone’s no response, then you should direct meet to that person. Further, ask him about the reason for doing such an attitude and then deal accordingly problem. In contrast, if your ego does not allow you to ask him, then give some time to both of you.

Furthermore, this time will help you to move on. Maybe with time, they come back and that time you can ask about their no response.

No response is a response

If your partner is silent this does not mean at all that he does not care. It just means that he had to go through and rethink a lot, and he went through all this without you.

Perhaps silence is perceived as a lack of response. But the truth is that there is tremendous power in this silence. When you are not answered, it can create a deceiving illusion of security, but in fact, you get a more than understandable message. And this is not something to be ignored.

No answer is the answer in a relationship

Often, when silence reigns in a relationship in response to any question or request, it means that you are approaching a sad outcome – the breakup of the relationship. If you’re expecting an answer but never get it, know that something has changed dramatically. You should already understand that something very serious is going on. And it will never be the same.

The fact that you were not answered does not mean that there was no answer. The lack of an answer in a relationship is the answer itself. In a variety of circumstances and “scenery” – this is a signal that things have taken an undesirable turn.

” If a person answers you with silence, it means that he believes that you do not deserve another answer. This means that he has already decided that you are not worth his efforts.
Without saying anything – they say so much. Without saying a word, they make it clear that they no longer believe or trust us. And they no longer feel that they can share with us the most intimate thoughts and feelings.

This means that these people are slowly closing the gap between you, because they feel bad around us. And even if it seems to you that they are completely closed and do not talk to you, they are not. They literally scream how they feel.

Why is no answer the answer?

Not responding from someone else means that these people would rather turn to another person for support or advice than you. This means that they will try to fill the void that has arisen with other people. What’s in their soul – there is no more room for you.

This means that from now on they will give their energy and warmth to other people. Even if you are willing to listen and help. No, they don’t want you anymore: ifs a waste of time, words and emotions. They have already decided that it is useless to talk to you, because such a close and precious connection has long been lost.

They feel that they no longer have the strength and energy to drag your relationship on them. And it is much easier for them to let them go than to fight the windmills. It is much easier for them to forget how much you have meant to them and for how long. How they were dear and loved … That is why the best way out for them is to simply ignore you and act as if you do not even deserve an explanation.

” If your partner is silent, this does not mean at all that he does not care. It just means that he had to go through and rethink a lot, and he went through all this without you.”

Whatever their times are, good or bad, they choose to move on without you. On my own road. They no longer want to deceive themselves with false illusions. They prefer to boldly face life and move forward. There is no more room for you on this road. Accordingly, you will receive no other answer than silence. And that says a lot.

When no response is the answer: what to do about it?

Of course, you can disagree with us. And to say that silence can mean so many things. And you may be right. But in the end, you have to face the truth. The person who truly loves you will not respond with silence. A person who loves you will not do this to you. Because such people know that silence causes great pain to a loved one.

The person who truly loves you will always answer. Whatever he felt and no matter how offended he was. He will do this at least so that you do not decide that all your efforts and efforts are in vain. 0 will clearly and clearly explain what is wrong and how it can be corrected.

So, if you were not answered, this is also the answer. And he is very cruel: there is no more love. Because true and sincere love always presupposes an answer.

” Love is never silent. Love is never indifferent and silent. Love is not something that you have to beg or beg from another person.”

No response in work

Before telling no response in work, it must clear that majority of the people will not make professional issues more complicated. As compared to the relationship situation, response in work is not difficult to understand. If you want a job or work for someone, and he gives no response, then it clearly means that he will do nothing for you. Furthermore, the reason behind their no response is that they never want to present a rude attitude.

No response when meeting someone for the first time

Ordinarily, some of the people meet with you in silence for the first time. It means that they never want to again meet-up. They thought that they will never talk to you again. Ultimately, the solution to deal with this situation is that to walk away from that person.

How to deal with it

We all may consider that no response to our texts is a very serious issue. But we should carefully deal with this condition. If someone does not answer your texts, then do not come to a conclusion immediately. The best way is that talk to him directly and afterward analyzes his attitude. Most important thing is that if someone loves you, then he will never leave you with an improper response.

In the final analysis, no response in a relationship needs to give some time. In a professional situation, no response means a total no. By the way, you have to move on.

Getting no response is actually hurting a lot. But most of the people do this attitude all the time. It becomes extremely hurting when your close one does this behavior. Also, it becomes extremely annoying when it happens in a professional case. The best solution to deal with no response is to give time.

Why people respond late?

There are many different reasons for the no response of the person. The most common problem of no response sees in the long-distance relationship. When in a long-distance relationship, your loved one stops responding to you.  Then, you may think that they have found another person. The truth may that they have lost work or may suffer from some disease.

Advantages of a no response

Frequently, no response actually takes you to a good position. You easily control the situation. This will prevent from bitter ending. Moreover, when you give no response and then rethink the entire matter. Then in this way, you will analyze your and your loved one’s faults.

Subsequently, the fight demands two people. But when you give no response, you will protect the relationship from ending. Conversely, in a professional situation, when you give no response. Then, it means that you want some time to think about how to reply to the next person.


In conclusion, no response is also the response. But its meanings are different in distinctive conditions. Under this situation of no response, you have to move on and also leave the person for some time.

Silence speaks louder. Silence can also able to convey the most powerful words. You have to listen to that silence carefully and then analyze the entire situation. We hope that you will get your understanding about no response is a response.