Most Romantic Poems For Her Him

Poems have always been one of the most effective forms of expression to conquer someone you love. If you have a partner to whom you want to express your affection or want to do it with someone very special, who has not yet realized your feelings, perhaps some of the romantic poems that we have brought today for you, can help you to get it. Each of them is 100% original and we want you to use them to make those who are important to you happy. We hope you enjoy them to the fullest and, of course, that they are of great use to you.

Between the doubt and the heart

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I saw you pass once in the distance and without wanting to imagine it

were your hands around my heartbeat

that fiercely burned with passion and desire

just to lavish you with some of the love that they felt for you

Well, you managed to touch the deepest side of my feelings.

What have you done to my senses and my reason?

I can’t find any reason to help me get over your memory

your eyes haunt me in each of my dreams

in each of the words that I hear in the wind

Well, so much is my desire to get just one of your kisses.

Your gaze is like a glimmer of the ethereal sky

that sneaks through the windows of my soul

you’ve always had power over me and my thoughts

as time passed your memory returned with more force

And it faded between my hands like sand between my fingers.

I will never find sweeter pleasure than to lose myself in your pupils

nor torture more desired than the touch of your skin

I move lost in a labyrinth of shadows and desires

while my steps wander without finding their way

caught between doubt and heart.

I imagined finding you

I imagined finding you in a place built of dreams

while the breeze gently moved your hair

and the sun’s rays put color on your cheeks

that awaited the caress of my hand, patients

beautiful as the sensation of a flower in midsummer.

I imagined finding you when the sunset descended on us

and the night would extend its hand full of stars above our heads

if the water let out a nearby murmur and descended on the stream

I would go to meet him to look at me in the backwater

and find the deep color of the reflection of your gaze, clearer than ever.

I imagined finding you on a path full of rose bushes

that maybe they hurt me with their thorns and gave me their flowers

while a moonbeam came to illuminate the most beautiful of my thoughts

because you were always present to inspire him

your aroma flooding each of my senses and my emotions.

I imagined finding you even in my last breath

Well, I always had the certainty that this feeling would accompany me to death

if it was necessary and he wanted to do it, oh how he wanted it!

Loving you slowly and making it last beyond time

as a legacy that made the stars fall from the sky.

I imagined finding you when I was hopeless

in the arid desert that was my heart

Before your arrival, the corners were empty

you made something more immense than my reason sprout up in me

You are everything that I dream of and everything that is part of my heart.

If the night awaits us

What else can we doubt, if the stars are not waiting?

Leaving your fears behind is my only ambition

I would love even the smallest detail of your person

with all your flaws and your fledgling virtues

without waiting for any moment, because the night awaits us.

Everything about you reminds me of the oldest of my dreams

I moved slowly, feeling how autumn welcomed me

your eyes looked at me and I felt my heart swell with joy

you awaken so many things in me at the same time

You cause such a subtle feeling to be born inside me.

I don’t want to lose you when dawn breaks on the horizon

if the words of love are eternal

Why shouldn’t the hours be too?

The warmth of your arms and the taste of your lips

It’s all I need to feel life come back to me

Maybe in a distant time, we can meet permanently

and our paths never have to part

you will continue to live in my memory with each of your gestures

because there is nothing greater that can fight the fire that burns in my heart

resplendent and scorching, if the night awaits us,

My life without you

I could never conceive of my life without you

because your eyes are the light that guides my path

and your voice the sound that enlightens my soul,

I will never find another reason to live for

if I lack your arms around me.

I dreamed once that you were leaving

and plunged into the deepest darkness

my dreams turned to dust

and the spring that reigned in my heart was fading

freezing it completely.

I could never imagine my life without you

would be the same again

Well, you are the only reason that drives my emotions

the only destiny that I can find

at the end of each of my wishes.

The seconds are the sweetest torture by your side

because they slip away like the most valuable treasure

and at the same time, they give me the most beautiful memory

that could last in the depths of this heart

still despite the years.

So I could never bear life without you

because every step would be a regret

always looking for the warmth of your attentions

from the warmth of your mouth

and the comfort of your hands.

To love you

You are a breeze, you are summer, and the heat of the sun’s rays

you are the light that escapes from the stars

and is collected by the waters of the sea and the reflection of the ocean

You are the only proof that I don’t need any reason

No reason to love you the way I do

You are the song of the birds on a clear morning

and the scent of dew-covered flowers

the echo of my heartbeat echoing within the walls of my chest

with every second that passes within the influence of your gaze

Well, a single encounter with your pupils is enough for me to love you.

You are my only desire and at the same time my greatest curse

my sentence is to follow you over time

Well, I am sure that this feeling

will not fade with the centuries

because I don’t need to measure the minutes to love you either.

You are the engine that drives my dreams and my greatest desires

the song that raises even the most hidden of my thoughts

the reason for my existence with every one of your movements

the peace that surrounds and guides all my steps

Well, no way can deny me reasons to love you.

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