Long love letters to my girlfriend

If you want to dedicate a love letter to your long and beautiful girlfriend, you are on the right track to winning her heart. Well, as you know, most women have a much more developed emotional side than gentlemen.

So carrying out these kinds of romantic details simply drives them crazy. A long love letter to your girlfriend can bring about a much more intimate rapprochement between the two of you. Well, you need to undress your soul and give yourself on paper.

Example of a love letter for my long girlfriend

We show you the following model, where you can visualize the different parts that make up a long and beautiful love letter to your girlfriend:

a love letter to my girlfriend

My love:

Today is not our anniversary, nor is it your birthday; It’s not Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but I’m writing to you because it’s one more day that I want to celebrate with you.

But how can I not celebrate the fortune I have that you are in my life? You don’t know how important it is for me to be able to hold your hand every day, you can’t imagine how my heart melts for you.

I remember your fresh look that afternoon I met you, I fell madly in love with you from the first minute I saw you. Your so frank and light smile got into my mind and, since then, it lives there and tenderly accompanies me.

I remember we danced that same afternoon. It was the first time I felt you so close to my body, in my arms. Happy, even though at that time I didn’t have you. It took many years to finally have you with me. You can’t imagine how happy you make me today.

You are so good and loving to me. If the theory of the law of karma and dharma is true, then I believe that I must have done something very good to deserve such immense happiness.

Honestly, I must tell you that I feel deeply grateful to you and life, for how good you make me feel. It turns out that the way you love me makes me happy, but I also adore the smart woman that you are. Thank you for giving me so much day by day.

My dear, if my actions ever bother you, please let me know. I want you to claim me when you think I’m doing things wrong when you think I’m failing you. Well, I will always be willing to correct my attitude. Of course, I will always be willing to make you happy. Furthermore, I wish that we have enough love to turn any disappointment into infinite hugs.

Our relationship, like all, has not been without some discontent. I know that sometimes we do not agree on the same criteria. Your reasoning can sometimes be a bit disconcerting to me, but even if I don’t always agree with you, I value your opinions. I always try to understand you and accept your ways.

However, I hope that we never lack the intelligence to learn from the setbacks that come our way. I believe we can forgive our mistakes and grow spiritually together. And I just want us to somehow get along. I long for us to love each other, with all our virtues and our oddities.

Always include me in your world, don’t leave me out. Sometimes you close yourself off and I wish I was there for you, helping you and always loving you.

Sometimes when we go in the car, you get lost. Almost without saying words, I can sense some anguish running through your mind. I can feel when it’s time not to interrupt.

My beautiful, do not think that I do not care about your regrets, I only wait for the moment when you decide to tell me your things. I’m always here waiting. Eternally I will be happy to give you my support, to give you my ears to listen to you, to give you my strength if you need it.

In each of the hours of our existence, I will be encouraged to give you the best I have to give you. I ask God to help me shower you with blessings!

I love you precious.

4 tips to achieve a long love letter

Here we leave you some special tricks, to write a love letter for your long and pretty girlfriend.

  1. Facing a blank piece of paper and starting to write can be challenging for some people. It may happen that at first, you don’t know how to start, what to say to start. But, don’t just insist on starting with the best sentence, just think and feel why you want to write to him. Then the best opening phrase will come naturally.
  2. Many things happen in a relationship. There is a time when they met, then a time in the past when they started liking each other. Surely, in your love story, there are endless beautiful anecdotes. Also, there is a future they long for together. Notice how all these wonderful things make you feel and describe them.
  3. It may be that you and your girlfriend have had problems, but surely most of the time you have had happy moments. So, do not get involved in giving more importance to the bad, better try to celebrate more all the good things that you have lived together.
  4. All human beings need to be appreciated, to be told nice things, and valued. Therefore, highlight the virtues of your partner. Furthermore, praise with your words the challenges and misfortunes that you have managed to overcome in life.

Tips for writing a beautiful love letter

  • Take advantage of your writing to flirt with your partner. That courtship will make your letter very funny and adorable.
  • The moment you write is a moment of freedom with your feelings. But at the end of everything you want to say, it is time to rigorously correct. It is essential to check grammatical mistakes. Likewise, revising your letter will allow you to embellish the sentences that need to be improved.
  • In the end, you must specify how you will deliver it. It may be that your partner is far away, maybe you want to send it by traditional mail, or, maybe you decide on the immediacy of email. But if you are lucky enough to have him around, then you could leave the letter on his pillow, or give it to him along with a bouquet or some delicious chocolates. In short, any form of delivery will be the least of it, what is truly exciting, both for your partner and for you, is the loving gesture of sending him a love letter written sweetly by your hands.