Love At First Sight Quotes

Today we bring you the most beautiful love at first sight quotes for those who could fall in love with a simple look or a smile.

Everyone feels at some point in his life that Cupid has sent him an arrow, that strange sensation in which your heart begins to beat revolutionized and you are not able to understand it … if you just said Hello to that person! After a while, you realize that you may have fallen in love with a boy or a girl that you don’t know anything about, since you start thinking about him for no reason.

With the short sentences that we leave you below, you will connect with this feeling that so many people have. Also, we would love for you to leave your sentences at the bottom .

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It was meeting you and falling in love, and you approached me because you realized.

Love? at first sight is feeling a real crush on the heart.

The day we met, I believed that my mind abandoned reason to the beat of my heart. Come on, I was going crazy for you.

I like to call it love at first smile.

If you have never fallen in love at first sight, it is because you have never heard the opinions of your heart.

Life is too short to ignore the heart. Do not repress your feelings, let them flow to who could be your better half.

There are those who think that love❤️ at first sight is an illusion, a farce; but for me it is the beginning of eternal love.

Don’t cry anymore, sweetheart, because I just fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the universe.

When you cross a look and suddenly the heat rises and your heart begins to beat, it is that love has caught you off guard.

Love❤️ at first sight cannot be understood. You just have to feel it.

There are those who succumb to their fears, and there are those who allow themselves to be guided by even the most sudden love.

There are so many reasons why I would hug you… For example, the first time you smiled at me. And I don’t remember the others because that’s when I lost my mind.

When I met you and you looked at me for the first time, I felt my heart recover the desire to live.

For me love? at first sight was a fiction … until our eyes met.

Crossing with the true love of your previous life is not a coincidence.

love at first sight quotes

Remember those feelings that flooded your soul when you saw him for the first time, recite them softly … and you will melt him with love.

Your pupils looking at me were chocolate, but your lips were the icing on the cake.

Your gaze met my gaze and suddenly our mouths smiled.

Do you believe in love❤️ at first sight or do I have to happen again?

Some think that if you fall in love with someone at first sight, it means that someone was your love in a previous life.

My favorite moment after introducing ourselves was that silence, that look, that smile …

It was how you looked at me, how you listened to me, how you smiled at me… how you gesticulated, how you imposed… I felt captivated from the first time we were introduced.

Love? at first sight is not real; you just meet the person in your life and you know you will love him unconditionally.

I was carrying a compass trying to orient me, but suddenly you appeared and pointed at your heart. Often what seems crazy turns out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

It was crossing with you and starting to understand those love songs…

The first day you passed me, you made my legs tremble until I fell to the ground.

I was walking in the park thinking about my things and suddenly we collided. My hands started to sweat and I didn’t know what to say. Then I knew that I had fallen in love with you.

There are two outcomes for love at first sight: a full fudge or the best experience you will ever live.

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Aspects about love first sight that you surely did not know

Known to others as a crush , this love is based on a sudden reaction of our body as soon as you first meet a person. It is a somewhat strange sensation that causes these symptoms

Difficulty talking to the person you have fallen in love with. Words don’t come out.
The heart goes to a thousand an hour.
It is very likely that you feel identified with one of them, right? Many people think that love at first sight? is a mere fantasy, but there are people who have actually experienced it.

However, the truth is that these feelings do not become entirely accurate, but come from an idealization of that supposed lover. In other words, you have not really fallen in love because you do not really know anything about her, but it is a platonic love, which resides in your mind, hormones and the feeling of physical attraction.

In this sense, if that person rejects you or you are not reciprocated, you should not be depressed , since deep down you did not get along and your feelings were a mirage of something that you thought was love but that you do not really know inside.

So far all these love at first sight quotes.