My mom is the best: 18 reasons why our mothers are the best women

Hello, our readers. As adults, we probably rarely tell our mothers why we think they are special. We rarely think that my mother is the best. Rather, on the contrary, we are offended by their advice, requests, and warnings. From the moment you were born until today, there is one person who has completely invested his life in your happiness – this is your mother and this story is about her.

She entertained her little one by playing with you when you were little. Mom took her to kindergarten, and the first one ran to pick up her first-grader from school. Today she is also ready to give all of herself without a trace so that her adult children would be well. Think about who will do things for you without any benefit to themselves? Where can one find such a selfless, truly kind woman?

The purpose of this article is to remind everyone of our mothers. Think about it, asking yourself: what does my mother mean to me? Why do I think it’s the best? So that she receives gratitude from her son, daughter, not only on mother’s day or because the child received the task of writing an essay, but every day, all the time.

18 reasons why my mom is the best

You can always count on your mom.

When you need to talk about serious things with your father: problems, shopping, bad grades, a falling apart marriage, then who do you look for / look for support? From the mother, who takes the entire burden of such a conversation with her father upon herself. The mother takes your side, softening the anger of the father. Do you need advice, who do you call? A mother who always listens without judgment. (You’ll love 16 Reasons Why We Think Our Dad’s the Best Dad.)

She is your biggest fan.

The mother is ready to “fight” with the whole world, proving that her child is the best student, athlete, worker. When you are insecure, who convinces you the most that everything will work out? Who has not missed any of your competitions, musical performances? We bet it’s your mom.

Mom is my best friend.

Mommy will feel the problems of her children with her heart. He won’t sleep at night, as long as you feel good. And to whom can you tell everything that is in your heart? To her, dear, she will understand everything, she will never leave, she will not leave her child. When it is difficult for you, she is the first to come running to the rescue, putting your interests, problems in her heart. At the same time, he knows how to discipline his child, when necessary, he will not watch you “drown”.

Cheerful disposition.

Mother is always joking with you. Daughters can remember how with their mother, like two classmates-girlfriends, they constantly giggled at the boys from the class; over funny behavior of the father, comedies on TV. When you are sad, her “jokes” always cheer you up. And the sons were never bored with a mother who found how to cheer up their sullen faces.

Mom is a great cook.

Regardless of the son/daughter, the mother taught everyone how to cook their food. She said: “In life, you need to be able to do everything.” I still feel the taste of my mother’s pies in my mouth. Even classmates have always been “freeloaders” on her pies. Mom’s dishes today are the taste of your childhood.

Mother’s hands.

Tell me what they couldn’t do? They worked all day long: they roasted, steamed, sewed, cleaned, and in the evening they helped you. Tears, pain, as if by hand, were removed as soon as her hands touched the wound or treated the sore spot. And when mom strokes her head with her hand and says everything will pass, then the mood will rise. Warmth, tenderness, kindness always emanated from mother’s hands.

And how many bags did the mother bring with these hands from the market, shop, or returning from the city? Sometimes my brother and I were surprised: how can you bring so much with two hands? Remember your mother’s hands?

The main thing for her is family.

Who was ready to quit his job to rush to his student son as soon as he found out that he was ill? Who saved the family when everything was against her (her husband did not always go well)? She always said: “Everything will be endured, the main thing is that the children will have a father.” Who changed the father? Who denied themselves a lot, often working for “two” to buy a wall, a typewriter for the house, while taking care of their children, husband, elderly parents? Who continued to work at home after work: cooking, washing, darning, helping with homework? These are our mothers!

Always been interested in you.

Calls, always interested in your life. In my mother’s words, it’s not just curiosity, but a desire to find out if everything is “ok” with you. Try and say no. Mother tomorrow will be at your doorstep: she will come running, she will fly, she will come, wanting to help her baby. She wanted and always wants to know how your studies, work, family, life, not out of simple curiosity, but to provide timely assistance, if necessary.

Mother is attentive to your affairs.

The mother carefully monitors your affairs, while avoiding putting pressure on you. Never felt pressure from her on your pride. You are sure: mom always keeps her finger on the pulse, always follows your affairs with one eye. Just to make sure everything’s okay, okay with you.

Good adviser.

Who gave you wise advice: who to be friends with, meet, what profession to choose? From whom did you receive advice before going to college, university, before a disco? And to whom did they “cry” (especially girls) about their grief after breaking up with a guy in the hope of hearing a parting word? It was Mommy!

Mom puts up with your mistakes.

Mother allows you to go through grief, to lose face sometimes. It is hard for her to look at the mistakes made by you. Although he understands: you had to make them to gain experience, to learn something. My mother and my brother are always there at the right moment to help us get up and get back on our feet after a “fall”, which is why our mother was and is the best for us. We inevitably made mistakes, and the mother was always there too, “like an eagle, cover her eagles with her wings.”

Everyone loves her.

Friends, acquaintances, relatives always send greeting cards for all celebrations. People speak well of her, respect, appreciate them. Your friends always agree to go on vacation with her at the resort when you take her with you (we are talking without exaggeration). And when all the former mother’s students (our mother is a teacher) come to the anniversary, call, warmly congratulate after so many years: isn’t this proof that my mother is the best?

Mother is a strong woman.

How many hardships you have endured. Just think what the mothers had to go through? Wars, death of children, husbands, various crises, often disrespect or indifference of people around. Problems within the family: dysfunctional marriages, divorces, construction, repairs for decades. At the same time, mothers still try to remain cheerful, kind. I wonder where so much power comes from? Who could do it like our mothers? This is their strength!

You cannot be angry with your mother for long.

Sometimes mothers can drive us crazy with their simplicity or naivety. But our love for them does not decrease. Mothers believe every word of their children or skillfully show that they believe. When we say: “Mom, it’s necessary”, he believes that it is necessary. Whether he understands or not, he believes.

Mothers helped us become human beings.

Who instilled moral, moral norms and principles from childhood, patiently instilling in you: “The main thing is to remain human.” It is difficult to separate mothers from their parting words, for example, about behavior at a party. Now you understand that mothers then laid in us who we are today.

Who stayed up at night when you were sick and cried when you had surgery in the hospital? At night, at home, I straightened the blanket that you threw off in a dream. Remember, in winter, as a child, I adjusted my scarf, hat and always looked to see if there were mittens in my pocket. When the children hit painfully, made abrasions, the mother, pitying and gently kissing, said: “Give me a kiss to the wound.” The pain was taken away as a hand. Who brought trunks of food to the student, gave the daughter/son extra “money” from the stash, so that the father did not know? THIS IS OUR MOM’S!

The best listener.

To whom the children quickly tell about their problems if not to their beloved mother, being sure, the mother will listen. They always run to their mother first, telling about all the misadventures that they have done. Whether she liked it or not, she listened to everything. We have matured, become men, but we are sure that the mother is ready and open to listen to us at any moment. Will never tell you when you call, at 3.00 in the morning to speak out: “Did you look at the clock, what time is it now? Let’s continue in the morning.” Mother will listen to your words with her heart. Learn how to communicate with children?

Mom is our ideal woman.

To the question: “Who is your ideal?” Your answer: “My beloved mother!”

My story: relationship with my mother

A little background showing why my brother and I wanted to write this article. Recently, my colleague’s mother died, after which I caught myself thinking: we often remember the peculiarity, exclusivity of our mothers when we lose them. A similar thing happened to my colleague. It made me think about my mother and my brother. Why do we consider her special, the best mother for us, although sometimes we offended her?

Imagine a situation: a mother comes from a village to a student in a city 200 km away. He is ashamed to see her because she is different from the mothers of his fellow students. Simple clothes, no make-up, hardened hands (rustic, rough, calloused from hard work). Compared to the mothers of his fellow students, she is simple, maybe even nondescript. This strains the student, he is ashamed in front of fellow students. His first phrase with which he met his mother:

“Why did you come, and that you couldn’t even put on makeup”

“Son, I brought you food, I brought you money, I wanted to see you,” says the mother.

“I could pass it on to someone, it’s not necessary to come myself,” was the answer of the student, who tried to escort his mother back to the village as quickly as possible.

It’s been about 10 years. The student became a man, had a family. One day, walking from a military hospital with his mother, he was surprised by her question: “Son, are you not ashamed to go with me?”

He reassured her, explaining that no. She is his mother, shame on him. And then he was “stunned” by her further words: “And once it was a shame. I remember how I came to you, a student, and you kicked me out. I wanted my speedy departure so that other students would not see me. I understood everything then. When I was driving home from you, I cried so bitterly. I was in so much pain.”

Then this man understood: all these years the mother lived with this pain. It took him 10 years to realize the pain he caused his mother. Understand: there is no better mother in the world than she is. This is a non-fictional and unsentimental story. That student was me!!!

Almost 16 years have passed since that conversation. I remember it verbatim. Therefore, I decided to write an article about the best mothers. Wishing to encourage every reader to think about his mother. Whether the darling is alive or dead, she was the best for him. And don’t be ashamed of your mothers! This is the story about my mother.

Finishing touch

You can find a lot more small details, touches that relate specifically to your mother. Think, find, describe, share your thoughts, because mom is one of the closest, dearest people to you!

Feel free to tell others about it. Call her, write and say: “THANK YOU MOM, I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!” Don’t wait 25 years to realize how much she is dear to you to be willing to write about her.