Long Sweet Messages

Expressing through words the attachment and affection you feel for someone is one of the most wonderful things that human beings can do, and if that is your case, we will give you an unparalleled list of messages and long sweet messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend, very beautiful and above all very romantic. Do you want to meet them? Well let’s go see them right now! There are moments where we want to express the deep love we feel for our partner, sometimes it is difficult to find what to say, that’s why I will facilitate your work and show you the best long sweet messages to dedicate to that special person.

Long Text To Send To Your Girlfriend

1. My love, every day awake and I spend a few moments thinking about what my life would be like if you had not reached it. Every time I reach the same conclusion, I would not be as happy as I am now. It would not be my best version, I would not have been able to evolve or grow as I have. Thank you very much for being by my side.

2. It has been a long time since we started dating together and we decided to unite our lives, however, it still amazes me how despite the passage of time our love is strengthened – every second that passes I fall in love more with you, with your smile, from your heart. Our love belongs to those eternal, because we are soulmates.

3. Sometimes the same nightmare wakes me up, I dream that you are gone and my stomach is stirring just imagining it. Without you by my side I would not be so happy nor would I have achieved my goals. By your side I feel like in a fairy tale I don’t want to leave. Only by your side I enjoy full happiness.

4. I know that sometimes we can fight, that there are times when you doubt how much I love you because your apparent imperfections make you lose your security. But let me tell you that without you by my side my world would lack color and that it is your imperfections that make you the love of my life, a perfect person. They are what make you unique to my eyes.

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6. I fell in love with you knowing the difficulties that the future could bring us. I knew that our love would not be easy, that distance would separate us several times a year, but no one said that true love would be easy. That is why I will continue waiting for you and receiving you with a big kiss on your lips, because what is worth it is necessary to defend it and keep it.

7. True love is the most beautiful feeling that life reserves for us. The true love between two souls is indestructible, resists all adversities and strengthens in them. Love inspires the long sweet messages, the most beautiful verses and the best stories. Let’s keep writing ours.

8. It’s very funny how life reserves the best things for you when you least expect them. I never believed in love, I thought it was a mirage for fools and I walked the world with the conviction of not finding a perfect person for me, someone who agreed with me, a person to whom I could give myself. Then life placed you in my path and I understood that true love exists and that the perfect person does exist.

9. I know there are times when you wonder why I chose you, exalting your flaws as the main reason for your doubts. Let me tell you that it was the life that crossed your path and I saw in you a perfect person for me, a smile that I wanted to see every day and kisses that I only wanted for myself.

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Long Sweet Messages

10. Before crossing with you I was a realistic person, I never believed in love at first sight. But only seeing you I discovered that my heart had been hopelessly beaten by your smile and your gaze. Now you are everything to me, you have made me believe in the tales of princes and princesses, in those happily ever after. Long sweet messages and beautiful love texts are the best way to show your love to that person you love and who is probably not close to you at that time.

11. Although it has been a long time since we met and we have been together for many years, it still amazes me how our love just keeps growing, how every day I fall more in love with you and how our relationship only strengthens in difficulties. I love you my dear.

12. When I kiss you my soul is filled with joy, my heart goes wild and the problems disappear from my mind. That’s why I know that our love is true and that I will love you for the rest of my life. Just thinking what would have happened if that day had not crossed our paths fills me with terror. Without you by my side I would not be so happy.

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13. Maybe you think I’m an exaggeration, but I assure you that today I don’t love you as much as I will love you yesterday. My love for you grows every day. Your eyes take me to the ground because of the intensity of your gaze, your kisses take me to heaven and your hugs taste like home. I thank heaven for having you by my side. Rest assured that I will always send you beautiful and long sweet messages to brighten your day.

14. We may have had very strong arguments and fights in our past, but I am still proud of our relationship, because those fights have forged an indestructible love, made us value ourselves more, love ourselves more and understand ourselves like no one else. I am sure of the future we build for both of us, I know it will be full of happiness and prosperity.

15. Life is so ironic that it fills you with surprises when you have lost all hope. I was one of those who thought that love existed or that is why sadness drowned my heart. I thought I would never find my soulmate, the person I could trust without any reservation. Then, one day you appeared and all nostalgia and melancholy left my heart. You are my angel, who filled my life with many blessings, love and joy.

16. I never thought it possible that I could experience a feeling as pure as love, that it could be so intense, that it would fill my soul with so much value. I would fight dragons to see you happy. Because your happiness has become mine. I love you my love.

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17. Despite my continuous mistakes and not being the best person in the world, your patience helped me to mature, to fight to be better and see you smile. Thanks to you I am someone better, my life. Despite the distance that separates us, jealousy and doubts, never think that I do not love you, because you are the reason why I fight every day, you are the person without whom I cannot live.

18. Sometimes you ask me what I saw in you to stay by your side. Actually, just let me go with what I feel for you, my heart assures me that you were the perfect person for me. I listened to him and discovered that it is all your imperfections that make you the perfect man for me, that your eyes are the sea where I want to be shipwrecked and that your personality is the spell that makes me happy. I’ll love you forever, my love.

19. I fell madly in love with you. The way you kiss me, how you smile in the middle of each of our kisses, how your arms narrow my body, how your eyes look at me and see something much bigger in me than I really am. I fell in love with the way you taught me to enjoy life and love.

20. At your side I could learn that love goes beyond a kiss, a caress or desire. I understood that love is given selflessly, without fear and with an overdose of love. Love is trust and deliver the heart in the hands of the other person. I love you my dear.

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