Love in College: How to Combine a Relationship and Study

Getting married or getting into a serious relationship can be a tall order if you are still in college. Academic studies take their toll, and it is never easy to find the right balance between your personal life and educational aspirations. Research shows that when things go wrong in your personal life, you might have to pay too high a cost. This has implications for your mental health and your overall quality of life.

To avoid the trouble and hassle of messing up your life with convoluted relationships and disorganized academic schedules, we have done some research to identify best practices in managing both areas of your life to avoid unnecessary conflict. Check out our recommendations and make every effort to have and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Be clear about your long-term goals

First things first. You need to be clear and honest about your long-term educational and career goals. These are going to be your milestones, and you need to have a clear, achievable, and time-bound plan to attain them. When you start a relationship, it is always a good and smart idea to exchange your plans to see if there are any points at which the two plans could converge. 

Clarity about your goals also helps you and your partner to plan your next steps better. It excludes or minimizes any potential clashes or misunderstandings. It is also a great way to help each other out with academic assignments.

Honest and straightforward communication is key

Communication with your partner is of crucial importance. Never let things build up. If there is anything that irks you, it is always a good idea to discuss it, no matter how unpleasant the subject may seem. Be honest about your feelings, recognize your own faults, apologize when due, and be constructive to find a mutually agreeable solution. Similarly, give praise when due. It never hurts to commend your partner on his or her good deeds.

Respect both your and your partner’s time and commitments

Be aware of your and your partner’s priorities, time commitments, and college assignments. Never try to do anything at the expense of other important tasks, whether they are yours or your partner’s. Planning is key here. Stick to your schedule and build in spaces to enjoy your time together without any fear of compromising other priorities. This becomes particularly important when you need to deal with your exams toward the end of the academic year.

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Plan your vacations to spend time together

Traveling together is one of the best ways to get to know each other better. It is also a time when you don’t need to worry about your college assignments, essays, or term papers. Surely, you might have different ideas about which destinations to choose, but with some compromise from both sides, you should be able to figure out the places that cater to your interests in equal measure.

Small gifts can make a huge difference

It is a rewarding experience to be in relationship, so you should always show your appreciation through various means. Develop a habit of giving your partner gifts once in a while. They don’t need to be expensive. You must choose the things that your partner likes or enjoys most. These are great tokens of appreciation. 

If you know your partner well, you should be able to find things that will make him or her happy for the rest of the day, if not days. Be creative; you might not need to buy things necessarily. You can always come up with something on your own, relying on your imagination and creative skills.

Bottom Line

It is not rare for a college student to have a crush on someone. When you start a relationship, you should never do it at the expense of your long-term academic or career goals. Instead, you should find a way of combining your relationship with your studies. To make things work, you need to communicate clearly and honestly with your partner at all times. When possible, do things together, share the burden, and help each other out to have a fulfilling and rewarding relationship.