Most Touching Love Messages

There are a huge list of most touching love messages for you and your loved ones.

1. My love … Too bad there is a distance between us. But we will overcome it, my love! I write this letter, knowing that everything is sincere and beautiful. Everything is dedicated only to you, my extraordinary dream. Yes, by the way, about a dream … Darling, I really want to dream of you every night! I want to fall asleep next door and wake up … With you. I’m sorry, but I want it so bad.

2. Without you, I am a drop of dew, a rain of glass, a grain of sand on the coast … Be with me, my angel! I can give you supernatural happiness. I only need one chance to implement such a plan. My dear, if someone asks me, otherwise I can’t even live one day, I will answer – without air. But my air is you. I just need you.

3. You will understand that I am not lying if we are together. I need you … More than air. You are my life. Because I love you madly. Anyone who has fallen in love with the Internet will be able to understand me. I’m waiting for you my rabbit. You call me that too … And I’m so happy, so good. I am your sunny bunny who keeps you and loves you.

4. My darling, you are my luck and a lively joy for me, you give me inspiration and hope, with you I feel like an incredibly happy person. Always stay the same, beautiful and wonderful, funny and beautiful, unique and my favorite. I love you very much and I admire each of your movements, each look, each smile.

A long message of sincere love

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5. The only way to fully express all of your feelings is to write a long message of love. This type of message differs from short love sms by the depth of their meaning.

6. To write a beautiful love word that is long, you have to organize your thoughts and be inspired by the most beautiful things on the planet.

Here you can find templates of long love messages to reuse them to charm your lovers.

7. My beloved, my desired, my unique and unusual, you are the most wonderful and the most excellent, like the bright light of the sun during the day and the intoxicating shimmer of the moon at night. I want you to always remain as charming, beautiful, happy and loved by everyone. I love you so much, and with all my heart I wish you to be happy forever!

8. My beloved, you are for me an ocean raging with passion, you are for me an indestructible rock of strength and will, you are for me a dream wind, a rain of hope, you are for me a radiant sunshine of happiness, you are for me the Universe, and more. Thank you for your passion and your love, for your warm smile and your soft hugs. I love you so much.

9. My beloved, you are a lioness who gives her lion the feeling of being a real king. And this king will do everything to make you happiest. My beloved, without you I cannot imagine my life, it is only with you that I can move forward, fight to succeed, dream of the most important things and just believe in myself. My beautiful, unique, I love you so much that I’m ready for you, for your happiness, literally anything.

10. My beloved, you are my muse when I am a poet, you are my oasis when I am wandering in the desert, you are my energy, when I am depressed by fatigue, you are my light when night falls on the world , you are my sun, when there are clouds in the sky, you are the most important and the most significant thing of this life for me, I love you.

The magnificent messages of love for him and for her

We have gathered a long list of most touching love messages for you to send it to your loved ones.

Love message for a man, just like a love message for a woman, is not more or less sincere, cute or beautiful. Love messages must be beautiful for everyone, because everyone wants to love and be loved and above all freely express their feelings.

A long message of love for his breathtaking girlfriend is the best thing you can do tonight with the examples that follow.

Love messages for him

Most Touching Love Messages

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11. I want you to feel like the happiest man on the planet next to me, so that my love fills you with strength, courage and inspiration.

12. You are my beloved man, my hero, my hope, my support and, when you are near me, the world turns into a real fairy tale and my life becomes incredible and bright.

13. I love you and I am ready to fly with you to the stars or to run to the edge of the Earth.

14. I’m always used to relying only on myself, to be strong and independent. But with you I could allow myself to be weak.

15. You know, it’s great when such a confident, determined and flexible man is with me. You rediscovered the world by filling it with a new meaning.

16. I am completely devoted to you and I love it. I like to dive into the kingdom of Morpheus and meet a new day with you, prepare your breakfast and dinner, talk about everything that is going on in the world.

17. Thank you my incredible. You have given me a new world in which love and reliability reign. I love you, I give you my heart and my soul.

18. I am very happy that such a sunny and incredible man like you has appeared in my life. I am completely at ease with you, you inspire me, make me forget the evil.

19. You are all the positive emotions that I would only like to experience. You are the magic I almost stopped believing in. I love you, you are my personal reason for a good start to the day.

20. And you know, I often think about my future and, confident, I can say that without you, this simply does not exist. All thoughts are on you.

21. It will probably sound cheesy, since any girl dreams of such a thing, but I want to grow old with you. I only dream that in old age, we would also be reckless, funny and unusual.

22. In old age, I don’t really want to take a nice walk in the park, holding you by the arm. I want to drive a scooter in the same park, which I will first borrow from my grandson or my granddaughter. And I know it will, because fate has brought two like-minded people together.

Love messages for her

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My beautiful and unique, the most wonderful girl, I love you deeply, gently and passionately and I will never give you to anyone.

23. I will always be your protection and your support, you will always go my angel and my impeccable happiness.

24. Sweet, beautiful, incredible, you are tender, like an angel, you are ravishing, like a queen, you are unequaled, like the most exotic flower. I love you.

25. In moments of joy, you multiply my enthusiasm, in minutes of sadness give me strength and confidence, you are a wonderful person, a charming girl, and I can safely say that you are my happiness, my love.

26. My bright hope, my sweet dream and my joyful reality, my darling, I love you very much and cherish each moment and each minute spent next to you, for me you are my own world, filled with happiness, love, dream and desire.

27. My beloved, my beautiful flower, my angel and my star, you are like a clear light brighter than the moon and the sun, you inspire me and you give incredible happiness, you are my ocean of desires and the waterfall hopes.

28. My beloved, my light and my twilight, my fifth element and my luck, my joy and my languor, my breath and my soul. I love you deeply and I need you every second.

29. You are a girl of incredible beauty, sincere kindness, a charming smile, a sensitive heart, a rich inner world and perfection in everything.

30. I love you very much and I want the whole world to know because I was very lucky with you. You make me happy and I’m ready for anything for you, my love.

31. My soul, you are a fairy tale of my life, my joy and my luck, my inspiration and my happiness! I love you very much and I will always strive to make you happy, and our love is reliable and strong.

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