Long Distance Relationship Messages For Girlfriend

Long distance relationship messages for girlfriend show that when two people love each other the rest does not matter, simply what they feel continues to exist in both hearts in different places, away from each other but feeling the same.

Long Distance Relationship Messages

1. I hate every inch that separates me from you, although I know that we can with everything and you should know that when you return, I will be waiting for you here.

2. Wherever you are, I will always want you to be by my side, but it doesn’t matter since we must trust and know that we will be together again.

3. Do not listen to people who say that distance relationships do not work, I know that we can do everything and that we will do well.

4. The distance may mean that we cannot sleep together, but what I cannot avoid is that I dream of you every night that I spend separated from you.

5. I don’t care if we can’t be together and that there is a lot of distance between us since the reward is definitely worth it, being with you for the rest of our lives.

6. I want everything from you, but here near me.

7. I will wait what it takes, but I need you here by my side because you are my half.

8. It doesn’t matter where you are because as much as you walk away, every day that passes I feel you much more inside my heart.

9. I had always heard that distance is oblivion, but I don’t agree because as much as you move away I always keep you in mind every second that passes.

10. Life without you is not life, but I promise you that I will wait for everything that is necessary.

11. Although distance and kilometers separate us, our love always brings us together again.

12. Never worry about distance because I will always want to be with you, caress you, kiss you and whisper in your ear how much I love you.

13. My love for you is unique, special and eternal, I don’t care where we are, that will never change.

Long Distance Relationship Love Messages For Her

long distance relationship messages for girlfriend

14. My home is the place where you are, so if I have to travel hundreds of kilometers to be with you, do not hesitate for a second.

15. Distance relationships may only be made for the strongest loves, but ours is one of those, so you have nothing to worry about.

16. The only flaw I find is that you are not by my side when I wake up in the morning, but that is something that can be fixed.

17. I will always fight because we can go live together, I don’t care how far you are.

18. If we love each other so much in the distance, imagine how we will love each other when we can see each other every day.

19. The day we can meet whenever we want, I will undoubtedly be the happiest person in the whole world.

20. Stop thinking about the distance that separates us and think about the love that unites us so much.

21. Just think that all this distance that we have to face today is proof of the strength of our love, if we overcome it we will be together and happy.

22. I’m glad all this time we are spending apart, because thanks to that I have realized the beautiful things I feel for you.

23. Do not be afraid of the path we have to travel separately, think better of destiny, a destination in which we will both be together for the rest of our lives.

Inspirational Message For Long Distance Relationship

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long distance relationship messages for girlfriend

24. Sometimes distance is the best thing that can happen to a couple, it will make us much stronger and more secure people in their relationship.

25. Every day I wake up with a smile because there is one less day left for you to finally come back and be together.

26. One day I will be happy because instead of getting up and looking at my cell phone I can look at those beautiful eyes you have.

27. You have noticed? Today I have spent the whole day sending you love and hugs from a distance.

28. I don’t care if you are far away because I know that when we look out the window at night, we are both looking at the same stars with their same moon. That always makes me feel much closer to you.

29. Think that the greater the distance, the happier we will feel when we meet again. At that moment we will see that everything has its good part since we will be much more united than when you left.

30. Although we can’t see each other, I promise you that every day I will send you a phrase that tells you that I still love you just like the first day. I’m going to start with this … I love you my life.

31. It is normal that it hurts when we are separated, because you are the love of my life and we are two halves of the same thing. When a couple is so connected, distance is always something that causes a lot of pain.

Long Distance Text

Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

32. Sometimes distance is a good way to realize what you had at your side.

33. Sad for not being able to wake me by your side.

34. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, so it will be one day less to see you again.

35. I want to remind you how much you mean to me, I love you a little more every day.

36. I would like the distance to disappear forever.

37. I feel lucky to have you in my life, even if we are far away.

38. I know that our destiny has wanted us to be together, so I don’t care about distance, it’s just one more proof of our great love.

39. I may not be able to kiss you, but what distance cannot take away from me is that I think of you at all hours.

40. Every day that passes I love you a little more.

41. I will endure all that is necessary since the reward deserves everything.

42. I have plenty of the whole world, all I need to be happy is to have you in my life, even if it is in the distance.

Long Distance Relationship Texts For Her

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43. I want you to know that distance will never stop me from loving you.

44. Distance separates us but my heart travels with you.

45. Although the kilometers separate my mind from you, my soul and my heart are with you.

46. I want to tell you that the distance that separates us is not greater than the love I feel for you.

47. I miss you so much even if you don’t know it and I love you like you can’t imagine.

48. It’s nice to know that there is a person who loves you and wishes you the best from a distance.

49. The distance can be great but as long as our hearts are united it doesn’t matter.

50. I know everything would be perfect if you were here with me and not far from me.

51. Every night since the sun goes down and the stars appear I want so much a moment with you.

52. Many kisses and smiles are ready for when we meet again.

53. I never import distance what I always import is what we feel.

54. In case you doubted it, I want you to know, I’m thinking of you.

55. When I met you, I knew that distance would separate us but would not prevent us from loving each other.

56. This distance separates us but when we meet I promise you that I will be a better person for you.

57. When we meet again I will charge you all the kisses, all the hugs and everything we did not do for the distance so prepare my love.

58. It is true that you are far from my body but you are not from my heart and my mind that every day imagine near you.

59. The distance does not understand the lack that you do to my soul and my heart does not understand the distance that insists on separating us.

60. Every night I ask the stars for you, and they answer that you are thinking of me.

61. So pretty, so beautiful, so kind and also so far from me.

62. A distance always separated us but it could never prevent us from falling in love with each other, so I know that this distance is nothing compared to the love we feel.

63. This distance will not always be eternal and I want you to know that the day we meet I will kiss and hug you a lot.

64. It is very close to me that I love you and so far from me that you are.

65. It doesn’t hurt the distance that separates us, it hurts me that I didn’t follow you wherever you went.

66. The nights are cold without you, it is as if I could not feel warm but it is yours.

67. For some reason I feel you very close even if you are far from me.

68. Although distance separates us, our souls unite regardless of time and distance.

69. From this distance to where you are, I want to tell you that my heart sends you many kisses.

Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

Distance is always a problem in a relationship, because each person has dreams and aspirations, which sometimes to achieve them will have to move to other cities, just keep in mind to remind your girlfriend of the importance of their relationship even while away by sending these long distance relationship messages for girlfriend.

70. I would lie to you if I tell you that I don’t miss you, but remembering that in a few days we will be together again, the joy of living returns to my heart.

71. True love can with distance and a thousand more problems, and our love is one of those. I love you.

72. Our love is so special, that not even distance will be able to turn it off, I will soon be in your arms.

73. Our love is indestructible, nothing … nor will anyone fracture it, not even the distance that separates us today.

74. Distance means nothing because you mean so much to me.

75. I want you to know that, although there is a lot of distance between the two, I will always be here for you.

76. I will have the patience to wait for you, the love to dedicate these words and the love to be together forever.

77. If I can’t see you or touch you at least I will love you with all my heart.

78. Some days I have not been able to call you or see you, but I look at the sky and ask God to take care of you and protect you wherever you are.

79. Neither distance nor time can avoid telling us how much we love each other.

80. When sadness knocks on my door to remind me that we are far away, I respond with a huge smile that every day that passes without you, means one day less to see you.

81. In spite of the distance that separates our lips and our bodies today, our hearts remain united, and the illusions increasingly stronger.

82. Life can separate our bodies but never our hearts.

83. There is little to tell you looking in your eyes how much I love you, and dedicate each message again but in front of you, taking your hands.

84. Even if you are far away, my heart feels very close to you.

85. If I could make a wish come true, it would be with you now.

86. The day will come when we will be together again, telling us it was difficult, but it was worth it.

87. Even if you are far away, my heart feels very close to you.

88. If I could make a wish come true, it would be with you now.

89. Although we can’t see each other, that doesn’t mean we stop loving each other. I love you very much.

90. Our distant love does not mean that we are separated, for me it means that there is less and less to be together again. You are my happiness.

91. When we meet, all sadness will be a bad memory, a cruel experience that has shown us that our love is true.

92. Although it is love at a distance, remember that it is still love, and a very special one that is facing a very difficult test that we will overcome soon.

93. The kilometers and kilometers that stand between us today may be the worst enemy we can face but love will always overcome any distance that separates us.

94. I know that we will be victors before this distance that separates us today but that love unites.

95. The distance will not make me stop loving you but quite the opposite will make me wait and appreciate the moments that I have with you.

Deep Love Messages For Girlfriend

If that person you love madly likes poetry, I invite you to dedicate some of these long distance relationship messages for girlfriend, it is a very romantic way to express all your love, that great love that even distance will not destroy.

96. No matter the distance that separates us, no matter how many kilometers they are, my love will always follow you wherever you go.

97. Even if you take the path on the left or the one on the right, we will meet again because the earth is round.

98. I count the hours and days, because my heart longs for you and is impatient for your company.

99. Sooner or later I will return for you, and finally we will have our happy life.

100. From my window I ask God to take care of you. I already miss you, I think it’s been so long that you left.

101. Despite the kilometers, my love always follows you, and I wish that you never forget my kisses.

Most Touching Love Messages For Girlfriend

Do not hesitate to feed your relationship with these long distance relationship messages for girlfriend, which in addition to showing your feelings will make your partner feel special, it should be emphasized that with a message you can brighten your partner’s day. If you liked these phrases as much as I did, don’t forget to share yours too.

102. There is definitely no force that can make my feelings towards you change. I love you forever.

103. Distance separates our bodies, but not our hearts, or our thoughts.

104. Each awakening without you hurts a lot, but I remember that it is for you that I am making this sacrifice, it gives me the strength to overcome this sorrow.

105. There is no distance capable of killing this love we have.

106. I don’t have you close by the distance that separates us, but deep inside my heart.

107. Knowing that to whom I wait is you, makes this distance worth every minute.

To conclude, a distance relationship is a hard test for a couple, but not impossible to overcome. We should only put our greatest effort and love in every little detail we make towards our partner. And remember that regardless of distance, true love is cultivated daily and one day they will be together again, trust you and your partner.

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