My Ex Wants Me Back

When ending a relationship with a sentimental partner, different decisions can be made regarding how it ends. There are those who decide to keep their ex-partner as a friend, or who decide that they are going to maintain a cordial relationship but that’s it – to congratulate themselves on birthdays, Christmas and little else – or who prefers to cut off all contact with the other person. Even so, the bond established between the two has been strong and, at times, depending on what acts the other person has with you, you may have doubts or be confused. How do you know if your ex wants you back? In this Bigmatrimonial article we are going to try to explain how to realize that your ex wants me back with 15 signs.

Find excuses to talk to you

Any event is good to open up and start a conversation. You detect that the conversations do not need to be deep, it is simply a reminder that he exists and that he does not want to be forgotten.

  • For example: “Today on the bus there was a girl with the same shirt as you.”

Remember your relationship

If your ex writes to you, but also takes advantage of certain moments to remember everything that was going well in your relationship and events that made you happy, it is most likely that he is indicating that he misses those plans with you.

  • Example: “Today I went to that beach that we always went to, do you remember when we did that route in a kayak and we got lost, what an adventure eh.”

Asks you for advice

You detect that your ex partner asks you for advice just as when he was in the relationship, far from taking distance, he continues to seek your criteria and value your word for any important decision. You see that she continues to count on you for her life plans. Chances are, if you continue to take your opinion into account when making decisions, your ex wants to get back with you or does not want to end the relationship. Even so, as already said at the beginning, it is also good to assess how you decided to end the relationship.

Mention that he misses you

A very unequivocal sign that your ex wants to get back with you is the fact of mentioning that he misses you and misses all the moments together.

Assume mistakes

Perhaps in the past you had argued about things that bothered you about each other and, furthermore, this is one of the reasons why you decided to take separate paths. Well, now that you are not together, what was so unhinged about the other has disappeared, has decided to change and, in addition, is trying to teach you. It is a way of proving that he was wrong and accepting that you could have negotiated certain aspects of the relationship.

My Ex Wants Me Back

He writes you to know how you are

At this point you must assess how you have ended the relationship and the chords you have reached. When someone decides to end all kinds of contact with the ex-partner even after a while, it may be that, when she writes you, she is indicating that the time she needed to distance herself from you has already passed and now she is ready Even so, if the decision made was not to have contact, writing to you may be a sign of wanting an approach with you or that perhaps the decision made is not the one he wanted and he wants to resume the relationship .

Is receptive

You detect that your ex partner is very willing to collaborate with anything you need, if in a conversation you explain a problem that has arisen, he immediately displays a window of solutions to help you.

Talk about yourself to third parties

Depending on the time you have been together or together, it is likely that he has introduced you to people around him and, even, that now some of them have become part of your circle of friends. Well, “a little bird” has told you that your ex partner is constantly talking about you and you can tell that he still has feelings.

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Not everyone around you knows your breakup

It is true that each person needs their time to assimilate the losses and to be able to count their pain. Sometimes, one of the things that humans do when faced with losses and, above all, in the first moments, is denial. One way to deny what happened is by not telling what happened with the idea that “if I don’t tell it, it doesn’t exist.” Well, if your circle doesn’t know, it may be that you are clinging to some kind of hope of getting back what you had. You may find it difficult to cope with the breakup or you may want to try again.

Message in the wee hours of the morning

Who has not gotten up one morning and has found a message from his ex-partner -with signs of drunkenness- saying certain things that were hidden but that the effect of the night has revealed. That may be a sign that unconsciously the first person that comes to mind is you.

Updates from your love life

Perhaps your ex-partner has tried to rebuild his life after your breakup, and it was at that moment that he realized that who he really wants to be with is you. That’s when he explains that yes, that he has tried to regain the illusion with other people, but that he has realized that he ended up comparing everyone with you, and that that can only mean one thing: that he continues to feel something for you.

He proposes to see you

You talk often and you detect that he is looking for the slightest excuse for you to meet him/ her. Mention that he wants to see you and hear from you.

Recall appointments

Apart from proposing to stay, you see that, on some occasion, when you have stayed, he has taken you to places that are significant for you, the restaurant of your first date, the place where he asked you to go out, etc. This is another of the signs to take into account and that surely indicate that your ex wants to resume the relationship with you.

Feedback from conversations

It is important to pay attention to whether the other person is giving value to your conversations, perhaps he speaks to you as if nothing else because he really considers you a friend or a friend in his life, despite everything he has lived and depending on how you have agreed to end, But if the person has an interest in getting back with you, they will put a lot of emphasis on remarking that they feel very comfortable, that they want to and like to talk to you.

It shows detail

When someone makes the effort to want to return in the life of the other person, you notice that they are very detailed. For example: when you meet he has brought you that chocolate bar that you liked so much. That is a small detail that can hide behind several feelings and a way of saying “I still care about you” and “I still consider you” without words. These details are another of the signs that your ex probably wants to get back with you.

This article is merely informative, in bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.