Love Letters for my Husband

Writing love letters for your husband is a good resource to not let love go out. Over the years, marriages can lose that magical charm of courtship, either due to routine or day-to-day chores. But, it is up to you to keep the flame of love alive.

Below we will give you several examples of love letters for your husband. You can copy them in handwriting, and accompany them with a rose if you like classic things. You can send them a message on their cell phone or via their email.

You can also publish it on your networks, anyway; get creative and let your husband know how you feel about him.

Short love letters for my husband

Short and cute letter to my husband


I have been rewarded with your presence in my life. Generally, I am not very expressive; and I get carried away by the chores and the daily routine. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you with all my heart. You are, and always have been, the great love of my life. I always remember the day I met you; our first date; the day you asked me to be your wife. They are unforgettable moments that I treasure as the most beautiful in our history. Today, tomorrow and always, I will be by your side, because ours is eternal love. I love you with all my soul. Words are not enough to describe the great love I feel for you. I love you with my soul.

Letter to my husband short and corny

Husband, you are the love of my life.

It is a blessing from heaven to dawn every day by your side; feel the warmth of your body on cold nights, And I want us to continue like this for the rest of our lives. When we got married I promised to love you, respect you, take care of you, and love you for life; and it’s what I do every day. I do not get tired. Because even though we have ups and downs; we always get over them. That is only possible because of the great love we have for each other. With you, I have grown and spent the best years of my life. Finally, although we are not the most perfect couple; I want to thank you for our wonderful marriage. Love you.

A long love letter to my husband

Hello, my darling. I am writing these lines to tell you how much I love you, and how important you are in my life. You know I don’t always say what I feel; for thousands of reasons that are beside the point and are just excuses. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the same passion for you as to when we were dating. Today I feel much more love; because fortunately our love grows over time and becomes stronger.

Despite our differences, knowing that I am not alone comforts me. You have been with me in the most difficult times during the storm; and when calm comes, you are still there, as always, for me. Thank you for being my life partner and always being. I love your smile, I think I couldn’t live without it. With you, I feel protected, happy, and able to embark on the path of our dreams.

We have built a great life together. You leaning on me and I am on you. Our children are the greatest product of our love. Be certain that I will always fight against whoever and whatever; to keep our family together and in love. I love you so much love of my life.

How to start a love letter for my husband

You can start your love letter by writing the word with which you affectionately call him (love, honey, my life, etc.). Then you separate it with a comma and start with your declaration of love.

You can also call him by his name; and then, overflowing in words all that love that makes your heart race and that you need to write so that he can know it. The most important thing is that you start writing your letter from the heart. There you will find the answer to how and what to start writing. No one is better than the heart to know what you have to say.

The important thing is that you understand that words of love are a very powerful tool. They can create the best, but also the worst feelings. If you manage to use the power of the word well; You can make your husband feel very special and this will be something that will remain a beautiful memory between both of you.

You can make drafts in which you organize your ideas before writing the final text. This way you avoid the inconsistencies that writing everything that comes to mind can cause you.

Tips for writing a love letter to your husband

When I write a love letter to my husband, I get inspired. I return to the best memories of our life together. I try to bring them to the present with clarity, to relive what we experienced at that time. But also to feel what I felt during those times that marked our lives; dividing them into a before and an after. For example:

  • The day he asked me to marry him.
  • Our first outing together.
  • Our wedding day.
  • The day of the birth of some of our children.

Well, the list is long. Although, I also remember those difficult times when we had to support each other, and be strong to go through the difficulty and emerge victorious from it. Because it is just in adversity that we have the opportunity to grow, and at the same time to demonstrate the great love that we profess. Finally, I am always inspired by love and acts of love. I also start to think about everything I like about him :

  • Your physical characteristics.
  • His character.
  • Your personality.
  • His look, etc…

You can take inspiration from what attracted you to him in the first place and still attracts you. Because in that small detail is where love resides.

5 tips to maintain a good relationship with your husband

1. Respect the other

A marriage stands firm in a relationship of mutual respect and acceptance. It is important to understand that each one comes from different families with different customs. You have to respect them, accept them, but also clearly establish the limits.

2. Patience

Probably, in the beginning, the coexistence is not the most harmonious. But over time they adapt to each other’s customs and vice versa. Be patient.

3. Accept the other as it is

Accepting ourselves as we are and how our partner is is also very important. Recognize your strengths before your flaws. After all, nobody is perfect, we all have positive and negative things. But if we focus on positive things, the relationship becomes easier and more beautiful to carry.

4. Live every moment as if it were the last

Another good way is to live in the present. Find a balance between the excess of the future (with aspirations, goals, and dreams); and the negative events of the past. Living in the present is the best way to maintain that balance. Remembering the past brings unnecessary reproaches and unleashes annoyances that are not even relevant. The excess of the future makes us leads to the tendency of wanting to change our partner; to adjust it to our needs and expectations. Expectations that are with life and not with the couple.

5. Write your love

Lastly, write her love letters, lots of love letters, messages, etc. Let him know how important he is to you and how much you love him.