Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

We have collected a list of long paragraphs for her copy and paste to show your feelings to your girlfriend.

Paragraphs For Her

1. When the soul speaks the liver is accordion
And When the soul loves the heart can only follow at night or day
When the soul is good it is expressed in joy in love in good and more to ….. live

2. Night and day I dream of a strong image
The one my dream has in store
I dream of a love of a being so simple so desirable oh possible just a memory of an emotional dream ..
But I don’t want to give it up …. and forever all dreams can come true

3. You know … how nice and sensitive and sweet people are?
Just that … despite all the disappointments, lived
They always have a tender heart and a love to offer

4. I never managed to pretend, I do not have this tasteless and bland “white blood”. Me my blood is red. Red like the fiery fire of the passion of love flowing in my veins. And Red like a warm and touching setting sun at the same time. Red like the lava of a volcano, bubbling at the heart, generous and full of kindness. My blood is blood for blood for blood ,,,,,,,,

5. At dawn this morning I saw the sky cry
It was a sad sky I observed it well,
But a satin ray came to caress
The colors of a summer rainbow path,
And the sun suddenly wanted so bright
That I put my hand on my blind eyes.

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6. And I lifted the veil on all your infamy,
I extinguished the star that lit my life,
Deserted by love , you ran away,
You who loved me by day and deceived me by night,
In all your promises you have been able to lie to me,
In all your caresses you don’t know how to treasure,
And all your devices cannot change anything,
In you everything is fake you can only deceive.

7. When the dark comes
Let it spread over my body
With all its shadow
So I feel Inside me
Raise all the effervescence of his Love
In the same desire
In the same darkness
We are one Soul

8. ” Love … This feeling of well-being and fullness which invades you in the morning, which floods you all day with its warmth and which until evening comes reminds you of the lack of the only Being who provides such sensations , when he is not near you …
Love is that too … Suffering from the presence of an absence … “

– Love is a murderer
– You mean lack of love?
– Yes .. the lack of love. ..

Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

9. Like everything else, love is an emotion that arises without anyone being there for much, and that disappears as quickly if one does not cultivate this ‘flower’ With diligence and hope. Love dies quickly if you don’t feed it what it needs. For love to last it is up to us, to the couple that creates itself on the spark (emotion) that gives birth to it, but it’s still up to us to keep it alive. In love nothing is for granted, it must be exposed every day so that it can see the light, therefore … it takes work, effort and patience combined with passion.

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10. Love with a capital A, to live it we would give anything, we dream about it, share it with the loved one, feel this sweet shiver that overwhelms us, love passionately, give ourselves entirely, love ourselves simply, without expecting anything from the other, without love life is worth nothing, it cannot be bought, it is offered!

11. Listen to your heart, go towards happiness, don’t be afraid, leave reason aside, you have to know how to risk, not to have regrets, to live what there is to live, don’t think about tomorrow, is still far away, loves passionately, simply lives!

12. To be loved for what we are and not what we could be,
To be yourself, to remain true, not to betray yourself.
Change for the better, not to please the crowd,
Liars have hearts that drown in the swell.

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13. This is the basis in my opinion, accept those who are
Without breaking their silences or their sentences of love of emotion.
The other one cannot do it in his own image,
His desire to please, his taste for glamor.
The choice of our friends, the weight of our loves ,
Weigh on what binds the hearts that are made for …
And if there is a mistake, don’t mine
To start crises for this.
Look at yourself first and love yourself very much
Then agree with the other bodies.
Find the ones that fit you, take them as they are,
Make a resolution to love unconditionally.

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14. Tenderness is a small gesture while delicacy, it is to take you in my arms while hugging you against me and to deposit a kiss on your lips tenderly, tenderness it is a smile which I will give you while looking at you, soft and loving is to take your hand and make you pass all my feelings, deep and powerful, tenderness is happiness that we would like to keep for a long time, tenderness is simply to love you and want to keep you , make you forget everything, make your life a PARADISE!

15. Receive a simple rose from you, worth all the most beautiful bouquets of flowers, I will put it on my pillow, its smell will overwhelm me and I will think of you, and when it has dried, while waiting for you I will keep it, the softness of its petals will remind me of your caresses, full of tenderness, its purple red color will represent the love flowing through my veins, the one I have for you making me serene, this rose that you will offer me for me would be a treasure, the most beautiful, a real gem because coming from you, it would represent happiness, the one that warms my heart!

16. There are treasures
For which
You have to pay the price

But if I get older
Close to you
Had been told to me
I could have written
A fairy tale

Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Girlfriend Copy And Paste 

17. In a street in Algiers, a superb woman, very short, dressed, largely discovers her thighs as she enters a bus. An indignant passer by said to her husband:
– You don’t think it’s shameful the way this girl who gets on the bus dressed?
The husband replies:
– What bus … ?? hhhhh. Good morning

18. You climbed a fiery rope to reach my heart, you made your way deep within me, The words of love and even the most beautiful texts of love, have no hold on you, May listen to me tell you … I love you. Good Morning

19. I love you, goddess of the four elements,
You are the fire, by your heat when I am near you,
You’re the water when I’m thirsty for your kisses,
You are the earth when I think of our future home,
You are the air when you give me wings.

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20. Your sweet voice resonates in my mind in the morning and always. You are the sweetest song that only my ears can hear.

21. Maybe it’s too early to say I love you, but I can’t keep this secret. I never felt perfectly happy, and you are the reason. happy morning.

22. When we met my heart was only a big block. Since we are together, I discover other sensations, feelings and desires hit her to never felt or hoped for. Thank you for your love. Good Morning

Heart Touchy Sms

23. Take me by the hand, please never let go of me again I will want to hug you again and again, until I’m one, snuggle against you, forget who I am.

24. Living without you, I never thought of that, in my arms I will keep you warm, you will never be cold. If you accept it, become my queen, I will be your king, what I most want is to be with you.

25. I love you my heart, with you I swim in happiness, you make my heart beat, I love when you smile at me, you are my paradise, I am sure that you are the woman of my life!

26. You are for me my desire to live without you I am very likely to weaken I always want to be by your side to be able to watch you be able to love you your voice is my melody your hands are my desire and your heart a paradise your eyes its my force to continue i want you with me forever i love you.

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