Men’s and women’s ruby ​​engagement ring: what’s the difference?

Modern newlyweds are increasingly focusing on European traditions. They select for themselves symbols of marriage, inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones. Among the precious stones, I especially want to highlight the ruby ​​- red corundum.

A unique gem that has many shades from pink to brown-red and purple. Particularly pure rubies of some shades are more expensive than diamonds. We examined the features of a male and female engagement ring with a ruby.

The meaning of red corundum

Rubies have long been known for their healing and magical properties. They were actively used by healers and jewelers. The crowns of many royal dynasties are adorned with rubies. Noble ladies and gentlemen wore a variety of jewelry inlaid with corundum of different red shades. The stone was especially appreciated in the East, where it was more expensive than diamonds.

Because of its red color, ruby ​​has always been associated with love. It was believed that when a person who does not have a love relationship begins to own a stone, then soon he will meet his soul mate and establish a relationship with her. The shade of pink adjusts to tender feelings, while red ignites passion and encourages intimate relationships.

It was customary to give red corundum to newlyweds for a wedding, so that they maintain love and devotion to each other throughout their lives. He was considered a powerful aphrodisiac that awakens erotic fantasies. He helped the couple experience different forms of love – from sensual attraction to overwhelming passion.

The stone affects the strengthening of the relationship of lovers, up to mystical unity. As a result, spouses admire each other and remain faithful.

Who are Ruby engagement rings suitable for?

Astrologers consider rubies to be talismans of all fire and air signs, but most of all they are desirable for Capricorns, Aries and Lions. The stone will help Cancers achieve their goals and overcome shyness. Virgos and Taurus, on the contrary, are undesirable to wear jewelry with corundum of all red colors.

Representatives of other signs, if desired, can safely buy such marriage symbols for themselves. The gem will act as a supportive talisman that sets you up for success and adds confidence. When choosing marriage symbols with stones, the bride needs to take into account not only the zodiac sign, but the color type of appearance, which determines the color of the skin and hair.


In this case, the engagement ring will be easily combined with existing and future jewelry, as well as suitable for clothes. A ring with a bright red ruby ​​is best suited for girls of the winter color type. The stone sets off their contrasting appearance well.

Gems of lighter shades are suitable for the fair sex of the spring and autumn type of appearance, but summer beauties should choose only pale pink shades.

How to choose a piece of jewelry for a man and a woman?

Having decided to opt for wedding symbols inlaid with gems, you must first decide on the color of the metal of the product so that it goes well with other jewelry available in the jewelry box and future acquisitions.

If the bride prefers products of a cold range, then you need to pay attention to rings made of white gold and platinum, and the budget option is models made of silver. Modern technologies can significantly increase the wear resistance of silver jewelry. Lovers of warm colors will find rings made of yellow and red gold.

Ruby is a very beautiful gem and jewelers annually replenish women’s, men’s and pair collections of marriage symbols with new stylish jewelry made in fashion trends and using new materials. Now black gold is in vogue. Jewelers get this rare shade by adding chromium, sulfur and cobalt to the gold alloy.

We have reviewed the most popular models of wedding rings inlaid with rubies:

  1. A ring with one gem of different shapes and cuts. The products use two types of fastening. The first option is corundum protruding above the rim, which is held by special fasteners. The second option is a stone sunk into the metal, and due to this, it is on the same level with the rim of the jewelry. The second mount is more practical for everyday wear. The stone does not cling to hair or clothing.
  2. Large corundum is set off by small colorless diamonds. They can be placed around the gem, on its mounts and on the rim of the product.
  3. There are two round stones on the ring. They symbolize the union of two hearts in love.
  4. There are three gems on the item, as a symbol of the main components of a strong family – love, loyalty and friendship. The model looks interesting, in which square-shaped gems are sunk into the metal, and small diamonds are placed around them.

Jewelry houses offered products made in one of the fashion trends of recent years – combinations of different shades of gold. In the middle of the white gold ring is a black gold bezel. A path of rubies runs along the entire circumference of the black gold insert, and colorless diamonds run along the white parts of the item. Rings in which yellow and black gold are combined have a similar design.


Couples looking for bright, stylish and expensive wedding rings can turn their attention to ruby ​​jewelry. The stone is considered an aphrodisiac, capable of arousing passion and strengthening the marriage union, protecting the couple from betrayal.

In the old days, newlyweds were given red corundum for their weddings. Modern jewelers develop real masterpieces with this gem. We hope that with our recommendations, you will be able to choose a ring for yourself that you will be happy to wear all your life!