Matching closed wedding dresses together

Looking at modern brides, one can understand that they are more and more fond of those outfits that have a voluminous neckline and bare body parts. But it is precisely such clothes that go against the image of the bride. If you think about it, an unmarried girl, especially a bride, personifies innocence, purity, and integrity.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

And all three of these indicators cannot be applied to open outfits. On the contrary, they all run counter to the aforementioned image.

If you look at modern fashion, then it has not offered open skirts and bare shoulders for a long time. On the contrary, she is becoming more and more constrained in this regard.

Types of closed dresses

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The most fashionable dresses are considered to be closed options with long sleeves or floor length. This is what is now considered sexy and beautiful. After all, a man will have to smash his head, imagining what kind of beauty is hidden behind a long hem or a voluminous sleeve.

Therefore, it is high time for brides to reconsider their views on frank images. A new time is coming, in which one should act according to special rules. In addition, in a similar image, the girl will look bright. Accordingly, she will be able to attract the attention of others to her image.

Few people know, but a wedding dress with closed shoulders is not at all trivial clothing. They are diverse in their styles, colors, and stylistic orientation. Thanks to such a wide assortment, each girl will be able to choose a worthy option for herself, which will delight both her and the guests at the marriage registration ceremony.


Despite the wide variety of styles, the similarity in the image can be noted. Absolutely all clothes have closed shoulders and a long sleeve (3/4). The neckline itself is small, it is either under the neck or slightly lower.

In no case should there be a sufficiently large and voluminous neckline that shows all the charms? As a result, the special beauty and sophistication of the image can be achieved thanks to drapery on fabric or additional decorative elements.

  1. Fitted silhouette – This style is fully fitted to the figure. It looks feminine and sexy. It is made from blended fabrics as it adds elastane. With it, you can achieve the flexibility of the fibers. In such clothes it will be easy for the bride to move and dance.
  2. With a lace back – despite the fact that the format of a closed wedding dress itself offers a completely closed back. Still, it allows you to make the style a little open. For this, special inserts and combinations from other fabrics are used. For example, guipure or silk. Thanks to this, on the one hand, it will be possible to comply with all the rules of the closed style. On the other hand, you can make the back line more expressive and sexy.
  3. The closed top is a flirty and interesting option, it has a tight bodice made of dense material, there is a lace top on top that goes all the way to the neck. Lace looks playful on a bare body, creating bizarre patterns. With this outfit, you can visually enlarge your own breasts.
  4. A deaf dress is a stylish option that is suitable for a wedding. At the same time, it can be made both from patterned fabric, and from one that will have a dense texture. In either case, the image will turn out to be chaste and worthy of the bride.
  5. With a closed neck, this is exactly the outfit that will look worthy on girls with a sophisticated neck. In this case, you can emphasize the charm of your swan neck. For girls with short stature and voluminous breasts, such a dress is contraindicated. In it, the young lady will look ridiculous.
  6. Openwork is the most refined and luxurious image. A completely lace dress will outshine all brides. Despite its closed nature, it will be possible with its help to emphasize all the charms of the figure. Perfectly shaped brides can opt for a slimmer option. But overweight girls will stop at slightly fitted silhouettes. In any case, all attention will be focused on the main fabric.


Wedding dresses with a closed back.

Nowadays, wedding fashion has become democratic. It can rightfully be considered as such. It offers a variety of color options. You can choose either one of the shades of white or a completely different color. You have to choose a color scheme, starting from the stylistic design of the wedding.

Modern brides sometimes choose the brightest options, stopping at black. Even this shade will look bright and original. Especially if you manage to pick up accessories for it that will stand out and make the image more festive and solemn.


Maxi is considered the ideal length of a closed wedding dress. The skirt in this case reaches the ground. A straight cut with such a length will suit tall girls. But it is still better for petite ladies to either stay at a different length or choose a fluffy skirt. With a fluffy skirt, as in the case of the princess dress option, it will be possible to visually increase the height of the young lady.

Midi length is considered below the knee. Therefore, it can also be used as the main option for a closed wedding dress.

Options for pregnant women

Wedding dresses with a closed top.

Pregnant girls, first of all, need to hide their bellies. This is done not only to hide the fact of pregnancy but also for convenience. The bride spends the whole day in a dress, so the young lady should be as comfortable as possible in it. Nothing should constrain movements.

Dresses in the Greek style are the best and by the way, in which the assembly goes on the chest line, and a flared volume begins just below. In this case, it will even be possible to hide the pregnancy in the early stages, since it will be unclear whether these are excessive frills on the dress or a rounded belly.

Hairstyles and accessories

Closed-up outfits embody femininity, inaccessibility, and aristocracy. In this regard, it will be unacceptable to wear too defiant hairstyles and catchy accessories. As for jewelry, it should be noted separately that it is sometimes not needed at all.

Earrings or necklaces can be used as mandatory elements. It would be inappropriate to wear bracelets with closed hands, so you should immediately discard them. A necklace is only necessary if your neckline is slightly open. In other cases, it is customary to decorate with decorative elements in the form of earrings and hairpins.

Hairstyles are usually high. In this case, it will be possible to show the beauty of a long neck and demonstrate how bright and spectacular your dress is.


Closed-back wedding dresses can look interesting. To do this, it is worth choosing an outfit for yourself that will ideally match the image as a whole. You can dilute the image with additional jewelry, which helps to highlight accents in the details.