Message To Fix A Broken Relationship

You have to find a way to reduce the tension so that when you speak again, it is not uncomfortable, or the subject of the fight comes up. Here, you will know about the message to fix a broken relationship

Couples have bumps, better timesand worse times. Even if your relationship is very successful, if everything is going well and you are building a strong foundation, there will be a fight or argument along the way. It is normal. Some couples have no problem restoring peace of mind and reconciling after some kind of disagreement. They already know what to do and have been learning thanks to the time spent together. However, for other couples, it can be difficult to reduce the tension after an argument and, above all, to do so without falling back into problematic arguments or pretending nothing has happened. Communication is one of the main solutions to this type of conflict. But not just any type of communication, ten messages to fix a broken relationship to regain calm and fix differences.

Ten Messages to Fix any relationship

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1. How about resuming the conversation from before with more calm & trying to be more careful with what each one wants?

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Message To Fix A Broken Relationship

2. It seems reasonable that you think that way (knowing how to detect when the other person is right is a point in favor of reconciliation).

3. You were right in what you said about me ( find the positive parts of the points on which it is possible to agree).

4. Although I don’t know the solution to this problem, I am sure we will find a good solution for both of us.

5. I am sorry I did not give importance to what you were concerned about. I should have paid the same attention as you.

6. You have tried to make me understand your point of view, and I have not been able, or I have not wanted to do it as I should have done it. I will try to have your same perspective in the future.

7. I have never thought of it that way. Thank you for explaining to me how you saw it and the meaning it has for you.

Message To Fix A Broken Relationship

8. I don’t think anything of what I told you before. I felt attacked, and that’s why I fought back. Now I know that these kinds of attitudes get us nowhere.

9. It may have seemed that I was not paying attention or that I was not caring, but I have. I’ll let you know next time.

10. I don’t like it when we argue. Do you think it would be okay to take a walk to clear up a bit?

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Bottom Line

Depending on the context and the problem, some words will be more appropriate than others. These are not phrases that have to be learned by heart. Each person will adapt them to their vocabulary and their way of speaking. The point of these phrases is that the vast majority have empathy. It is not the only thing to take into account. After a fight, we recommend that everything that says is expressed calmly and fix the situation. Sometimes those who argue are not able to perceive the message but the forms.

There may be aspects in which you never agree, in a fight, but surely there will be some points in which you do. It is important to highlight them because thanks to them you will be able to find a solution. Also, these phrases indicate that there may be important issues to the other person and that, even if they are not important to you, you have to take them into account and find a balance. That is one of the jobs that all couples have to be able to move forward. You have to try to accept each other’s reasoning, not go directly to attack the other person, and make an effort not to reject everything that the couple is commenting on first.