Find Your Perfect Match with These 35 Adorable Matching Bios for Couples

You’ve done it! You’ve discovered the person you’ve always wanted to be with and now you want the entire world to be aware of it! Thank God for social media. A trend that is which is taking on the world of social media world by storm is the creation of profiles that are matched for couples. This is essentially a way to show everyone that you’re loved by your partner. But it’s done in a sly and not so obvious way, which we appreciate!

So what is this precisely? Bios that match for couples are where you change your bio on social media regardless of whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter – wherever – using a portion of an lyric or quote or emoji , and your partner’s bio is updated with the same other half.

Doesn’t it sound cute? Yes, it does. It’s also much easier than ever! The most difficult part is convincing your partner to join in, but I’m sure that we can all find options to get what we would like. Do I have it right?

How Are Bios?

Before we get overloaded, let’s get back to the basic questions. What exactly is a bio? When you use social networking, a bio can be an element of your profile that allows you to write something distinctive and distinct about yourself, it’s a way to distinguish yourself from others. Nearly every social media platform includes a section where you can create your bio.

To change your profile on Instagram for instance go to your profile and then click “Edit profile”. You’ll find “Bio” on the end of your page. The other apps are similarly easy to upgrade. You are free of expressing yourself any manner you want to.

We’re hoping that it will be with matching bios for the couple!

Matching Bios For Couples

Bios are an excellent way to inject some personality to your profile. Couples with matching bios It’s also a great way to reveal to the world that you’re loved without being too obvious. The most effective matching bios are those that must be read together to be understood – sort of like a necklace of friendship that only works when put together.

Making bios that match is easy and gives you the chance to show off your creative flair. There are no limits to what you can do. But, not all us can be Shakespeare so if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of the examples below for some ideas(or just copy them straight from the internet! them, because that’s what they’re here to help!)

35 Matching Bios For Couples

There’s no right or wrong in writing a bio that is a match Make it as personal as you can and relevant to yourself and the person you’re with. If you decide to use phrases or lyrics placing an “…” following the first portion of the sentence after the second half of the sentence in each individual’s bio will help people realize that it’s part of a larger piece of. Check out the first example below:

“Love Song Lyric Bios

1. “I’ve never loved anyone…

…The way in which I truly love you.”

Beautiful. Heartfelt. Lovey-dovey. It’s a no-brainer for Alicia Keys. This song is perfect for a couple who are in love and would like to proclaim it from the top of the mountain.

2. “If you’re lost…

…you can look.”

The classic song of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time.”

3. “In your heart I see the beginning of every night , and each morning…

…In your eyes, I’m lost, I’m lost in the water.”

Lovely words by Miss Tina Turner. Do you remember the iconic moment from “Schitt’s Creek?” I could cry joyful tears being reminded of it. That’s exactly the type of feeling these bio-quotes should stir!

4. “What’s love…

…but an old-fashioned sweet idea.”

This one is fantastic because it’s a query with an answer. Each sentence is logical in isolation, much as you and your partner. It’s not overly sweet, but it’s cheeky and tongue-in-cheek, ideal for couples who aren’t as romantic who still want to be involved in this exciting trend.

5. “Cause everyone of me…

…Loves everyone.”

Simple, sweet, and sweet From the Mr. Legend. There’s something deeply romantic about contemplating such a sweeping love.

6. “We share a common bond…

…Like the open oceans as well as the shoreline.”

The song is gorgeous and haunting. Love the way it evokes the power of the ocean. It is deep and powerful, as the best love songs. We thank you Gavin DeGraw for this one!

7. “Take me by the hand…

…Take my entire life.”

This song simply tugs at the heartstrings. Great job Elvis. The lyrics make me cry nearly each time that I listen to it. perfect for a romantic couple.

8. “Baby I’m awestruck by how much you cherish me every day...

.. Perhaps I’m afraid of how I am in love with you.”

My heart! Absolutely captures the essence of how terrifying love can be.

9. “Then you entered and my heart was pounding…


The one that leaves readers with a suspenseful ending until they locate the perfect profile! It’s also an excellent option for couples who aren’t interested in putting a lot of romantic sappy love stories on their profiles. Who wouldn’t love to see “BOOM” on their profile? (bonus points, use a bomb emoji)

10. “I hope that you don’t mind if I write the words down…

…How amazing life can be, and now you’re living out there in the world.”

Elton John perfectly encapsulates how amazing it is to discover that one special person. We don’t mind when you write about how awesome you can be…

Fun Song Lyric Bios

For those who are looking for less romantic but enjoyable ways to connect with your spouse. Choose one of your most loved songs and then use the most memorable quotation of it. Matching bios don’t require romantic declarations of your love for each other for them to be successful. A funny or interesting bio can be equally entertaining and engaging.

For instance:

11. “His handbags weigh a lot, his knees are weak and his the arms weigh a lot…

…There’s the smell of vomit on his sweatshirt already and mom’s spaghetti.”

Gross? Perhaps, but a classic? Absolutely. Who doesn’t enjoy rapping Eminem’s famous beginning bars to “Lose Yourself” with each other?

12. “Well I’ve been apprehensive about making a change…

…Cause I built my life around you.”

Lovely lyrics from FleetwoodMac’s “Landslide”. The track is actually about the breakup of a couple. However, the lyrics are incredibly emotional and profound. Make sure you don’t quote all the song so that people don’t believe you’ve split up.

13. “Her hair brings me back to an incredibly safe and warm place when I was a kid, I’d be able to hide…

…And ask for the thunder to stop and rain to peacefully be gone.”

A bit snarky, yet surprisingly relaxing from Guns and Roses. This lyric brings back memories of the summer of love that was carefree.

14. “Guess it’s true…

…I’m not great at one-night stand”

This is for couples with a sense for humor. Perhaps your romantic relationship began following what was meant to be a one-night affair. Perhaps it wasn’t. We’re not here to make judgments. We do like the couple who can laugh at themselves!

Famous Movie Quotes

15. “Our affection is as strong as the breeze…

…I don’t know what it is however I be aware of it.”

The words of a moving Walk in the Park to Remember. If you’ve seen this film, you’ll know how stunningly beautiful the words and sentiments are.

16. “I’d rather die tomorrow…

…than to live a hundred years and not know you.”

For the tragic. Surprisingly, it’s an excerpt from Pocahontas! It’s a bit dark, but it’s Disney and You…

17. “If your bird is…

…I’m an animal.”

Another timeless, swoon-inducing line taken from The Notebook. Girls aged 20-50 knows precisely what movie it is and the exact time it was spoken. The most memorable.

18. “The most important thing you’ll discover is that you are beloved…

…And be loved by others in return.”

Moulin Rouge sharing some wise words of wisdom. Truer words have never been spoken.

19. “Ever thine, never mine…

…Ever Ours.”

This quote appears by the author of Sex and the City (so technically, it falls under this category) however, it’s actually an Beethoven quote. Men in the 1700s actually could write a love note. It’s a lost art!

Iconic Duos

For couples who share a bond to some of the world’s (and the TV’s!) greatest duos. Think outside the box with these!

20. “I’m Goose” Goose…

…To My Maverick.”

The Top Gun reference – such an important reference today! It’s perfect for a couples who are gay or not! These quotes don’t need any direct connection to your personal life. They simply speak directly to your heart in a manner that is uplifting to you.

21. “I’ll serve as Your Bonnie…

…I’ll play your role as the Clyde of your life.”

Choose a duo that is more famous. I dare you. The world will be scouring your social media accounts to figure out who is your new accomplice in the crime.

22. “I’m minnie…

…To the delight of my Mickey.”

For the couple who is obsessed with Disney. There are of them, where they originated (Pooh and Piglet, Donkey & Shrek, Aladdin & Abu)

23. “His Queen…

…Her King.”

If you’re the type of couple who likes matching sweatsuits, then this one is perfect for you. This one gives Atlantic City vibes and I am here to support it.

24. “Her Romeo…

…His Juliet”

Shakespearean love is truly love.

for the Newly Engaged or Married

25. “My entire heart…

…For my entire life.”

Dramatic and over the top A perfect mix for couples who have chosen to spend the remainder of their lives together.

26. “Love does not make the world go around…

…Love is the reason why we go on a journey.”

We all need to be reminded of every now and then.

27. “I might be just an unimportant person in everyone else…

…But for one individual, I’m the entire world.”

Who doesn’t like a play with words while professing their love?

Fun & Playful

28. “If you are lost, go back to [insert name] ]…

…I am [insert nickname].”

It’s a fun method to incorporate your partner’s name into the game . However, only those who are familiar with each other will be aware of the nickname you’re discussing. It’s like a fun puzzle that your pals will be eager to solve.

29. “I’m funny One…

…No”I am.”

A couple who cannot agree on who is most fun is in the relationship. It’s generally the woman!

30. “The Beauty…

…The Brains.”

This can be used with whatever superlatives you’d like to use for yourselves…get inventive and let your true personality shine through.

31. “The Peanut Butter…

…To the Jelly of my life”

There is no need for explanation. Emojis can be cute too!

32. “Team Edward…

…Team Jacob.”

It’s hilarious if you have divergent opinions on Twilight. Twilight Series. You could use this to create a amazing conflict (For Harry Potter fans, Gryffindor is vs. Slytherin).

33. “He’s my lobster…

[Lobster Emoji] in another person’s profile.

Fans of the show will be giddy over this quote. If you are an avid Friends lover, the possibilities are endless for hilarious quote quotes from couples (another win, Pivot! PIVOOOOOOOT).

34. “You me too!…

…And I am yours.”

It’s not much any more romantic as Game of Thrones quotes. Who can forget this gorgeous message that was written by Ygritte and John Snow?

35. Finally, and quite simple – add your partner’s handle with cute emojis immediately afterward. What is a better (and more simple) method to let others know that you’re in love?

Final Thoughts

Here’s the list! Thirty-five fantastic suggestions to begin your matching bios. Remember that the most effective bios for couples that are matched are clever , and generally aren’t logical in isolation from the others.

They are, most importantly, real to you as a couple. There truly is no way to tell if you’re right or wrong. But don’t be worried as you are free to modify your bio as often as you’d like. You can try a new bio each week, if you’d like! Have fun and be creative in It’s fun!

Don’t be shy about letting the world know you’re a couple and write a beautiful, emotional humorous, heartfelt or even sarcastic bios of your couple today. Extra points for the more innovative and original bios you come up with!

In case you’ve got any queries, you can leave your answer in the comments section below.