Love Letter To My Wife Far Away

Love at a distance is sometimes one of those that have little prominence in current life, in our society. It is looked down upon and hardly believed in. But the question is. do you think it exists? Do you think it is real? Everyone attentive to these love letter to my wife far away. Enjoy.

Romantic Love Letter To Your Wife At Distance

Eight months have passed since we met, but, honey, I can no longer imagine my life without you. You are like the eighth wonder of the world to me, and this is not an exaggeration. You have collected all my ideas about the ideal girl with whom I always want to be close. I really want this, I want to delight and surprise you, I want to pamper you like a princess, and carry in my arms like a queen. I want to share with you the best moments of my life, which next to you is capable of transforming beyond recognition. I often wonder why so many people are lonely, because everyone secretly or openly dreams of love. Love lives in each of us. but people’s hearts are closed. They go through hundreds of meetings and partings, not realizing that love is already in them. Just expecting something from others, you can endlessly be disappointed and not believe in the existence of love.

I was lucky, because when I met you, I realized that true love does not require anything in return, it gives. and is ready to do it endlessly. That’s how I am – infinitely happy to see you next to me and enjoy the fact that I can talk to you. To open for you a new world, a world of love and tenderness, a world of spiritual closeness, which is inseparable from our universe. I want you to trust me. I will never betray or offend you, for me it is unnatural. I have not noticed others for a long time, because only next to you I feel an intoxicating harmony that can inspire me. Thank you for this discovery. for this waking dream. for what you are. I can’t imagine my future without you and I’m ready to do everything to make you happy.

Long distance love is powerful

It is a type of love that is felt even though it is far away, that is touched even if it is not close, that is smelled even though it is many miles away. This is how I feel with you, I feel you by my side even though we can only see each other through video, through a computer screen. Just reading your texts on your mobile, sometimes by letter and looking at that beautiful face on the computer … I feel like I’m on a cloud. Love for you is real, powerful and I don’t care if there is a distance that separates us, because the distance does not matter if the real love, if the feelings are true and I assure you that mine are. I love you very much and I hope you do not forget about me or do not get carried away by people who do not believe in this. Because in time, we will unite, why? because we love each other.

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There are no borders or barriers in this love

There are no borders between you and me because we love each other. There are no barriers, there are no limits and nothing and no one can come between us. Only you could make me separate from you, if you asked me, although let me tell you that that would be living death for me. I love you so much that distance is not a problem for me. Hearing your voice, seeing you, calling you and talking to you makes me feel close and I feel with a fortune that I would have imagined in life. In addition, the wait to see us in person and all those previous moments are magical, they are moments that are not enjoyed in normal relationships. Our day of being together will come, closer, but until now. we have to live the experience of love at a distance, of a love as true as it is real, as powerful as it is warm, as much yours as mine.

Long distance love is no problem

I still remember all the doubts that I harbored in my head because of people who told me x things and even I myself thought that this could not work … But despite that memory, there is one that is more powerful, and it is the day that I I dared to go a step further, to meet you and try to move this forward.

Blessed that day! How good that we dared, well look where we are. In a remote love relationship but totally happy, in love and living for each other.

You make me tremendously happy, so much so that sometimes I think that this can’t be happening, that it’s not real. Seriously, it seems impossible to me that someone can transmit so much to me through a screen .. but that’s right, you do. You fill my world and I don’t need anything or anyone but you. I love u

The distance in love is possible

The distance in love is totally possible, because the distance is after all that, a separation of a few kilometers but not a separation of feelings. Sometimes it can even be more powerful and real than a normal relationship that is sometimes based on routine and dependency.

I love you, I love your voice, your body, your eyes, that look of yours and those cool calls that we live. Long-distance love is real, I firmly believe in it and more so now that I am living it in the first person with the best human being in this world, with you.

I love you madly, I love you to the point of anger and just thinking that we will soon be able to see each other in person, I start to tremble. May distance remain no problem and may we continue to love each other as we do. You are the most special person in my world, do not change.

As you can see, long-distance love can be totally real, it can be enjoyed, it can be felt, it can be super exciting and not as overwhelming as a normal relationship can be. The problem is patience. Are you made or made for a love at a distance? Put it to the test and enjoy.

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