Messages To Send To Future Partner After A Fight

Have you argued with your partner? Are you looking at your cell phone screen, frustrated, sad or angry without knowing if you should contact him? Don’t worry! I’ll share the best messages to send to future partner after a fight . Check them out and stop suffering for love!

Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend After A Fight

1. I love you (It seems very typical, but sometimes these two words express and mean much more than we can imagine. Besides, it never hurts to remember it).

2.  We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we believe that an imperfect person is the best for us.

3.  Today I still think you are the best chance of my life .

4. The hardest thing about being fought is feeling guilt and remorse. I’m sorry my love.

5. Perfection is something that does not exist, we are not perfect. I am not. I know that you are not either, but the real perfection is in accepting us as we are, with our mistakes. And I love you just the way you are.

6. In a kiss , you’ll know everything I’ve been silent.

7.  Among all people I would choose you a million times more.

8. We all make mistakes, we are human. The important thing is to know how to get out of them and keep in mind that next time I will try to do better … But always by your side.

9. I can’t keep the bad. I can not. Every day I remember the moments we have spent together and then the discussions we may have do not matter to me. I just want to start from scratch and try it as many times as necessary. But with you.

10. Only we both know the lack we have.

11. Many times we make decisions that may be wrong, but time and calm helps us realize our mistakes. The second opportunities are to learn from them and do better. Do we give it to each other?

12. I know that sometimes we can not agree and that makes fights arise but despite everything I am clear that I do not care. I care about you.

13. My life changed for the better when I met you and no fight can change that. In fact, I am sure that each of them will help us to continue growing together.

14. It’s not bad that sometimes we think differently. Let’s stay together looking to the future together and learn from it.

15. I never want to feel that distance between us again even if we are next. I do not like. I want you close, even in the discussions. I want you by my side. I love you.

16. A day without you is like a thousand years in hell. You do not know how much I miss you.

17. I don’t like fighting with anyone, much less with you. I don’t like being like this. I love you and, although you already know it, I’m sorry.

18. After a great discussion… Touch a beautiful reconciliation 🙂

What to say after a fight can be very distressing because it is the first step to improve things and, like every first step, it usually causes a lot of concern.

Finding those right words is easy with the right approach.

messages to send to future partner after a fight

Even, it is likely that you will not only be able to reconcile but strengthen the relationship with your partner, even so, it is good to know the golden rules to keep you by your side for a long time.

Find out about the different types of messages to send to future partner after a fight , his purpose and usefulness.

Hold on to harmony and don’t let discord and pride take place in the emotional bond that unites them and advocates for a good relationship !

Show Him You Care

A couple is with you in good times, in bad times and in worse ones; so to show him that you still care, in those difficult moments, is a good start.

A message as simple as, for example, “How are you?”, May not seem like anything from the other world, but after a fight it is really useful and transcendental.

When we ask: How are you? o How do you feel ?, are questions that indicate how much we care about someone.

These kinds of messages to send to future partner after a fight have double intent.

On the one hand it is the literal message as such and, on the other hand, it suggests the following: I care about you and that’s why I want to hear from you!

Apart from denoting something so important, the purpose of these messages is to create a response.

Remember: after a fight, any response is good.

In the same way you should avoid the awkward questions at that high point.

What you get back, most likely, will provide you with valuable information on what you have thought, how you feel, what matters to you, etc.

It is ideal to break the ice that may have formed after the fight and you must be very careful with the first contact. Act with emotional intelligence!

Compliments: Putting Out The Fire With Tenderness An Excellent Alternative Of Messages To Send To Future Partner After A Fight!

In most cases, after an argument, both parties have in mind what frustrates and annoys them of the other.

Having these negative thoughts can increase tension and delay the steps to reconcile after a fight .

Although it will be difficult to clear the mind and think about the qualities that fall in love with our partner after a fight, it is important to breathe and count to ten.

Try to think about those significant things to be able to give truly honest compliments.

We all like compliments. Hearing something positive from you will break that negative cycle of tension between you and your partner.

With a compliment you will remind him how much you appreciate him; If he is angry, you will put a smile on his face.

If you are very angry, that little detail will probably lessen the feeling!

So organize your ideas and get inspired by  the best compliments for your husband . Take a look at the following options and get inspired !:

  • ​In spite of everything, I know that it is in your eyes that I always want to lose myself.
  • I hope to see you smile soon, because that is always the best of my days.
  • I don’t want to keep fighting, because I get away from you. And I can’t live like this.
  • I hope things get better and I can hear your soft voice again.
  • The heat of the discussions should go down, because I need your heat.​

A White Flag: Seeking Peace For The Relationship

Even a relationship that seems to be the ideal partner and have everything under control, is not saved from arguments and fights.

However, throwing everything good overboard, for a passenger inconvenience, may not be the wisest movement.

If you think that, despite the bad times, what they have is really special and unique, what do you expect to let them know?

Find a middle ground and a peaceful environment for the sake of the relationship, remember that healthy communication as a couple is the secret.

This attitude will give them a new perspective and will make them both ready to overcome any difficulty.

Some examples of messages to send to future partner after a fight with a peace banner are:

  • ​In good times and in bad times, I want us to face them holding hands.
  • What we have is stronger than any problem. I want us to get ahead together.
  • I have in mind all the good times we have lived, and I know that together we can have many more.
  • As soon as I see you, I’ll kiss you like never before, because that’s how things should continue.
  • Don’t open a “happily ever after” if it’s not with you.​

An Apology: Leaving Pride Behind

Pride prevents a couple from solving their problems, since nobody takes the first step by thinking that “He / she should do it!”; It prevents us from hearing what we need to hear and saying what we really want to express, blinds the heart and, on many occasions, destroys relationships.

For many people who are characterized by being proud, perhaps one of the biggest challenges is to apologize because it gives them the feeling that they are being lowered.

Do not forget that it is not a competition! What men really want is simpler than you think.

With a simple “I’m sorry” or with the help of other messages to send to future partner after a more elaborate fight , you will be giving way to the first step.

No doubt this fosters a better environment, no matter who is responsible.

If thinking about apologizing makes you shiver because you have no idea how to do it, these examples may help you focus:

  • ​I would like to return time and undo everything bad I said. Sorry. For me you are still wonderful.
  • I shouldn’t have been like this. Excuse me.
  • Sorry if I hurt you. I love you, it was never my intention.
  • Sorry for making me so angry. But, what we have matters a lot to me.​

The Message After The Storm

A message can be the ideal contact method after a fight.

It gives you time to think and organize your ideas, avoiding the risk of saying things that you can later regret.

The heat of the moment can make you say things you don’t want.

Dare to discover more messages to send to future partner after a fight with the magnificent ideas of the article ” Messages of love for my boyfriend “! You will see the results!