Love Letter For Her Long Distance

Have you ever written a love letter for her long distance? If your answer is yes, you will know how complicated it is to have your loved one far away, however, there are always ways to surprise that person you love so much, even if they are far away.

A love at a distance is that relationship where the people who love each other are physically separated; In the 21st century it is said that it is one of the most common relationships, since, with globalization and technology, more people can meet in different states or countries.

When you have a long-distance relationship, sometimes, it is more difficult to express everything you feel towards the other person, this is why a letter can help you vent and let the other person know how much you love him and how you feel .

In this article you will find 20 remote love letters that you can dedicate to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or if you are in a plan of conquest.

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+20 remote love letters that you can dedicate to your girlfriend / boyfriend

A letter is the best way to express all your feelings towards another person, being away from the loved one is a terrible and distressing feeling that can bring out insecurities; don’t let that happen to you.

With a letter you can always bare your soul and calm your being. If you have never written a letter, either to your girlfriend or boyfriend; Here we leave you several examples of beautiful remote love letters:

Letter: To my love at a distance

In this beautiful anonymous letter the author undresses his soul, and lets the person he loves know how important it is to him, also without any problem he makes himself vulnerable and makes it very clear that he is the love of his life.

This letter is a perfect example of how to open up to a person, especially when they are away. It is never good to be self-conscious, and the author of this letter knows it very well.

It is really exciting for me to be able to write to you in this letter all the thoughts of love that I have only for you, because you generate impressive things within me, things that I had never felt for someone before and for which I am convinced that you are the person indicated, that wonderful being that life has sent me to be happy.

Now that it’s been a while since we’ve been together, I can really understand how important you are to me. You have become the engine of my life, that reason to be happy. Before meeting you I did not know for sure what love at a distance meant, if someone told me to define this feeling, without a doubt I would say that love is you, my life.

Letter: My precious love at a distance

This letter is loaded with much feeling and nostalgia, where the author reflects all the love he feels towards that person who is far away. It also highlights how beautiful a long-distance relationship can be.

It is not necessary to be together for two people to be in love, they say that love supports everything and waits; and in a distant love that is put to the test

It is gratifying for me to be able to write these lines to you, because in some way I must express all this love that I have for you, all this feeling that I carry inside, eagerly awaiting the perfect moment when we will meet again, to give each other that kiss of love that was pending and that strong hug that improves everything.

We have a very special relationship, a relationship like no other, because despite this distance that separates our bodies, even our minds, souls and hearts are still together, as if we were next to each other, as if we were one, and that. It gives me so much strength to continue, that every day that passes I love you more and more.

Love Letter For Her Long Distance

Letter: Distance doesn’t matter

The author in this love letter from a distance shows us everything he feels towards the loved one, it is a letter full of nostalgia and emotion for that reunion, it also shows the struggles of a long distance relationship.

This letter is a special demonstration of perseverance and that need to be close to the person you love.

I know it is very, very difficult to get out of this far. On certain days, things can seem impossible. But there are some things I want you to know and understand when the going gets tough.

First, I want you to always remember how much I care about you. Despite the miles between us, I’ll never stop wondering how your day is, spontaneously calling you when I know you’re having a rough day, or just sending you a nice text to brighten your day. Your happiness means everything to me. No matter how far away I am, you are always on my mind. I always want you to have a great day, having fun and making memories.

Letter: For a love on the internet

This letter shows how love is in the 21st century, where a computer is the bridge between two souls who love each other, it is not necessary to be physically together, when two hearts beat in one feeling.

Many loves occur online, and although it is complicated, many take the risk for the person they love.

It is beautiful for me to be able to write these lines to you, because I have so much to tell you, so much love to express to you, that I find this perfect way to do it. You don’t know how I can’t wait for the day to come when I can hold you in my arms and show you with kisses that what I feel for you is real and wonderful

We fell in love over the internet, it is true, and many people may not understand it, but I am sure that you, like me, know that this relationship we have is based on a real love, on a love that happened the way most unexpected but also the most beautiful.

Letter: Thank you for existing

This letter is a reflection of the sincerity of one person who writes to another with his heart in hand. Where nostalgia and that hurricane of feeling invade him and make him write with so much love.

First of all, thank you for existing

I encourage you to write because the distance is very great and I don’t know when I will be able to see you again.

I’m fine but a little sad because the days go by very slowly and the desire to be by your side is enormous. I want to hear your voice and I’m only satisfied listening to our favorite song

Letter: I’m thinking of you

The author of this remote love letter shows an impressive nostalgia, where he longs to be close to the person he loves, and hopes that his love will grow more and more every day.

The fact of thinking of someone many times a day is not only a sign of falling in love, but of how much the author cares about the person

That’s what I do almost 24 hours a day, think of you. In that little person who has a heart so big it doesn’t fit in his chest. I do not know whether to think, if you are that luck that appears few times in life or if it is simply fate that has united us.

Call me, keep knocking on the door of my heart, keep knocking and insisting that it opens more and more because it is the only thing I want to do in life. Be with you, fly with you, kiss you and hug you.

Because if time is right or time heals, that’s what happens right now. That your eyes are my stars, that your arms are my bandages and that your kisses are my cure. Because I’ve had a bad time but now everything is happiness, full of happiness that fills you inside, that makes me think of you at all times and that gives me everything I need.

Letter: My dear love

In this letter the author shows how difficult and complicated it is to have a love at a distance, however, he also shows how the memories of the person you love are a powerful weapon to combat absence and melancholy.

This letter reflects true love, that which gives itself completely without expecting anything in return, it is a beautiful letter where love from a distance is exalted

One more day to give you this love that knows no fatigue and only knows how to love you regardless of the distance between the two of us. It is only a letter my dear love, everything hurts us, everything becomes heavy, the months, the days that we have been dreaming of being close to both of us, but I want you to know that I am always there for you, I do not do anything else at this time, I write, I erase, and then I think of you again.

The absence also hurts me, I only find consolation writing you the things that because of this great distance that separates us, I still cannot tell you up front as I would like. But I know that you understand my letters, as if they were things that I said in your ear, next to you and hugging you.

Letter: My life

The author of this letter calls on the being he loves to stay strong, because a long distance relationship is not easy. She also longs to wake up next to the person she loves every morning, and to be able to see her whenever she wants.

A long distance relationship is something for the brave because being away from the person you love is not an easy task

I am writing you these lines of love, but also of memory, to ask you to stand firm. I know well that we are not in the best situation to enjoy our love, but I also know perfectly well that this love has the most solid foundations to last over time, which are those of true and shared feeling.

It is so difficult to avoid the disappointment that you do not wake up every morning by my side and transform it into an engine that increases the illusion and excitement of our next meeting. Honestly, some days I can’t handle it. But immediately I look for your image and any disappointment disappears.

Because, despite the distance, I feel you are close. And I get that because I keep in my mind the smell of your hair and the touch of your skin; And because I remember your kisses and even imagining them I can shudder. I do this exercise every day so many times that I sometimes think that you are here with me .

Letter: The distance in love, it is possible

This letter is a message of encouragement for those who may be undecided about having a long-distance relationship; It is a letter where it is shown that despite having the person you love far away, you can cope with a relationship that way.

In addition, love knows no borders or kilometers, love is felt and does not need to be physically with the other person for the heart to beat a million an hour, just by thinking of that special little person.

The distance in love is totally possible, because the distance is after all that, a separation of a few kilometers but not a separation of feelings. Sometimes it can even be more powerful and real than a normal relationship that is sometimes based on routine and dependency.

I love you, I love your voice, your body, your eyes, that look of yours and those cool calls that we live. Long-distance love is real, I firmly believe in it and more so now that I am living it in the first person with the best human being in this world, with you.

Letter: I want to write to you

In this beautiful letter the author reflects how nostalgia and memories can reveal more than anything else. It also shows the sad part of being away from the other person. This letter expresses all that sadness and impotence for not being next to the person he loves.

However, it is still a beautiful letter where everything you feel for the person you love is expressed, despite being miles away.

Today I want to write to you and tell you a thousand things, that since I’ve been here I can’t do it.

From my window that overlooks the street I see a light pole every day that at dusk gives me its fire … I see myself, a teenager and full of light, yes …

+10 Short love letters from a distance

If you are one of those people with few words, and you don’t think you can write or dedicate such a long letter, here are 10 short letters that still reflect all the love and nostalgia for the person who is far away.

Short letters are always a short way of saying how much you feel for the person you love.

Letter: Love

This beautiful letter is full of feeling and hope for the future with the person you love, but who is far away.

This letter is hopeful, the author reflects that he does not remain stuck in the fact of having the person he loves far away, but that he projects himself into that future that awaits them, and that they will soon see each other again

I can sin innocent, dreamer, ignorant! All that defines me, and it is something I accept about myself. But that doesn’t change the uncertainty I feel every time I think about our future together. It is a chimera that we both want, and that we both see increasingly difficult to achieve. We cannot overcome that great obstacle called distance. And in our case it is one of the largest that we can imagine.

I know I love you, and I feel like you share my thoughts too. That is why I am writing you this letter, a sigh of hope for both of you. 

Letter: Missing you

The author reflects in this letter the nostalgia and the desire to be next to the person he loves again, it is a letter where its essence is that of missing the other person; and where memories and thoughts can reassure a restless heart.

This letter reflects a lot of love and dedication towards the other person.

I here, far away and missing you more than much. I have so much to tell you … but mainly I have so much to give you.
I need you, I miss you and it is very difficult for me to be so far from you. During the long day I permanently remember you, your hair, your eyes, your skin, your aroma …

There is not much time to see each other again, and it really comforts me, although I must admit that I want to leave everything hanging and go on the first plane to meet you.

Cart: What will happen to me, I need to know about your life

In this letter the author reflects how important the being he loves is, and how much he needs his presence in his life. It is a letter full of nostalgia and the desire to know about the other person, in addition, it is a letter where the reunion is longed for

The author strips his soul towards the other person, and lets him know how bad he is, and how vulnerable he is without her

What will become of me, I need to know about your life to end this immense sadness that overwhelms my days, I feel like a fish without water, like a daisy in autumn like a penguin in the hot desert, sitting here in the backyard of the house where you gave an end to this immense love, here I write this letter to you, waiting for an encouraging response.

Letter: Long-distance love is no problem

In this letter the author shows how brave it is to face a relationship at a distance, and how complex but beautiful it is. Also, it reflects how immensely happy it made him take the step, and feel everything he feels for that person, despite being far away.

It is a beautiful letter that reveals the courage and great love that one feels for someone who is far away.

I still remember all the doubts that I harbored in my head because of people who told me x things and even I myself thought that this could not work … But despite that memory, there is one that is more powerful, and it is the day that I I dared to go a step further, to meet you and try to move this forward.

Blessed that day! How good that we dared, well look where we are. In a remote love relationship but totally happy, in love and living for each other.

Letter: One more year

In this letter, the author owes some lines to the woman he loves, where, despite the distance, he expresses everything he feels towards her; It is a letter full of feeling and nostalgia.

It also shows that despite the distance, love is still alive in the heart of the author. This letter reflects that despite being physically far away, their love is greater than the miles that separate them.

Today I would like to be with you but things do not go as planned, it is as fast as time passes that I do not even realize that I am in this situation, I would like to be at your side right now celebrating this unprecedented event and without saying a word. I love you and you are the best but I think it will have to wait

Letter: Love at a distance

In this letter the author shows how much he needs to be with the person he loves; They are lines full of nostalgia and longing for the reunion with that loved one.

It is a letter where the author smoothly expresses the need to love, and how bad he feels for not having the person he loves by his side

My love, I need you, because with you my eyes shine as if it were the sun, just by imagining our life together. I need you, because you make my body want you every second of the long day. I need you, because you make my smile last forever on my mouth when I see you arrive. I always need you, because my hands tremble when they come close to your smooth skin. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I need it, because your fragrance was marked by fire in me and I feel in each awakening away from you that you accompany me. 

Letter: I love you

It is a letter full of uncertainty and nostalgia, where the author expresses how difficult it is to have the person you love far away. The author reflects how tortuous a long-distance relationship can be, where there are more doubts than certainties.

This card reflects that stage where fidelity is put to the test, and the resistance of the couple, it is the moment where doubts begin within the distance relationship.

I can sin innocent, dreamer, ignorant! All that defines me, and it is something I accept about myself. But that doesn’t change the uncertainty I feel every time I think about our future together. It is a chimera that we both want, and that we both see increasingly difficult to achieve. We cannot overcome that great obstacle called distance. And in our case it is one of the largest that we can imagine.
I know I love you, and I feel like you share my thoughts too. That is why I am writing you this letter, a sigh of hope for both of you. 

Letter: There are no borders or barriers in this love

This letter is full of hope and illusion, where the author tries to show the positive side of having a long-distance relationship, and where, despite the difficulties that arise, it can always be overcome

It also states that there are no barriers that can sink the love that both people feel, and that despite being far away their hearts are still together.

There are no borders between you and me because we love each other. There are no barriers, there are no limits and nothing and no one can come between us. Only you could make me separate from you, if you asked me, although let me tell you that that would be death in life for me. I love you so much that distance is not a problem for me. Hearing your voice, seeing you, calling you and talking to you makes me feel close and I feel with a fortune that I would have imagined in life. 

Letter: Hello Heaven

In this letter the author reflects the sincerity that he hopes to receive from his partner, where despite not always being physically together, they attract a lot.

The author of this letter tries to sincere his emotions, and show what he feels and what he would like to come to feel for that person.

I have thought about writing you this love letter because I like things clear, I like sincerity above all else, but above all I like surprise. Have you received many love letters in recent times? This is probably the first, but I hope it’s not the last.

The objective of these lines is to clarify what I feel for you. Because these early encounters are juicy and exciting, but we are far away and I would like to know what we could become.

Letter: I love you too

This short but effusive letter is full of love and affection, where the author bared his soul by showing himself completely in love with his partner, he is vulnerable and eager to see the loved one again.

This letter is also hopeful because you look forward to hugging and kissing your loved one.

How I would like me to feel how much I miss you, I would like you to always be by my side that would make me very very happy, I know that the day will come to see you again and to tell you again I love you whispering in your ear, it’s weird but even you I miss when I’m sleeping, I love you too much, you were, are and will be my greatest and only love,

Tell you that I do not want you to leave again, I love you with my whole soul and I miss your caresses, kisses and even fights, I will wait here until that day comes which surely I will not leave you even for moments, thank you for being with me side, I love you.

It is always a good time to dedicate a letter to the person you love, do not miss this opportunity, and send a beautiful love letter from a distance to that special little person. Despite the distance, let him know how much you care, and the special place he occupies in your heart

A letter is always the best way to express what you feel, it is not necessary to be a special date to dedicate a letter. Your partner will always want to receive one, since it is an unusual gesture, which appeals to sentimentality and romance.

Keep in mind that letters can be an ally in your love at a distance. Don’t let love go out, keep the feeling alive with a beautiful love letter from a distance.