Love Letter To Make Her Cry

Love letter for her from the heart

In this article we collected a very good collection of love letter to make her cry.

“I fell in love with her demons and she with my darkness. We were the perfect hell.” Mario Benedetti

Original love letters for my girlfriend...  

Letter to cry

For my beautiful girlfriend: love letter to make her cry

Angel of my heart:
I am writing these lines so that you know that I love you madly and that I do not stop thinking about you every time I close my eyes when sleeping. In my dreams you appear as a goddess, who embraces me with the delicacy of a rose.
You know well that you are the reason for my existence, and that all the love I feel for you is infinite. I had been looking for you for so long that now that you’re finally with me I don’t want to waste a second of being with you.

You must know that the birds of the sky sing when they see your beauty, and the flowers tremble with happiness when you feel your soft cotton hands. 
It only remains to say THANK YOU for being part of my life, THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH BEAUTY. Remember that I love you up to the clouds.
Your beloved
PD: How crazy to fall in love with you! You, with your tenderness and your light, make me feel passion and lust by feeling close. Hold me for a while, I want to feel you and love you madly to death.

“You always exist anywhere, but you exist better where I love you.”

Mario Benedetti

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For my love

My sun:
Today I am writing this letter to you while I await your arrival. Last night while preparing your reception thousands of memories came to mind. So many memories I have that since you are my girlfriend a few months passed, but these months became thousands of years with you.
I promise you that in a few hours, when we meet, I will hug you until you are out of air and I will kiss you like I have never kissed you.
I wanted you to know that next to you I never feel alone … You make me feel so safe! And that is something that helps me face each day with a smile.
They became eternal these days that I did not see you, I suffered so much for not having your arms hugging me and giving me their warmth that I hope that after your arrival you will never leave my side. When I didn’t hear your voice, the silence took over my nights, and my days became darker. 
Today that you return I want you to know that your love fills my life with happiness, and that I will never but never leave you alone.
I love you to infinity … Your boyfriend

“Suddenly while you were with me I touched you and my life stopped: before my eyes you were, reigning me, and you reign. As a bonfire in the forests, fire is your kingdom”
Pablo Neruda

love letter to make her cry

Love quotes that will make her cry

We have collected some love letter to make her cry quotes below.

? You live in my heart, the roulette wheel of destiny rolls and at every step I find you, each sound reminds me of you, each thought brings me to your soul, each beat brings me closer and closer to your heart.

? To the most beautiful flower, the one that accompanies me every day and dedicates its love to me without limits … To that flower I dedicate my soul, my heart and my eternity … I dedicate my life to you, my beloved girlfriend.

? I feel you so deep inside my soul that sometimes I think I could not live without your love … Your smile reaches me in this life to be happy … How much I love you my life.

? It is you who has the recipe that brightens my day and fills me with energy … It is you who I love madly and who I will never leave alone … You are my whole being and responsible for my happiness … I adore my girlfriend.

? If you knew what goes through my mind every time I see you love … I create a thousand adventures of unreal worlds where you are the queen that cures my ills … You are the perfect fantasy that takes my life to heaven. (*)

? Do not doubt for a moment that I love you madly … I will stay here until the last hour of my life loving you … Your love will be my engine and your joy mine … Give me a kiss and I love you and love me as always, like never. (+)

? You have everything beautiful in the world … And so, with your beauty you dazzle me day by day, night by night, verse by verse … Thank you for giving me everything you have, thank you for being what you are Thank you for allowing me to love you my beautiful lady.

? Beloved girlfriend … My heart becomes a party when remembering your deep gaze … And it is that those eyes, which stabbed at me like a dagger every time you saw me, were the fuel that helped me overcome each obstacle of my life I love you.

? You are the perfect woman, my love … You are like a bird that guides me through the seas of love and desire, and brings me with its wisdom to the port of universal fulfillment … I love you.

Amo I love you my love … You saved my heart from the darkness and filled with life and color every second of my days … You are a dream come true, a dream that improves with every kiss you give me … I love you princess.

? You are the perfect poetry that beautifies my days … You are the opportune joy for each moment of this precious life … You are all my universe, my beloved, I adore you. 

? Beauty of my life, beauty of the heart; Today I write these words to you, I write to you with much love; everything you generate for me, when your eyes look at me; it is the flame that lights me, it is pure divine passion. 

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Love letter to make her fall for you

I wrote these letter of love so that you know how much I love you and how much I miss you when I am not around you. These paragraphs turned into a simple letter, are part of my soul turned into letters. I wanted through her to express to you everything that you make me feel and how sad I get when I don’t have you. 
These months that we have been have been for my pure fantasy and I confess that with each passing day I feel you more inside my heart. I honestly feel that every day is February 14 and every hour with you I realize that you are the perfect girlfriend, a real princess.
I have realized that you are a big part of my life and that I need you as much as the oxygen I breathe. You are the woman of my dreams come true and that is why I want you to know that I will always honor you as queen. Every morning when I see you coming I feel chills just looking into your eyes and my being becomes pure light to have you close. Many times when they ask me about you, I am speechless, since I have no words to describe such a beautiful creation of God.
I just want you to know that I will always be by your side, beyond the circumstances and that every day I will love you more and more. For this reason alone I wrote you this little love letter.
I love you you are my life.

And more love letter to make her cry. That nice person that I love and gives me the beautiful  opportunity to love her and be her boyfriend. You are the love of my life  and I write this beautiful letter to you from a distance, to fall in love more and more :

Letters for my girlfriend to cry

Boyfriends love at a distance

Have I ever told you what I love you? Do you know how much I love you?
In this winter every night I want a kiss from you, and it hurts me not to have you close to hug you. These days without you I have realized that without that smile you cannot live, and that I love you more and more every day, so much that I cannot explain it in words. Your absence hurts so much and so much suffering generates me, that all I want is to be by your side and never let you go again. 
I confess that sometimes I am afraid of the distance, and I start to think who has your love now that I do not have it, but then I remember your oath of eternal love and forget those thoughts that only hurt my soul.
Do you know something? Having you away has made me realize the dimension of our own, and that has strengthened my conviction to continue with you beyond any problem that stands in our way. 
I want you to know that today I miss you more than ever and that I remember you at every moment since you are always in my heart and in my thoughts. 
At night I dream of you close to me, and in the morning when I check that you’re not here I feel like I’m dying. But even so I know that patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet, and I know that the fruit of our patient love will be unique.
I know that the best way to stay happy is to know that we will see each other soon and I will be able to love you without limits. Always remember your lover who loved you forever and ever.
I wrote this little letter just so you don’t forget me and so you know I never will. I love you to death. In my heart you will live forever.
Your boyfriend in the distance.
PS: I hope to see you some day soon, I would give my life for a minute in your presence.

Long love letters for her from the heart

Love notes to fall in love and love letter to make her cry. Love letter love …

Beloved bride, love of my life:
I know that I rarely write you letters and that I don’t always show you everything I love you in words. I also know that words can be blown away and that is why sometimes I prefer to show you my love with actions that strengthen our beautiful relationship.
With each passing day our souls are more united, and with each minute that I spend with you I feel that the doors of heaven open before me.
The moment we became boyfriends I thought I could not feel more happiness, but with each kiss you give me I realize that happiness next to you has no limits.
Sometimes I wonder what is the reason that fate gave me the prize of having you with me, it is such a beautiful gift that the universe gave me that I feel that I will not be able to compensate it even with a thousand years of gratitude.
I love you today and foreverYour boyfriend

Missive for a girlfriend

I have been coming from your house, it will seem corny to you that, for a few minutes we have not seen each other and I am already invoking your name … but it is that every day that I spend by your side makes me convince myself more than you are the woman of my life , it is with you that I want to wake up every morning, after having made love to him at night …
That sweet smile of yours that appears when you look at me and those luminous eyes that seem to be different from those you have when you see someone other than me, make me feel that I am the happiest to know that I am reciprocated.
Through the years, I have discovered in you the woman of my dreams and I know that if my desires change, it will be because you will change with them …
I love every corner of you, from your bad moods to those girlish gestures that change women when you make yourself so mine … I love your perversity so subtle, that it doesn’t stop seducing me, only you know how to drive me crazy.
Those beautiful legs that only I have touched from the inside, that way of undressing in body and soul when we make love … but darling! you and I always make love: in each caress, in each look, in each detail, taking your hand for me, is making love. 
Your eyes are the path that illuminates my day, I love that way you walk like flying, I did not believe that angels existed, but you are the faithful proof that they do and the Earth is their home. My world begins and ends with you, will I be absurd, believing that I see the sky in your eyes? 
I never thought that in the same woman I could find a friend, a girlfriend and a lover. You are the best version that can exist of them, you are perfect for me. 
I love the way your body fits perfectly with mine by hugging us, you are the ideal piece for my puzzle. You are the one who is on the other side of my red thread, I want you to be the future mother of my children.
Needless to say, I love you beyond limits …
Your boyfriend…

Emotional love letter to girlfriend to make her cry

I do not know how to explain this feeling that I carry in my soul, since from the very moment that you are next to me, my heart is  shining with love. My world turns around and suddenly I realize that the most beautiful thing I can have is your presence by my side. When you hold me with your cotton hands I feel like I am flying a thousand meters high, touching the sky. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dream and I’m afraid to wake up. Ours is so fantastic that I could never have imagined it in my dreams; No one has ever made me  feel as happy and loved as you do. When your eyes rest on me, the only thing that interests me is that time stops, and so I can lose myself in your angelic gaze for  all eternity.

I know that I am not perfect and that even so you have learned to love me beyond my shortcomings. If in dreams an angel had come to explain to me that you would come into my life and that you would change it forever I would not have believed him, but that miracle happened, and it is so beautiful. My life went from bad to worse and I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t found you. You have been that angel of dreams that has saved me  from hell and has taken me to the heaven of the gods. I just want you to know that I appreciate every second that you are with me and that I will never leave you alone. Thanks for the strength you give me, thanks for unconditional love, only thanks. Your beloved

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