Long Distance Relationship Problems

When a long distance relationship is maintained, sometimes the desire to have harmony is not so easy to fulfill. There will always be discussions, difficulties and confusion between the two, it is normal. If you are worried about the situation they are in and you fear that their problems have no solution, here we bring you a guide with the 11 most common long distance relationship problems that remote relationships present.

Long Distance Relationship Problems And Solutions

Do not drown in a glass of water and follow our tips to fix them.

Long Distance Relationship Struggles

A couple does not separate until a terrible situation has occurred, right? There is talk of infidelity, someone was irrevocably hurt. But what if you break up and love is not over yet?

It is an understatement that it will not be easy to process a break with someone you still love. The feelings are still present, but one of the two partners decides that there is no longer a future together. It is extremely painful when this decision is made, both for the partner who decides to separate and for the person who gets the message.

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You may see friends and family as the perfect couple: together you are complementary, funny and cute. Moreover: you both love each other. Yet one of the two doubts. Deep inside, there is a feeling of unrest and a sense that something is not correct. That it doesn’t feel right. Although there initially seems to be no clear cause, there is of course always a reason why something is not comfortable.

A period of doubt follows. The feeling that you are making the biggest mistake in your life. Perhaps the relationship can still be saved, because as a couple you belong together. That is possible. But often those thoughts are the result of the fact that you miss your ex. Chances are that you cannot think clearly because of that abundance of emotions. Then it is important to remember that there is a reason why the relationship ended.

The most terrible feeling that the head will raise is the feeling of failure. Because there is still love and is love not enough? Does love not conquer all ? Maybe you were too demanding? Maybe you have an unrealistic picture of love and relationships? Is life not like ‘The Notebook’? But perhaps those questions are just confirmation that you have made the right choice.

It is just what it is. How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

If you deny yourself what you instinctively know you need emotionally in a relationship, then you are not with the right person. Regardless of how much you love that person. Some relationships are just not for ever and ever.  Not because there is not enough love, not because both have not tried enough.

How to Save Your Relationship From Falling Apart

Perhaps at the beginning of the separation they told each other everything, they remembered everything that happened to them during the day and they enjoyed making the summary of their routine to the couple, and now they find it difficult to find what to talk about and they even have trouble finding time to talk. How To Save A Long Distance Relationship,  read more

long distance relationship problems

Moreover, it is possible that now they are satisfied with just sending a short daily message in which they say they are well. It is enough and so they do not feel that they have to pick up the phone and cope with the awkward silences and monotonous responses already habitual.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Do not be alarmed! This situation, although not ideal, does not imply that they have lost the spark. It is normal for couples, together or at a distance, to go through periods in which the routine dominates them and they do not find “exciting” things to be said.

If you want to overcome this blockage that you have, a good solution is to look for topics outside of yourself. That is, not only tell your day to day, but get involved in the situation where the other is, in your interests, in new documentaries or movies.

Stay on top of the news in your town and that of your partner, get new conversation topics based on those places you visit or that are news in your new city.

Failing Relationship Advice

Do you cry day and night because you miss your love? Do you not want to leave your house because where do you go, do you remember? And do you live with sadness and apathy? Do not Skype communications seem enough to you?

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It’s frustrating! Many times that frustration irritates them, prevents them from concentrating on their jobs and their lives and even affects the way they are treated.

For all those in that situation, no communication is enough, however close it may be.

long distance relationship problems

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Falling into depressive states will affect every aspect of your life, so it is important that you seek help from your friends, family, acquaintances and even professional help to learn how to handle these difficult emotions.

A good way to keep the focus is to remember that this situation is temporary, think about the future together and plan based on it. If you remember the reasons why they remain in the relationship and their goals, it will be less difficult to cope with sadness.

Remember that you also have many in your environment that support and love you. Do not ignore them and do not isolate yourself, allow them to approach and thank your company. They can be a good way to distract you as time passes.

Learn new things, invest your time in improving as a person and grow professionally, do not limit yourself by the absence of your partner. On the contrary, take advantage of this time to be the best person you can be, for you and also for that special person.

How to Get Through Hard Times in a Relationship

You probably don’t even remember when was the last time you went out with your friends, or even when was the last time you bought new clothes or managed to feel good about yourself. Do Long Distance Relationships Work

This is very common. It happens because we give so much attention to the distance relationship, that we end up ignoring what we have at hand. You neglect your friends and family, yourself, or even realize you spend time without enjoying life.

long distance relationship problems

Although the couple’s communication is important, you cannot allow your life to revolve around the laptop and the phone, so that your call or message arrives. Your life goes on and you have the right to enjoy it. It is the healthiest thing you can do.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Organize your time to keep up and talk without neglecting your friends or your jobs.

Technology is a great ally. Whenever you miss your partner you can write a message, it is not necessary to stay at home isolated from others.

Love Problems

Do not feel guilty about moving forward, because your partner is also living and adapting to new experiences without you. It is logical and normal.

If you have been wanting to learn new things or travel to a special place for a long time, do not shy away from doing so because your partner is missing or somehow you feel that you betray her for moving on.

Stop enjoying things will only hurt them. Do not be selfish or dependent on each other and allow yourself to improve as people.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Only you have the responsibility to be happy for yourself. Your life and growth cannot depend on whether or not your partner is by your side. Both must find ways to grow and take advantage of separate time to improve, not to stagnate.

Talk and communicate. They are partners and that is why it is essential that they support each other in what they want to try.

Learn new things, surround yourself with interesting people. That also helps you to distract yourself from the separation and make your day-to-day life easier while staying away.

How to Deal with Frustration in a Relationship

Many times we hide our concerns and feelings of the couple because we think they are trivial, that they will not be understood or we do not want to place a greater burden on the other. follow Long Distance Relationship Rules

Do you recognize that you usually do not express your frustration because it often gets out of hand? That you get angry and all stops stop immediately? If you tell people your truth very hard, you often break down more than you build with it. Family ties,  for example, relationships at work or with friends. While expressing your frustration can also be very enlightening to others and it can also be a good  emotion  .

If frustration turns to anger, you can destroy a lot   . And yet: anger is one of our five  basic emotions . So it is something that belongs to people. So in principle it is very normal that we feel it occasionally.

Just like happiness, being afraid, feeling sad and being in love. With anger, just like with the other basic emotions, it is useful and important if you have some control over it. In other words, you can keep it under control within reasonable limits. At least that you don’t get stuck in it.

It is a serious mistake, because the idea of talking is to communicate honestly. The couple cannot move forward or solve their problems if they do not assume and understand them. Remember that this person is your partner and deserves to know what happens to you in order to support you.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

When they are at a distance it is when they most need to connect and be honest with each other.

Expressing their concerns and looking for alternatives for both of them is essential to stay together and cope with the time they must remain separated.

Hard Times in a Relationship

Hard times in a relationship.Excessive jealousy ends a relationship!

They may help show interest and affection in their fair proportion, but they can easily get out of control and affect the relationship.

It is normal for distance to increase the fear of losing each other, new people they know and jealousy increasing because of this insecurity.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Demonstrating excessive jealousy is one of the most common ways to overwhelm your partner.

Don’t let your imagination play you dirty! Remember why they are together, remember that you trust your partner and that for something you have decided to continue in your life Do not be betrayed by jealousy, focus on your commitment and give credit to your love.

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Who Can I Talk to About My Relationship Problems

If their relationship began when they were physically together, they already have an established intimacy and a dynamic between them. Separating, even temporarily, shakes your life as a couple and forces you to find new ways to get intimate.

Maintaining love and passion is not so simple when the person is not next, so it requires a great effort so that the desire does not die.

If your relationship emerged remotely over the internet, the dynamics are also established in a way. Intimacy is conceived through words or videos, but not primarily in physical proximity.

Therefore, when they meet in person, it can be difficult to assume that dynamic change and they must get used to another type of relationship, which now involves the physical.

In both cases, the difficulty is to assume the changes and adapt to this new stage of their relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

The best way to overcome this difficulty is with communication. Dare to discuss your feelings, express your discomforts and work together to help yourself in this change of life.

If you feel discomfort, your partner is probably going through the same thing. You are not alone in this. Support each other and look for solutions together, it is the best way to overcome and adapt to change.

Talk to Someone About Relationship Problems

When one of the two must be temporarily separated, it is important that they discuss the situation as a couple, understand and help each other overcome the situation.

If one of the two refuses to leave, he looks for ways to prevent him from leaving and does not cooperate with the situation, most likely the problems will be complicated once there is a distance between them.

That usually leads to a predisposition to the fact that if they are not together, either of them will betray the other, forget it and the final break will be inevitable. This is a frequent conflict in distance couples and is constant for the members of the relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

We all have fears we deal with. It’s normal that you don’t want to lose your partner, but you can’t pretend to tie it to yourself either. The more you overwhelm it, the faster you will lose it.

Keep calm, take a deep breath and remember the reasons why you decided to maintain the relationship despite the distance. Trusting is key, communicating is essential, understanding is necessary.

Do not overdo the discussions, look for solutions instead of attacking. Do not let your fears lead you to hurt yourself and cause that break that you both fear will occur.

How to Revive a Dying Relationship

Each leads his own life. It is normal that from time to time it takes time to answer. Do not answer the phone or not be at the best time to talk.

When that happens, it is common for the caller to feel fear grow because they do not respond. Anxiety takes control and prevents you from concentrating, it only feeds your fear of losing the other person.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Do not focus on the time it takes for your partner to respond, but on the possible scenarios that prevent him from doing so. Maybe he is busy at work, he has to study, he feels bad and can’t help you, he is on the street and left the phone at home.

All those things happen. Do not try to control your life or claims for not being the only center of attention for your partner. That will only lead to emotional wear and tear in which you will feel abandoned and your partner overwhelmed by your insistence.

Give it time and space. When they can talk, express your fear and talk honestly.

What to Do When He Becomes Distant and Cold

Discuss very well the reasons for this temporary separation and the approximate time that the situation will last.

If there is no clarity between the two, it is possible that either of them will form difficult expectations to reach and end up hurt by not seeing them satisfied.

For example, maybe your partner left to save money with a good job, you assume that money is to buy a house together, but it turns out that he just wants to save to help his family. Or maybe both expect him to gather a very high amount in a short time.

It can also happen that one of the two waits for the other to move, without having discussed it before. Or that either one has the idea that they will see each other in a short time, but it turns out that they do not have the money to achieve it.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

Do not let illusions go above reality. It is better that they are clear of the sacrifices that they will have to assume to make false hopes and then be injured for not being realistic.

Either way, remember that even if you love your partner, your life and happiness cannot depend on him.

Do not put all your hopes in the relationship or leave your life thinking only of that other person. You could leave a good part of your existence blindly believing in who does not want to be with you. If you have already received several disappointments, it is better that you put an end to the relationship.

What to Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend Long Distance

Betrayals always hurt, no matter how many kilometers they are. The deceptions are not hidden for a long time and the separation always encourages this type of infidelity, precisely because they do not know how to manage distance and sexual impulses.

Many times loneliness also wins the battle and pushes either of them to look for love in the absence of that person by their side.

Maybe they think that for the kilometers that separate them it will be difficult for the couple to find out, but there are always acquaintances between them and ways in which the truth comes out.

Long Distance Relationship Problems solution

From a distance or together, the biggest challenge after an infidelity is to regain confidence and decide if it is worth following despite the lie.

If you have already done so, what you can do is be honest, ask for forgiveness and commit – and fulfill the promise – not to do it again. Appealing to the time they have together and the good things of the couple can help you convince the other person, although the break seems the most likely option.

Have You Survived a Long Distance Relationship?

Long-distance love is an adventure, with emotional highs and lows. Not all couples are able to overcome them and, in fact, many relationships end up because of these problems that are so common.

If you do not want it to be your case, take into account our advice and always remember to prioritize communication in the couple. That is the basis of every good relationship, be they near or far.

Have you survived a distance relationship? Tell us how you did it! If you went through any of these problems. You can leave your experience and tips to cope with them in our comment box. If you have doubts, you can also write them so we can support you.

Remember that you can share this article on your social networks with your friends and acquaintances. There are more and more remote relationships, so you can support some of them to deal with these problems and make their relationship more bearable in that difficult situation.