Love and studying at the same university – good or bad idea

At first, glance, studying with someone you love can seem like a great idea, because you will have more time together, share each other’s interests and understand better the problems they face during their studies. But is it all straightforward? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of loving and studying at the same university in more detail.

Studying with someone you love at the same university – the advantages and disadvantages

The student period – is the prime of human strength, and, according to statistics, it is during the study in higher education, young people get acquainted with their future partners. Based on the latest published statistics, the average age of marriage is around 25.

So, if we find our love at university anyway, let’s find out what benefits it can bring and what situations to be wary of.

The benefits of a relationship in the same university

Shared interests – the strongest marriages occur between people who understand and share each other’s interests. No one can understand a medical professional better than a person involved in medicine, no one can understand mechanics better than a person who deals with them every day. This is why, by studying at the same university, people are much more likely to have not only common interests but also similar outlooks on life. What is more, you can help each other with homework and paper writing. If you are not a pro in this field and she or he asks you “write my paper please”, you have no choice except for WritingAPaper. This popular writing service helps students with writing and editing their essays, presentations, term papers, and so on. Take care of your other half and order an essay in special service. It’ll save you time and you can spend this time together. To get more about the best writing services, look through Reddit reviews from real students. And don’t hesitate, maybe you have a chance to get a discount on the second order.

More time together – the period of higher education is much more difficult compared to the school years. Students are under a lot of pressure: couples, lectures, seminars, internships, and thesis and dissertation writing. Sometimes they are at such a frenetic pace that they have no time for personal life. But if you study at the same university, it’s much easier to make time for your life partner.

Support – by being in the same university, people understand each other well and can support each other much better than a stranger;

More effective learning – as strange as it may sound, studies show that students who have a relationship in the same group or the same stream have much better learning outcomes. This is attributed to the fact that people are used to impressing their mates, and during college, the best way to do this is to show off your knowledge.

Disadvantages of single-student relationships

Conflicts in the group – studying in the same group, there is always a risk of quarrels in the background of everyday trifles, because often there are unforeseen and unpleasant situations.

Gossip – If students are in a relationship at the same university, they should be aware that sooner or later, no matter how well they protect their relationship, rumors will start flying between them. And often, rumors have a very unpleasant context, which young couples should be prepared for.

Flying in the clouds is the flip side of the relationship medal. Not all students jump into their studies, trying to impress their significant other with their knowledge and achievements. Usually, a period of extreme inattention and inconsistency appears at the beginning of the relationship, and over time passes without interfering with further study.

Separation – no matter how much the partners love each other, there is always a risk that over time they will drift apart, not finding common ground, or for other reasons. If you study in the same stream but not in the same group, a break-up will be easier to cope with than if you face your unrequited love every day in your classes. So, think twice before getting involved with your classmates.

What other students think about it

According to studies, more than half of students wouldn’t like to have a relationship with a partner from the same study group. More than 10% decided that such a relationship would impair their academic performance and could cause various problems. 20% of respondents decided that there is nothing wrong with having a relationship in the same university as long as they study in different groups.

How to combine the study and private life to get everything done

In today’s world, most students who have just flown the ‘home nest’ into the strict realities of life, preoccupied with their affairs, face time-management problems. This is, of course, common to people of all ages and statuses, from housewives to businessmen, small to large. But it is during student life that this topic is most relevant. Students take on everything at once – studying, working, going out with friends, and fixing their personal lives, sometimes without noticing that they get caught up in it. Many of them find themselves wishing they could do everything, but not getting anywhere. Lack of energy and time tires students, and it often hurts their social relationships and academic success.

Is it possible to do everything? Can we, as students, make our daily schedule so that studying at university balances out our personal lives?

In my opinion, it is realistic, but we need to gather strength, patience, and experience. Or contact the best college essay writing service to cope with at least creating an essay. Everyone has to find the most effective ways to plan for themselves and build their system. It is important to take the first step and not to stop when things don’t work out right away, not to give up saying, “This isn’t for me,” but to look for other ways and try again. You have to prioritize every day, make decisions and learn from your own mistakes, evaluate the results you have achieved and adjust your plans.

Statistics are great, of course, but they provide nothing but dry data. In answering the question of whether to start a relationship at university, the main thing is to listen to yourself and your feelings, because no one knows the answer to this question better than your own heart.