Love Dedications

Do you need love dedications to seduce your girlfriend or boyfriend? Do you want to conquer a woman who drives you crazy but you don’t know what to say to her? So, do not miss what we have prepared for you. We have selected the most beautiful messages on the entire network!

best love dedications for my boyfriend, husband, girlfriend

I want to caress you with my hands, protect you with my arms, kiss you with my lips … but above all, I want you to make a hole in your heart.

The only limit that exists is in the l0ve I feel for you.

Happiness is how I feel when I remember the first time we held hands.

Why do you smell so good? Your scent has become my drug.

I l0ve you so much that I have stopped believing in God to believe in Cupid.

The human being has been able to invent the airplane to fly. Of traveling into space. Of building a home. So don’t tell me that our luv is impossible.

In my life I only want one thing: that you are in it.

If you were happy away from me I would accept it, but last night I looked at the sky and the stars confessed to me that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.

I like tobacco, but even more that moment when I take a cigar, throw it on the floor and passionately make luv to me to take off my overalls.

No one will luv you as much as I do. You know why? Because I l0ve you from the bottom of my heart.

+ I’m freezing. – Why don’t you wrap up? + Why don’t you hug me?

I need to confess one thing to you, one thing that I want to tell you for a long time… But I am ashamed and I prefer that you pay attention to words 8 and 9.

Cupid was right with his shot, because whenever you look at me I lose consciousness.

Today I crave a thing that nobody but you is capable of giving me, a thing called luv.

If you leave I have nothing left … because to me you mean everything.

I have prepared a surprise for you. I am going to give you what I value most in my life, but I want you to open it when you are alone in your room (at that moment you give him a closed mirror so that when he opens it, he can see his face).

I have written this dedication as a tribute to one of the most important works of my land, Tirant lo Blanc, in which the protagonist gave this gift to the woman he was in l0ve with.

Let’s stop talking, close our eyes and caress each other until we fall asleep.

I don’t care where your future is, where you go; You will always have me there, by your side.

I l0ve you in your smiles, in your kisses and your caresses … but above all I luv you when you confess that they are the reason you want to live.

I just want you to know that I would give my whole life for you.

Sometimes I imagine that I am a fish, that you are the sea, because that way I could never separate you.

I l0ve my friends, but I luv you with all my strength.

I decided that I did not want to tell you my feelings, because I preferred to show them to you.

I l0ve your lips when they smile, but your kisses melt me ​​…

You swore to me that if I took a smile from you, you would kiss me. It’s your turn…

You said that our luv would not last more than two years, so I have stopped time.

I’m going to squeeze you … with my hugs. I want to steal … your heart. I need to scream … that I will l0ve you until the end of my days.

I am very happy when you are by my side. I don’t know how to live without you anymore. If you got tired of me and left me, I wouldn’t know how to get over it.

I want to experience a romance like in fairy tales, and I want you to be my fairy.

A perfect love dedications to express your feelings towards a person that you really care about. If you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner or if you are falling in l0ve with a girl, this beautiful date is ideal for the occasion, since you are making her see how you feel about her.

Every time we say “see you tomorrow” I remember how much I adore you, how much I luv you … and that I can’t imagine a life without you.

My best friend is pissed off because I told him that I’m hooked on a drug … But what he doesn’t know is that you are my drug.

Thanks to you I have forgotten what suffering and misery was, because the only thing I feel now is passion and many, many desires to smile.

Whenever we say goodbye, I smell my jacket because it still contains your scent.

Love Dedications

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for transforming my cries of pain into infinite happiness.

When I started to meet you, I felt that a void was filling inside me, that fear was only the result of our complexes. You cannot imagine what I have achieved thanks to you.

Before meeting you my head was full of thoughts … Now just think of the joy of having you by my side.

I apologize for stealing those hugs, those smiles, those hours of your life … However, I will risk continuing to steal your l0ve.

A look, a caress, a kiss, a little silence … and then I will make love to you.

Do you want to know why I fell in love with you? Because my soul was empty, but you filled it when I met you.

During the day I want to think about you, and I do. But at night, when I do not own my thoughts, I dream of you.

Just speak the magic words “I love you” and I will teach you what true love is.

YOU are the only reason for my happiness.

I have always been a man who was guided by logic, but since you appeared my heart began to rule.

I will be honest with you: I am tremendously greedy. I love you with all my soul, but I want to be the only person you remember every morning.

I feel like a hug, but only if it’s yours. You cheer me up?

With a greeting we introduce ourselves, with several messages we met, with a smile we fell in love … and here we are, hugging each other in bed overflowing with happiness.

The first day you smiled at me, I noticed a tickling in my stomach. Also the third, and the fifth …

Everyone said that ours would be a mistake, but sometimes “everyone” is not right.

If you stay, in a few years you will realize that it is the decision that will make you truly happy.

I have never liked gifts, however, all your looks, all your whispers, all your luv … are gifts that are worth more than gold.

My favorite recipe is your kisses, because my favorite flavor is that of your lips.

My heart can’t hold that much love, so she asked my tripita for help and now I’m tickling the day.

I wish to have you day and night, with cold and heat, so that no one else has a chance to conquer your heart.

You and I are like yin and yang. So our relationship is perfect, because we complete each other.

Step of jewelry, expensive cars or huge chalets … I just want to see your beautiful face in each awakening.

You are beautiful, yes. You have very pretty eyes, too. But what made me fall in love with you was not your physique … but your soul.

Honey, let me show you that there is nothing that overcomes the love I feel for you.

I love you and I don’t love you. That is the difference between you and the others.

I had always been a skeptic of love at first sight … until you said hello to me.

I plan to call the police, because you stole my heart.

I compose a sonnet for you if you give me your love. I know it is not fair, but it is that my luv you already have.

Why are images with love dedications so important?

A good way to show your girlfriend (or boyfriend) how much you love him, is through a beautiful dedication of love. In fact, when you don’t remind that person how special he is to you, luv begins to dissipate until it disappears completely . A relationship is not about seducing the girl you like and then forget about her, you have to work it out every day.

In this sense, dedications are always a good resource, as this shows your partner that you are even more in love than the day you met him. In addition, it is ideal to fall in love with the person you like.

It is important that you do not confuse the love dedications with the funny compliments , since the former are more charged with sensitivity and are not as daring or superficial as the latter.

This type of message or love dedications is ideal if you find it difficult to take the step and are ashamed to say what you feel, because it is not necessary to be funny or be so spontaneous. You will see how dedicating romantic words to that girl (or boy) is much easier than you think.

When is the best time to use a romantic dedication?

There are hundreds of ways to make a dedication. Usually they accompany a gift with some nice words showing your feelings . You can do it for Valentine’s Day, on your anniversary or a date that is important to you. With this, you will turn that surprise into something unique and personal, that expresses how you feel about it. Buying something from him is always a good idea, but if you accompany him with a dedication you are opening yourself to that person, telling him your feelings, which gives him much more sentimental value.

Also, use love dedications when you feel like it if you think the time is right, but do not make them a routine because in the end they will end up losing their effect. What’s more, the magic of these words lies precisely in surprise.

Is a dedication of love enough to make someone I like fall in love?

Not at all. Much more is needed. A dedication can help you, but relationships are much more complex than just pretty words. Although they serve to reinforce luv with your partner, if you do not show what you promise, the spark will gradually go out until it cools completely.

Once you have conquered him with your love dedications, it is time to act, to have good details that make him see that you are serious and that what you promised him was not verbiage. And this works for your wife, your boyfriend or someone special.

In short the love dedications are carried by the wind. If what you feel is true luv, your partner will thank you for showing it to him with actions that excite him inside, that make him vibrate. That is, when you win him over with your dedication, culminate it by showing him that it is true.

So far this list with love dedications.