Long Hugs From Guys Mean

If any guy hugged you for a long time in the past few days, then you may wonder. You may think what the reason behind the long hug is. This article will provide an understanding of why a guy hugs you for a long time. A long hug from guys means that he likes you. He wants a relationship with you instead of just a friend. Primarily, he does not long hug another person. He shows his attraction with the hug around your waist. He hugs longs either as a feeling of happy or sad.  In this article we will discuss about what does long hugs from guys mean?

Furthermore, there are various reasons for the long hugs. In particular, it is excellent always to consider the context of the hugging. Likewise, note the body language of the guy carefully. Through this, you will better understand the meaning of long hugs. 

Below are some main reasons for long hugs from guys. Each guy is different from the other, so then the reason for long hugs is different in everyone. With the long hugs, his behavior towards you matters a lot. 

Reasons for long hugs from guys

1. When he likes you

If a guy shows positive behavior towards you, then it surely means he likes you. In this case, he wants more long hugs. He always tries to show positive body language whenever around you. In general, he gives you more tight and long hugs. He prefers hugs around your waist. Another sign of his attraction is that he hugs you high up around your upper back. 

If he attracts you, then he also shows some signs. These signs are numerous such as his body language and behavior. 

2. He wants more close relationship

If he is your friend and gives long hugs, he wants to become more than a friend. He attracts to you and wants to make a love relationship with you. If this is your case, then consider that how he hugs other female friends. Most of the time, guys give short hugs to their female friends. 

Conversely, if a guy hugs long than other friends, then he wants you as a partner. He may hug you tighter. As we above told the signs of attraction, he may show you to give a clue. He becomes more defensive when you both are with any man. And he always keeps his eyes on you. He makes his schedule accordingly to your schedule. 

Long Hugs From Guys Mean

3. When he feels sad

Sometimes, when a guy feels sad, he hugs you long. If something happens bad in his life, then he becomes sad and wants to hugs long. You will also notice his sadness through his body language, including water eyes, etc. 

He may long hug you after any tragedy in his life and want some condolence from you. 

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4. When he thinks you are not happy

When a guy feels that you are sad, he hugs you for a long time. Maybe you show signs of sadness? Therefore, he considers that you are not happy in your life. As a matter of fact, if this is the situation, then he will not long hug in the future. 

5. When he misses you a lot

In general, whenever he misses you a lot and after seeing you, he does immediately long hug. It means that he has unique feelings for you. He does a long hug every time he meets you. Thereby, he does not openly say his emotions. 

6. When he sees you after a long time

When the guy sees you after a long time, then he hugs you for a long time. Usually, such long hugs also show that he becomes happy after seeing you. It also shows that you mean a lot to him. As a result, he prefers long hugs. The instant long hug after he considers you show his likeness.

7. Considers you as a good friend

When he considers you as a friend, he hugs you for a long time. Significantly, he does this sort of long hugs with all of his friends. If this is the situation, then he hugs you long as he hugs others. Likewise, he shows the same body language around you and other friends. 

If he does a slight long hug with you compared to other friends, he wants a more profound friendship. He wants that you become a close friend of his. 

8. Consider your relationship with the guy

The considering of the relationship with the guy is also helpful. If he is your friend for a short time, then he wants more than friendship. If this is the reason, then he hugs you a lot. In contrast to hugs other friends, he hugs you more and for a long time. 

If a guy hugs you long whom you do not know well, he may show his polite nature. He also offers his attraction to you. By the way, consider the guy’s body language whenever he talks to you or around you. 

9. Consider the way he hugs you

It is helpful to consider the form of hugging. If a guy long hugs you around the shoulder, then it shows his friendly nature. The hug of the upper back means that may he is your friend or wants more than a friend. 

Subsequently, in this situation, consider the other signs. The signs of his attraction when you are around are more helpful to know about long hugs. If he hugs you around the lower back, then he clearly shows his interest. 

10. Consider where he hugs you

If a guy hugs you where both of you are alone, then he shows his interest. Also, it is the attraction of a long hug when he or you are not sad. If he hugs you when there are friends also, then he shows his friendly behavior. 


In conclusion, the Long hugs from guys mean their attraction. But it is a recommendation to consider other signs of attractions also. He does long hug due to sadness, or he has this habit. We hope that the above all reasons help you easily understand the purpose of a guy’s long hugs.