Makeup for bridal day with a natural and fresh look

Makeup for bridal day, trends 2021

Make-up for brides during the day should be planned in advance. The look is the most important thing on the face. The eyes are the most beautiful expression of feeling.

To beautify the eyebrows, pluck correctly, match them and make them harmonious according to the bride’s face. Also, take into account if the eyebrows need to be darkened or lightened or filled in before starting the makeup.

In the summer season, skin with darker tones can add a finish to makeup:

  • Mate
  • Sparkly
  • Metal

Your color will be perfect to play with this choice. The base tones will vary according to the color of your hair too, if you are blonde, redhead or brunette.

Bridal makeup, the basic rules:

  • The importance of eyelashes. We can tint it to make them darker
  • Arch or false eyelashes, which will give the bride a romantic touch
  • Always respect your personal style
  • Do not abuse the blush
  • Don’t forget a bag with emergency makeup

In eye shadows today natural colors triumph and with risky bets. Colors that have contrast between grays, aubergines, khaki and garnets. Give an original and beautiful touch to the face.Bride makeup bride natural look

Fresh and beautiful bride with natural look makeup

Bridal makeup tips to erase blemishes

Correctors are sold in a wide range of colors, so you must find the one that best suits the natural tone of the bride’s skin.

How long does it take to put on makeup on your wedding day? The time depends on the general state of the bride’s complexion and the amount of corrections to be made on the face. Generally speaking, it takes an hour or hour and a half of work.

The most common mistakes to avoid in a day bridal makeup are exaggerations to make the photos and videos look great. Respect your style so as not to look too different and feel uncomfortable.

The most fashionable colors are coral pinks and oranges in all their ranges, matte or glossy. Combine the colors of your lipstick with that of the eyes for a good daytime bridal makeup. A detail to keep in mind is that the makeup does not clash with the headdress or the bouquet.

Do not abuse blush or color. Use products that are waterproof to last overnight. Combine the make up with your natural style and time of day.self makeup courses

There are self makeup courses that we recommend doing.

Natural bridal makeup: recommendations to prepare your skin

Cleanse your skin by applying a cleansing milk cream. Weekly exfoliating cleansing. Moisturize your eyes with an eye contour product that firms this area.

There are different types of purifying masks that can be made with cucumber. Another recommended mask is to place a tablespoon of honey with lemon juice, apply it with a cotton ball to the face for 20 minutes and remove the excess with water to avoid spots caused by the sun. Chocolate provides vitamins and antioxidants that revitalize the skin.bride makeup

Skin cleansing.

Doing a peel on your skin will give you more luminosity. The advice is to start early and do it during the winter season because in the summer you will be more exposed to the sun.

5 steps to make your makeup attractive:

  • Prepare your skin
  • Apply foundation to cover blemishes
  • Illuminate your face with “contouring” techniques
  • Enhance the look with mascara and shadows
  • Highlight lips with long-lasting, vivid colors

Transform your face into a surprising image by highlighting your best features. Combine dark and light tones to stylize your features. Refine the face where you need it.

What color to use in a bride’s makeup?

In cosmetics there are no single written rules, but what is known is that skin with darker tones suits warm colors very well, such as:

  • Golden
  • Oranges
  • Coral
  • Durazno

Lips with a sophisticated touch and contrasts are part of a good makeup design.

For the makeup to be perfect, the skin must be luminous and transparent. Invest in a good foundation. If you want to show off a tanned look, the advice is to use satin tones.

Daytime bridal makeup, lip highlighting tips

Also consider the touch of color that you added to the dress. The key is to find within the range which one is ideal for you. We invite you to visit our post on Wedding dress necklines for inspiration.

Have a friend bring the tinted powder and lipstick for little touch-ups. In the photo you can see the steps to make up full lips in shades of pink and red.

trends in natural makeup

Day and night bridal makeup step by step:

  • Cleanse the face
  • Work a primer all over the face
  • Make up the neck too
  • Apply an eye contour cream
  • Smear a moisturizer on the lips
  • Put on the makeup base with a brush
  • Apply a translucent powder to set makeup
  • Use 3 different brushes to illuminate the eyes
  • Place copper color on the middle eyelid
  • Do not forget to blur well

Professional bridal makeup, for a striking and fresh look

Tips to have a captivating look and show off a mischievous image with huge eyes with long lashes. After seeing the glamor of the lips that is the frame of the smile, it is the eyes that dazzle.

Wearing ultra-bright colors and well-defined lashes that give an innocent doll-like look. Layer several layers of mascara and a touch of highlighter on top. Natural but well defined and full eyebrows. Fill in with pencil if necessary.

Eyes makeup

Eyes makeup.

Did it occur to you to learn how to do a professional makeup this time that you are the bride? There are countless makeup courses given by experts who provide professional experience and knowledge.

Bridal day makeup brown skin

With makeup we must highlight the beauty of a brunette-skinned bride. The lights and the long-lasting makeup are important so that your eyes continue to shine all night.

  • Mark the limit of the eyebrows.
  • Give eyes color opening with light shadow.
  • Smudge the shadow and divide the area in three.
  • Apply darker shadow on the outer third.
  • Framing the contour of the face with light
  • Apply blush in circular motions

Finally, include the makeup of the lips according to the color of your hair and dress.

Makeup for bridal day, 6 mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not asking for an appointment to do makeup tests

2. Forget the previous facial treatments, cleansing and hydration

3. Do not make masks to decongest and mask with cucumbers

4. Do not use the concealer of pimples in pencil and concealers of dark circles

5. Do not include the base to smooth the skin with lifting effect components

6. Forget to apply cheek blush and eyeshadow to illuminate