Love Confession Letters

Confess love to the woman or man you like and tell him/her that you like and love him / her with these love confession letters.

Love Confession Letters for the girl I like

Have you ever heard of love? That feeling that allows you to move entire mountains with the force of a single finger. Something like this is what is inside me every time I think of you, my best friend until now. I know this letter may take you by surprise, and it is something I fear and desire at the same time. I have a strange fear that you will run away from me, but without risk there is no reward, and winning your love is the greatest undertaking of my life.

It is time to tell you what I think you have suspected for so long: I love you, I love you more than my own life. You are what I most desire in the world, a person who has managed to make me excited as if it were the only thing that exists. I want you to give me the opportunity to show you that, in addition to being a good friend, I am capable of being the best boyfriend in the world.

Letter to my crush man

Writing this letter is one of the most difficult tests I have ever been through in my life, but I want to do it before fear again causes me to turn off the computer in front of me. I love you, I love you more than anything in this world, more than my own soul and everything I have owned so far in my life. The love I feel for you is so immeasurable that thinking that you love me as much as I love you is practically impossible.

Will this letter accomplish what I have not accomplished in person? You may not even have realized until these words what you produce within me; I understand, shyness has always been very strong in me. In spite of everything, I want to finally reach this goal that I had set for myself, to confess what I feel and for you to decide the fate of both of us.

The sun that illuminates me

One thing that life has taught me is fighting for what we love and not giving up until we achieve our goals, there are many things that are not easy to obtain but it is those things that one values ​​and appreciates more, my heart long ago suffered a lot of pain for People who do not value what one gives, without knowing me you approached me with the title of friend and without more to say, you asked me, is everything okay? Is something wrong with you? I did not know how to react since I did not expect someone to care about me and more a person I did not know, little by little you began to cheer me up every day you began to be my sun, my light.

Today I am selling you to say that I would like you and I to take this friendship a little more seriously, I propose to start a relationship which is based on love, affection and trust
I hope and you give me this opportunity because for you I really feel something very special and sincere.

Confession of love

love confession letters

Today on this beautiful day I finally dare to confess something that I have been showing you with facts for a long time, you have not realized how I feel about you. Do not worry, it is not a bad thing, on the contrary, for you I feel admiration, passion, an enormous affection that I cannot describe, I want to protect you until life reaches me, I want to love you until I can no longer, and grow old by your side that I want,

I declare my love, I declare my admiration I declare that I adore you and I declare that I want to be by your side, I know that you are my best friend, and that once we promised not to fixate on each other but I do not send my heart but not It matters to break a promise of love, I know you feel something similar and I would like to know if you, my precious, beautiful and admirable lady, would you like to be my girlfriend?

Love Confession Letters to my friend

Hello dear friend, today I have noticed that you have no idea what this heart of mine feels for you, and I want to mention that when you see you quiet every day that I see you, my heart looks for a way to see you smile, I have lived in silence these last months, years, days and I want to let you know that my heart would give everything as long as you were more than a friend.

You do not know how beautiful it is to see you happy every day of my life, when I look at you sad, just my heart and I will do our best to see you laugh, my intentions are sincere, you are my princess and a beautiful lady, pretty and intelligent, I am not going to give more “detours” this letter has the purpose of telling you that I have loved you for a long time and I hope you, my beloved, give me a chance.

Letter to confess

The longed-for moment has finally arrived for which I have spent so many sleepless nights, for which I have yearned for the last few years, wanting to gather strength and courage to be able to tell you. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world, more than my own life. I can see my world advance, see how my social circle advances little by little, forming its own paths in this world, but mine is dark, without light, lacking that energy that is you.

I want to tell you again: I love you. Two words that have burned in my mind and that now that I have been able to pronounce they fight to come out after each sigh from my mouth. I love you as no one can ever love you in life, as only a person truly in love is capable of feeling. Give me this opportunity, my life, and let’s learn together what true love is.

I don’t get you out of my mind

I will not tell more lies, I can not hide as much as I try this sad and happy truth, something that is noticed from the farthest point of my heart many already know it and you still doubt it, I only ask you to let yourself be loved and if You can teach to love you, since I want to learn from you, all that beautiful that makes me smile every day and be able to live so happily.

For you I do so many things that I never thought to do, and that is why I love you with me, I ask for your help to avoid all this pain, and that you teach me to love and love at the same time, it is not just another love or friendship letter. A real letter, a letter that makes everyone turn around me thinking what gestures you will be doing at this very moment in which you read this letter, but I only tell you that it is not so easy to get you out of my mind. I don’t get you out of my mind

Dreaming of eternal life

I don’t know what’s happening to me lately. I’ve been dreaming about you, what have you caused me? That was not me, you make my whole body shudder with joy when you see you, when you hear your voice, when you look at me and without a doubt when you touch me, but unfortunately I have to wake up from this dream that only makes me fall in love more and more, you already have someone by your side while I still think kiss your lips

I don’t want to dream anymore, I want to wake up and see you lying in my arms, is it too much to tell you to leave that person and come by my side to be happy for an eternity? I don’t lose anything by writing this confession this love letter, I only win May my soul free itself from this prison of passion that has been consuming me for a long time, come to my side and let’s live this dream that I live awake every day, I love you with all my soul.

My greatest love, my friend.

Hello, you have always been the best counselor, that person who always supports me, the one who is through thick and thin, the person who tolerates me when I am in love, and guess what! I have fallen in love again but this person you know is someone with whom you get along well,

I tell you how I started to feel things for her, when I looked at her I saw her tenderness made me paralyze, I look at her with disbelief because I feel that I do not deserve her she is too much for me, however today I am going to confess that I love her, that I do not I had realized how special she is to my heart, I will be careful not to hurt her because she is my greatest joy. Do you want to know who she is? It’s easy, you’re my beautiful friend! And I know this will be a bit strange for you, but I had to do it, I could not hide this sincere and honest love.