My Perfect Mate

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I love you as you are, with all that that implies. Thank you for crossing my path, for accepting me as I am and for teaching me that true love is built from patience, sincere affection and understanding. 

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I love you as you are, without additives, with your strengths, but also with your defects. With everything that makes you be and carries your trail, that day by day I know a little more and that keeps alive the flame of this feeling.

I love you as you are, that’s why I dedicate these perfect mate lines to you . To remind you in case you forget it, to tell you otherwise. And to thank you for everything you give me every day … Because you are teaching me to love without masks, from the heart and in spite of any circumstance.


my perfect mate

Thanks For Being The Way You Are

Thanks for being you. To show you as you are: sometimes with fears , sometimes with strength and those with the desire to make people laugh and turn every moment into a moment to remember.

my perfect mate

Thank you for staying, for being there, despite everything, for ignoring the prejudices and for getting rid of the traps of expectations . Thank you because I know it’s not always easy: sometimes for me, sometimes for you, for us or for what happens in general. Thank you for your patience.

«To love is not only to want, it is also to understand».-Françoise Sagan-

Thank you for being as you are, for teaching me that love is much more than smiling happily, than understanding and betting on what one feels has a meaning: to strengthen the “we.”

Because sometimes you lower me from the sky and help me set foot on the ground, because you don’t sweeten reality. Because you teach me to love you over low heat and day by day you express it to me.

Thank you for your courage, for opening to me from the beginning. You are my greatest example of overcoming, of improving oneself, of fighting and moving forward. I admire you.

My Perfect Mate

Thank you for loving me when I don’t deserve it, for accepting me despite my wounds , despite my failures, for grabbing my hand.

Because you accept my limitations and little by little you are teaching me to want what I call defects, but that you insist on looking at them from another side. You help me to grow in the broadest sense.

I will not deny it, I like to know that you accept my demons , my darker parts and that instead of fearing them, you dare to caress them. Do not stop teaching me that everything lived, everything experienced, has been necessary to get here, to get to you.

“Millions and millions of years and I still don’t have enough time to describe that little moment of eternity in which you place your arms around me and I place my arms around you.”

I Choose You Every Day

I like to move to your side, whatever it is : when it’s sunny, the storms threaten or it rains like there’s no tomorrow.

Having you is a gift that I want to keep forever. Because you teach me that the simplest is the most valuable. Have you ever thought of everything you are a teacher? I keep thinking about it every day …

My Perfect Mate

I love listening to you, especially when you keep talking and explain everything that a topic we talk about implies. If I have doubts, you solve them, and if you can’t, you accept it and express it to me.

I love to observe you : asleep, awake, walking, driving … There is no way to resist me. To look at you is to approach you from the silence, to know you through your gestures and connect with the deepest of my feelings. I don’t lie to you: when I do, a beautiful and intense inner sensation invades you.

Your intelligence amazes me, but if there is something that fascinates me it is all the sensitivity that you keep and that you only show at times.

Although your seriousness is also necessary and your nonsense much more. They are your brand, your footprint, what gives you away and makes you be you and not someone else.

And what to tell you about your sincerity, your great capacity for understanding, I’m sorry but it’s not so easy to find someone like that. You know how to be home: by your side it is easy to feel protected and calm.

I love you like this, without more. In your gray and sunny days, because despite wanting to see you smile, I understand that it is not always possible. You also get tired, you can be reluctant and disappointment comes through the door.

I just want you to know that I also want to accompany you there, even if it’s silent; I want to hold you tight in good times and bad times.

Also I love you when you’re angry, when you annoying and reason can you. So is. We all do them. It’s another way to meet you, to know about you, to show yourself to me. To know your limits, your wounds and your emergency zones. Even when you prefer to take distance to recompose, reflect and decide what to do.

My Perfect Mate

With you it is easy. You are not determined to be perfect mate, at least with me. For all this and more I choose you every day, moment by moment. Because I love you just the way you are. My only wish is to accompany you in this little universe that we have created, both when it is good and when it is bad. Record it on fire.

Thank you for telling me with hugs and without words the depth of this we have.

“I love you to invite you to step on dry leaves one of these afternoons. I love you like to go for a walk, talk about love, while we kick stones. I love you like to become Chinese of laughter, drunk with nothing and to walk the streets without haste.

I love you like to go with you to the places that I frequent the most, and tell you that it is there that I feel to think about you. I love you like to hear your laugh all night. I love you like never to let you go.

I love you as you love certain loves, the old one, with the soul and without looking back ”.

-Jaime Sabines, Mexican poet-

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