Modern, delicious and personalized wedding cakes

Modern and simple wedding cakes

Are you looking for the ideal cake for your civil wedding or for your party? Find here the best options of modern wedding cakes for guests to delight in your wedding. You need to take the time to choose between the different styles.

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The wedding cake is a key element to make the party a perfect celebration. Decide if your wedding cake is simple and elegant or the most sophisticated. The format can be round or square, single or multi-story. The important thing is that the bride and groom feel satisfied with the flavors and decoration that they both dreamed of. We want it to be an original wedding cake and combining styles to give it personality.

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Latest trend wedding cakes: Succulents

Spectacular trend of cakes decorated with cacti and succulents. It can be a small bouquet of real plants or edible imitations made with sugar or fondant. They serve as a complement to the cake. Elegant and fashionable on rectangular, round cakes or the style you prefer. They always look great. Marriage is an excellent time to promote a culture that is friendly to nature and the environment. Ideal for eco-friendly couples.

Uncoated wedding cake with plain cake: Naked cake

It is a cake where the layers of sponge cake are visible. The cake is not covered with Marzipan or Fondant. It is very nice if the filling is red fruit.

simple wedding cakes

They are used in daytime and outdoor weddings. Particularly adaptable for an eco-themed wedding or a rustic-style wedding. There are many questions we ask ourselves before thinking about our ideal cake.

  • Large and compact or individual cakes
  • Staggered or compact
  • With or without bands for the ring
  • Glaseada o naked
  • Biscuit or fruit

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Cake with sponge cake in sight, nacked cake

Wedding cake:

This cake is shaded in various colors. They usually go from a light color to a darker one. The gradient style is a trend used in the decoration of modern wedding cakes. Colors in the range of red, blue, pink or green are used, especially pastel tones.wedding toras

Wonderful cake with gradient decoration

Showy Wedding Cake: Black and White

I discovered the new fun trend for lovers of Black and White. Make the cake with these original designs. The creams on the cake with dark colors are novel. The black color marks luxury and sophistication. It is pretty with gold or silver powders as well as infusing glamor when viewing the wedding cake.

Cover the cake with fondant and make stripes in these two tones. Include a rich filling so that the flavor is exquisite as well as elegant.wedding cakes

black and white decorated wedding cakes

Wedding cake: Sea theme

For a beach wedding we can adapt the style of the cake by decorating it with starfish, fish and snails. You can decide to make it all white or use marine colors such as blue and sand yellow, combining beauty and tradition.

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Spectacular glitter wedding cake: Glitter cake

Include metallic glitter and silver or gold leaves in the decoration of the wedding cake. This gives a great look and finish to the wedding cake. In photos with good lighting it looks fantastic.

To make the Wedding Cake look special and exclusive include edible glitters. Buy fabulous toppings from specialized party favors to bring your wedding cake to life.wedding cake

wedding cake with glitter sparkles

Butterflies and colored edible wafers can be added and other objects that will inspire the master pastry chef.

simple wedding cakes

Cakes work of art as wedding cake: Hand painted

The cake can be a show in itself. It is wonderful to be inspired by the creativity of an artist. That the decoration has personality, that it be fun and magical at the same time. Use the same techniques as for making works of art but with edible materials. Simulating the texture of watercolor is ideal for decorating the cake.wedding cake

Artistic wedding cake

Wedding cake: For a beach wedding


Find something different for a beach wedding, where the sea and the landscape are the protagonists. Include ice cream flavors, jellies, and light cakes. A creation of different and more fruity flavors. Live the celebration and please the guests by replacing the traditional cake with lighter and more original tastes.

Elegant Wedding Cake: Ruffle cake

The texture simulating ruffles makes this wedding cake look elegant. It is easy to learn how to do the decoration yourself DIY (do it yourself). Make a buttercream mix to color with pastels like pink, seawater, and lilac. Take a flat nozzle and decorate in a zig zag upwards in the form of waves. It can also be easily covered with fondant.modern wedding cakes

White ruffe cake with rustic wooden base

Wedding Cake: Individual Cupcakes

Individual wedding cakes are a modern and ideal proposition for decorating a simple wedding. Many people take care of their figure and diet without depriving themselves of trying some delicious sweet, the cupcake is a mouthful unlike a large portion of cake. With the individual small cupcake-style cakes, build a tower to act as a wedding cake.

Prepare a spongy sponge cake base, pour it into the individual lasts and add different ingredients to each one. Chocolate chips, raisins and nuts, almonds or hazelnuts. Also garnish with powdered sugar in various colors to give a tantalizing look.

Wedding Cake: Original and funny dolls.

It is a trend to include a fun and personalized design on the wedding cake that marks the style of the bride and groom.

  • Pennants
  • Toys
  • Cartoons about hobbies

You can also symbolize the couple with figures that they have pets or a baby.

Modern wedding cakes

The combination of elements in wedding cakes are in fashion. Different colors and flavors amalgamated. There are no limits to the creativity of the flavor combining chocolates, fruits and cheesecake. It is important to be clear and in mind what we are planning at our party before choosing the wedding cake.

Cake Toppers for Wedding Cakes:

The simple and original decoration of the wedding cakes can include a rustic, vintage and elegant classic style. Wonderful cake creations and models including:

  • Initials
  • Phrases

Toppers can be made of wood, hand-painted ceramic, or metal in various colors.

Look at a new way to decorate your wedding cake. Try one of the popular trends in our suggestion and your cake will be the hit of the party.

Simple wedding cakes

It is already the wedding season! You have to take the time to see something inspiring. For the guests, something simple and delicious will also be very good. The styles can be various with vertical or horizontal motifs.

Rustic wedding cakes

Will the taste of the wedding cake be as rich as it looks? The wedding cake is one of the great symbols of a wedding.

It is also the obligatory photo with the bride and groom on the wedding day. Therefore, tradition tells us that it is not only for eating but that it is also one of the most important ingredients in the atmosphere of the place.

The rustic shape of the cake can be:

  • Padding is visible from the sides
  • Let the guests know what flavor the cake is about because it is discovered.
  • Decorated with wild flowers from the meadow.
  • Simple with fruits or various creams.

Simple and original wedding cakes

The vintage theme has long been preferred by couples who have a certain nostalgia and romance. How about remembering yesterday on your wedding day? The adventure of creating a vintage candy table with tulle and objects steeped in history and bohemia. A cake with geometric figures and some decoration in the Art Deco style.

Wedding cakes What color should my wedding cake be?

Although combining many colors in the decoration of your party is very good, we advise you to limit the color of the cake to very few tones. Some traditional like white and ivory and others more daring like orange or bright blue.

There are few things that are looked at in a wedding cake:

  • Taste
  • Style

Much depends on whether the celebration is summer or winter. White fondant is used for artistic flower shower decorations. A manual detail

  • Original
  • Elegant
  • Refined

it will give a unique touch to your cake whether it is simple, simple with or without cream.

There are some colors that may appear less rich, even if they are.

marriage cake

Wedding cakes 2022

What is the trend in wedding cakes? The bakery for vegetarians continues to grow, say food experts. More and more young people are joining this trend.

Elle magazine presents a dessert table for a Vegan Wedding as we see in the photo. Because vegan options in all types of meals to sweeten the table are more every day. Will the taste of the cakes be as rich as it looks?vegan wedding dessert table

Photo: ellehoy.es Article on the dessert table of a vegan wedding

Simple wedding cakes

Both for the decoration and for the candy tables there are personalized themes. For those who have a passion for cooking sweets, there is designer bakery. The veggie population and dieters are growing every day. That is why you also have to consider the tastes of these types of guests.

Modern wedding cakes for a civil celebration

Decorating the civilian celebration wedding cake ourselves leaves us with a sense of extra satisfaction. It is our hands that personalize the decoration. Using powdered sugar, fudge whipped cream is easy to prepare. Lemon adds a touch of freshness to any dough.simple wedding cakes

Modern and easy to make wedding cakes for civil weddings at home

Wedding cakes with cream

For those who have a passion for cream, make a cake with a spongy dough of filled vanilla biscuit and with a semi-decorated buttercream decoration. Add flowers that may or may not be natural.

For something more informal, use a basic chocolate sponge cake filled and covered with whipped cream. Decorate with red berries that can be natural or frozen.

wedding cakes

If it is a fall or winter event, you can add chocolate rollers that look great for photos. The fashion is to use healthier and more natural elements to decorate modern wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes with flowers

To be more fun use flower arrangements created with dough.

simple wedding cakes

Simple and elegant wedding cakes, more tips

They should be easy to bake and cool cakes for hot days. Make yourself the cake with chocolate express and Nutella that can be easily frozen.

Your guests are sure to love its European taste of hazelnuts. Use seasonal fruits to avoid increasing costs and low-fat yogurt for those who take care of the line.wedding cake

Wedding cake lit up for the night

Accompany the cake with a table with small individual cakes. This will give the guests the chance to try more varieties. The flavors and colors depend on the style that the bride and groom want to give it.