No Matches Tinder

You have no Tinder matches, and wonder why?

Tinder No Matches

Rest assured, your case is not isolated.

Many users do not have a Tinder match .

And it is better to remedy it quickly, just to amortize the time spent on the app.

In this article, I give you several possible reasons for not having a match on Tinder.

And above all, I explain how to reverse the trend.

No Matches On Tinder

Reason # 1: your photos don’t make you want

On Tinder, what counts above all is the appearance.If you don’t have matches, it’s probably because your photos don’t make girls want to go further. Girls are spoiled for choice. What are they going to choose between a guy who has “mannequin” type photos , and one who, uncomfortable, takes a selfie in his bathroom?The bug that some people are talking about does not come from the application, but most certainly from the way they chose their profile photos.

With the 6 locations you have, use several profile photos (3 or 4), you will offer an interesting variety of photos. The most would be to use photos taken in different situations but keeping a touch of mystery.The main photo is the most important, avoid group photos. Girls aren’t trying to guess which of the four of you is. Take pictures of yourself.Also, be sure to submit at least one photo you’re smiling at.

Reason # 2: you like all profiles

When you used the application for the first time, you carefully visited each profileThen, by dint of seeing that only a tiny part of the girls responded to your advances, you told yourself that the best strategy was to like everything! The goal of this technique is to like as many profiles as possible and then watch his matches. In principle, this method seems to be the most optimal but it overlooks perhaps the most crucial point: the Tinder algorithm.

No Matches Tinder

Indeed, Tinder will calculate a desirability score based on several criteria. The first criterion depends on the percentage of users who like you . The second criterion depends on thenumber of users that you will even like , because Tinder defines that the more demanding you are, the more attractive you seem to the application!Be careful not to be too selective, because Tinder could then place you in the category of associates!

You can also be smart, and “like” the profiles of girls who tend to like your style. You don’t like a girl, but are you sure you will like her? Like it, even if you don’t speak to it once it has matched.

This will allow you to increase your “conversion rate” , and to be seen by Tinder as being more attractive than you really are.

Reason # 3: You live in a very small town and this prevents you from getting matches

Another reason that could explain why you don’t have a match on Tinder: the city you live in.

You may have an almost ideal profile, if it is not shown to any girl, you do not risk getting matches.

No Matches Tinder

It’s math: if you’re in a village where there are more cows than people, and you’ve set your preferences to a maximum distance of 3 km, your chances of getting matches are much less than those of a Parisian resident close to the Place Bastille.

So, what to do?If you are still young and single, and can, move!

Living in a small studio in a big city rather than in a big house lost in the countryside will certainly increase your number of likes.

If you can’t move, try increasing your search radius, available in the application preferences.

Reason # 4: you don’t use the app often enough

This point may seem counter-intuitive.You have surely noticed, when you reconnect after several days without having consulted the app, you are suddenly offered a large number of profiles.You have the impression that the less you connect, the more you are put in contact with profiles.

No Matches Tinder

It is rather the opposite.

Imagine that you are offered 20 profiles after you have not logged in for 4 days. It seems a lot, and yet it only corresponds to 5 profiles per day. Tinder would have shown you many more profiles if you had logged in every day during this period.

Make sure you log in regularly. Once a day, if you can. Avoid staying more than three days without opening the app . Take advantage of the moments when you have nothing special to do: in transport, in a waiting room, in front of the TV.