Love Poem Ideas For Her Him

Telling the person most special to us how much we love them is something that over time we may forget or not seem enough to sound sincere. That is why you always have to look for new ways to let them know, to fill the list with details that make it better and better. Would you like to give a nice surprise to your partner or even someone you want to conquer? Then check out some of these beautiful poems that we have written especially for you, who are always looking for the most beautiful words.

Poem to tell him that you love him her

It is your smile that fills every one of my mornings with light

your gestures and the way you walk, every word that comes out of your mouth

He longed for hours to pass to enjoy the immensity of your gaze again

and listen to your voice that fills each of my senses.

Not even time will be enough to erase the trace of my feelings

the spell that you have made fall on me is inevitable

a touch of your hands is enough to stop my heart from beating

for a second that for me is the most valuable and eternal

and then it becomes a frenzy, authentic, sweet, uncertain.

It’s the way you have to change my perspective

even in the smallest things and insignificant details

the one that makes me unable to remove your image from my memory

I feel faint with each of your actions.

With each sunset that announces the arrival of the stars

I find myself turned into a shadow that wanders

for every nook and cranny of my tormented imagination

moving between hunch and uncertainty

to know if one day I will stop depending on this feeling.

It is what I feel, however, that gives me the serenity

and convert every minute of my life

in an instant full of mirages and fantasies

while I went through the wonderful moments inside me.

As long as my life goes by there will be nothing I can achieve

that displaces your person from my heart

you have come to transform each of my aspects

and fill all the spaces that I thought were irreparable

within the depths of my being.

Poem to tell him that you miss him her

The hours glide slowly across the horizon of my days

while looking out the window and a gray sky looks back at me;

I am not the same person since I have to face

to the emptiness of your absence that looks at me fiercely

Sitting in front of me, keeping your memory alive

The moments when we enjoy ourselves together come to mind

feeling your skin against mine and the brush of your hair next to my cheek

tasting the taste of your lips countless times

and listening to the promises of love that you whispered in my ear

as an eternal discourse and full of future hope.

I don’t want to know about anything other than your thoughts

missing me like I find myself missing you

merging with mine in a shared dream

that is only possible thanks to this bond that holds us together

and that goes beyond all certainty or sensation.

I wish I could have control of what I feel

to avoid burning with the pain of knowing you are far from here,

so as not to hurt me more with each of the memories that I keep about you

deep in this heart that yearns more than anything

leave to a point of reunion with yours.

You have always been the most valuable thing that I have

but I let you fly because I wanted you to find your way

before starting to mark one in common

If my sacrifice means your happiness, rest assured

I would repeat it over and over again to see you smile.

Poem to tell him how much you like him her

It would be difficult for me to accurately express

What do I love most about you?

Well, you have so many virtues and beautiful things in my opinion

that you disarm all my senses the moment I see you.

When you smile it is as if a ray of sunlight will illuminate your pupils

Well, you hide and at the same time show so much with such a simple gesture

that all my fears vanish in a cloud of smoke

that is sheltered in a very distant point of my mind.

Every time your skin touches mine

it’s like I’m in contact with heaven itself

you have the power to make every little detail that surrounds me

become the most beautiful fantasy.

Your hands are my undoing when they rest on my cheeks

or they caress the back of mine in a movement as tender as it is intimate,

Well, the things we share in a single caress

they are vaster than the sky itself.

If tomorrow you decided to leave my side

you would be delivering a true thrust to this heart

who loves you as he has never done with anyone in life

Well, today you have become the reason for my existence.

Poem to apologize and reconcile

There is no way to describe the sadness that has taken hold of me

since I saw your smile decline to be replaced by sadness,

My mistakes haunt me over and over again

reminding me that I was wrong about a person

that has not done more than to bring me endless joys.

Every tear that slides down your cheeks is torture to me

I find no rest from that bitter moment,

I tirelessly seek to carry out an action

that can return your happiness and illuminate your face

which for me is the most beloved image.

So many shadows overshadowing my existence with their darkness

keeping me in suspense and waiting for your resolution

you’re slowly killing me without really being aware of it

no better wish burns inside me,

watching your sadness fade.

If you find any forgiveness within the grief that seizes you

and you decide to lean your gaze back to my heart

not even words will be enough to describe my gratitude

nor the happiness that will impregnate me again

By being aware that I have regained the warmth of feeling.

Give me that feeling for what you want the most

let me feel the warmth of your cheeks again in the palm of my hands

and the softness of your lips as they melt against mine

Well, I won’t find any sense to continue on my way

if this is missing from you.

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