My Best Friend Is in Love With Me

Do you suspect that your best friend begins to have feelings towards you? If the question “How do I know if my friend is in love with me?” Often round your head, don’t turn it over! Pay attention to these 24 classic signs of falling in love with friends and get out of doubt today.

My Best Friend Fell In Love With Me

1. It searches you all the time for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram …

It is normal for best friends to talk a lot about messaging. So this does not necessarily mean that they like each other.

But if you notice that literally any pretext is good to write to you, from sharing twenty memes a day with you until you say good night before going to sleep … in reality, you are facing a signal that you should not ignore.

Pay attention to the type of messages that you send: if you also take time to write kilometer ideas telling you your day or giving you your point of view about something, or send texts that can be interpreted in various ways, you are almost certainly feeling more than a simple friendship

my best friend Is in love with me

2. It is fixed more than usual when he goes out with you

Men are much more practical with their personal arrangement than women.

For them, just take a shower, put some gel on the hair and a clean shirt. It doesn’t even bother them to wear the same pants for several days and they don’t get overwhelmed in the least if they didn’t have time to shave.

But if you notice that suddenly your friend begins to pay more attention to these details when he goes out with you, you look more arranged, you perceive that he put on a cologne and his shirt is even ironed, it is because lately he cares more than ever to give you a good impression.

There are several reasons that can lead a man to settle more and do not necessarily have to do with you. But if it’s a pattern that only seems to repeat in your presence, you can be sure: it likes you.

3. He looks at you all the time, especially when he thinks you don’t realize

Have you noticed that he frequently looks at you and looks away when you discover it, pretending nothing happened? That is one of the clearest signs that he likes you.

If I was just looking at you by chance, I would not feel driven to look away, but would greet you naturally as if nothing. On the other hand, as he is seeing you with romantic intentions, he knows that his gaze would give him away and that is why he tries not to realize it.

4. Try to make you laugh all the time

Over time, you and your friend have been knowing each other’s sense of humor, and most likely they have even built a mutual mood full of private jokes and local jokes. It is natural to be one of the people who make you laugh the most in this world.

But … pay attention! Do you notice that lately he tries to make you laugh at all times? Do you feel that strives to make jokes and jokes increasingly fun for you? Do you risk making a fool of yourself in front of other people as long as you laugh?

If in addition to all this you detect a huge smile of satisfaction on his face when he achieves his goal, it is clear that he is trying to reach your heart through laughter.

my best friend Is in love with me

5. Avoid you when you are with your friends or family

Do not you explain why your friend moves away from you when his friends or family are close, but when they are alone or among strangers he returns to pay attention and approach you?

The fact that he moderates his relationship with you in public may be because he tries to hide his love for you in front of people who know him well and who could realize immediately: he wants to prevent them from realizing it and putting it in evidence.

6. He is always investigating your love life

In general, men are not very interested in the love past of their friends. The reality is that they prefer to talk about topics that are more interesting and fun.

But when a friend likes them for “something else,” their love past becomes a relevant issue because it gives them valuable clues as to the type of couples they usually are with, which gives them conquest tools.

You probably want to know what you liked the most and what you disliked from previous partners, and try to imitate those virtues, as well as to make it clear that it does not have the same defects as your ex-partners.

7. Start imitating your tastes, points of view and even your movements

A psychological phenomenon widely studied by scientists is the “mirror effect.” It is a behavioral inclination that leads us to imitate another person when we begin to feel attraction for her.

This phenomenon can manifest itself in many ways. The most obvious and immediate is that you begin to imitate your movements and your body language unconsciously.

However, you can also notice the mirror effect in his speech; If you suddenly start using the same muffins and phrases that characterize you, it is because you are looking for ways to establish more and more affinity with you.

8. Always try to learn new things

Interestingly, when someone attracts us emotionally, we become something like little children who are eager to show and share their toys with their new favorite person.

If you realize that he wants to get you involved with everything he likes and interests you, whether it’s a sport he plays or a genre of literature, that may be because he wants to draw you into his world so they have more things in common.

9. He likes to surprise you with details

One of the clearest signs that your best friend likes you is that he gradually begins to take attitudes that would be more typical of a boyfriend.

So you may be surprised with small details that you know you will like, such as arriving with a candy, a book or with a simple musical recommendation that cheers your afternoon.

It is normal for friends to pay attention to each other, but if you notice that whenever they see each other try to give you a gift, it is very likely that he is trying to woo you.

10. It is always available to you

A good friend will always try to make space in your agenda for you, especially when you need help or support from some class.

But a friend who is basically in love with you, will be able to move or cancel any important commitment simply if the possibility arises to see you for a while, without any particular reason.

Realize: if you are his priority and prefer to be with you above anything else, he is falling in love.

11. He talks a lot about you to his friends

If you notice that your other friends already know a lot of things about you, as if they had known you for a lifetime, it is because your best friend spends it talking about “that special friend,” that is … you.

And we all know what it really means to talk all the time about the same person. It is even likely that they will receive you with jokes like “little guy has talked a lot about you” or “you are already famous in the group of friends”.

12. Always has an opinion and a positive image of you

Do you swear and perjure yourself that you look beautiful even when you are disheveled and with your makeup done? Do you minimize the mistakes you make all the time? Are you beautiful for him even when you feel uglier?

It is quite normal for friends to encourage each other, but also that they can tell each other honestly when something does not favor them or when they made a mistake.

However, if your best friend is in love with you, you will surely find it absolutely beautiful and perfect no matter how you really look or what you do wrong.

13. Progressively becomes more shy with you

Before they talked about everything with ease, they had a lot of confidence and even passed lines of personal space with each other without any problem or discomfort. But now … it seems scary to touch you or say something that bothers you.

Does it sound familiar to you? When we like a person, we become very aware of everything we do and say, because it is a way of “controlling” the image we give to the other and the feelings we provoke in him.

Obviously, if he suddenly begins to give a lot of importance to the way you will react if he hugs you or tells you something sensitive, he will have many more difficulties to do it in the usual spontaneous and natural way.

14. Your problems are taken personal

Does your friend get upset or become genuinely anxious whenever you go through some difficulty, as much as if it was happening to him? Do you feel you have the responsibility to fix all your problems? Does it give excessive importance to everything that happens to you?

One thing is that friends care about us and another is that we turn their lives into the center of our existence. When that happens, it is almost always because there is a crush or obsession involved.

15. Try to win over your friends and family

A man in love knows that one of the most direct shortcuts to your heart is the good opinion that your family and your friends have about him. So he will make an extra effort to remember their names, their tastes and to have details to like them.

You can, for example, invite a round of drinks to your friends or come to visit you with some cookies for your mom.

16. All your jokes (and practically everything you say) seems funny

It’s typical: you’re telling your friend that you didn’t find the toothpaste you like in the supermarket and he laughs like it’s a joke.

But it is not that he is not paying attention to you or thinks that everything you say is a joke: he is unconsciously occupying laughter to bond with you.

Remember we said that a friend who likes you will always try to make you laugh? Well, in the same way you will always be able to laugh or react in some other positive way to everything you say or do.

17. Unnecessary physical contact

Friends have no empathy in hugging or squeezing their shoulders affectionately when necessary or if the occasion warrants; for example, when they greet each other, say goodbye, provide emotional support or are compliments.

But, if you look, it’s not all the time. On the other hand, a friend who is in love with you will want to touch you under any pretext, almost as if he were your boyfriend, only for obvious reasons he does not kiss you on the mouth or venture into “forbidden” areas.

18. He becomes jealous and competitive

It is super obvious when your boyfriend is jealous, because when he is jealous he will probably tell you or show you directly.

But if your best friend goes through that, he will obviously not feel the right to claim you or want to remain in evidence, so his jealousy will be more subtle and difficult to detect. Maybe I’ll mask them behind pretexts like that other boy doesn’t suit you or isn’t a good person.

Pay attention to identify if it causes any discomfort that you talk about other friends or suitors, even if you try to show off or show that he is better when they are with other men.

19. Try to make it clear to others that your relationship is “special”

Have you noticed that he does not simply and simply introduce you as “his friend”? Moreover, you may shy away from using that term. This is because he doesn’t want you to think that you are “a friend and nothing more.”

Probably, make many comments about how your relationship is unique to him (and also to you). If you ask your other friends, they will tell you – without a doubt – that you have a special place in your heart or that it takes with you in a “different” way.

20. Try to make yourself jealous

If you see that your friend tries to flirt with other kids only when you are present, and loses interest when you leave, just try to see how you react. If you get jealous, that could mean you like it too and have a chance with you.

Another of their strategies could be to talk about their links or even invent them. All this also makes it more important and that you see him as someone more attractive.

21. Comments on “being a couple”

When the relationship with your best friend begins to get more intimate, trust increases and they spend more time together.

It is common that comments of the type “even look like boyfriends” or that he begins to make jokes to grope ground. He wants to see how you react to the idea that you two end up as a couple.

22. Always notice when something happens to you

It’s normal for your best friend to always notice when something happens to you and you’re trying to hide it, but men tend to be less observant.

So if you notice that your best friend also has that super power to guess (without fail) when you are angry or sad, it may be because you pay much more attention than the rest of the people. It’s hard to hide our feelings from someone who cares too much.

23. Look for excuses to spend time alone

We know that your best friend invites you everywhere, but … do they tend to be exits where only you two are? Casually always get two tickets for the movie you want to watch or for the concert of your favorite band?

Do not believe that this is a coincidence. He knows that the intimacy he wants between them will hardly arise, if there are more people around.

24. It becomes irritable

Finally, if your best friend is falling in love with you, that means he looks forward to seeing you, that he has high expectations and that everything that has to do with you affects him a lot.

Therefore, it is normal to be especially irritable, without apparent justification, when you arrive a little late, you reject an invitation or talk about other people. It is not that it is a moody or a complainer: it is that he likes you and does not know how to tell you.

You can be in doubt or you can go blind, but undoubtedly: if your best friend does some of these things, believe me, he is in love with you.

You already have all the signs you need to be able to answer the question: how do you know if my best friend is in love with me? Now you just have to be an observer and decide if you are going to reciprocate the feeling, or not.

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