Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs

10 signs it’s time to break up your long-distance relationship

Distance is a barrier that many couples cannot overcome. Sometimes the relationship can get dull, hollow, and seemingly lacking in interest, or you can just start to feel more distant from your other half. But when do you know exactly when it’s time to end your long-distance relationship? Here are 10 long distance relationship break up signs. Work carefully on these 10 points before these problems destroy your relationship.

Warning:   Being in favor of the fact that you can always save your marriage, I ask you to carefully consider and try all the alternatives before committing the irreparable, the breakup.

1. You have your head elsewhere

Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs

A crucial point. If your partner starts to fade in your mind in favor of a third person you feel some attraction to, then your relationship is officially in jeopardy.

Obviously, everyone has moments of weakness, but if you think of that person more than of your significant other, you have to seriously ask yourself what it is you want.

2. Your partner is no longer present for you

Physical distance is already an obstacle in itself, so if we add an emotional distancing and a sudden lack of interest then the gap in the couple is all the greater.

If you feel that your partner is not there for you as much as they were in the past, your relationship may be taking a bad turn.

3. Your relationship gives you more sadness than joy.

Of course, living in a long-distance relationship is not always a joy. Lack, loneliness and uncertainty strike us on a daily basis, since it is part of the lot.

What is not normal is to be constantly depressed, isolated and sad. A relationship is meant to be something positive, not a burden that makes us suffer.

If your long-distance relationship isn’t making you better and happier, then chances are it is just bad for you.

Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs

4. You are not planning a reunion

No matter what the excuses, we always find the time and money to do the things that really matter to us.

If you and your partner don’t feel that vital need to see each other again, then the weeks are numbered before either of you decides to give up ship.

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5. You no longer design your future together

Likewise, deciding (albeit vaguely) when you are finally going to end the distance is essential.

If you do n’t have a plan for the future, no shared vision, and no end goal, then your romantic relationship is more like a friendship.

Without an end date, you can only fail because no one can and wants to have a long-distance relationship their entire life.

6. Your couple is consumed with jealousy

While jealousy is normal and prevalent in love, it can sometimes turn into a deadly mix of unfounded accusations, paranoia, and broken trust .

However, a love at a distance is in principle a hell for the jealous and the jealous.

If you are unable to deal with this problem and give your other half more freedom, then it is legitimate to wonder if it is good to continue like this.

Long Distance Relationship Break Up Signs

7. You argue more and more

It happens to all couples to have arguments, and even on a regular basis. Still, there comes a point when if all conversations lead to confrontation, then things go very badly.

This is not healthy and not worth getting confused with any discussion, probably just because of an ego issue.

8. Your relationship seems like a one-way street

In any relationship, we give and we receive. This rule is all the more true for romantic relationships. If you feel like you put in a lot more effort than your other half, then she may be slowly losing interest in your relationship.

But you can’t have a great relationship with someone who makes you feel like all the love and care is just on you.

9. Your relationship has become a chore

If it bothers you to interact with your other half and every interaction with them feels like a real chore, if not a burden, then be careful.

As mentioned in point # 3, a relationship should always make you happier and more fulfilled.

If you are staying with your partner just because you feel like there is no alternative and are afraid of hurting when leaving, then there is a good chance that this chore will turn into a breakup in any way.

10. You no longer feel any attachment

The great thing about long distance relationships is that despite the geographic distance you feel connected and in harmony with your loved one. But if you take that same sense of connection away, then there’s not much left in your relationship.

This is an essential element for you to successfully face this challenge. Without it, the relationship will die out naturally and slowly.


Living a long-distance relationship requires a lot of effort.

This is why when you are confronted with one of the 10 long distance relationship break up signs, you should not have the reflex to break up but to fight and persist for your relationship.

If you ever want to end this situation and settle down together, then you are going to have to pay close attention to these different signs and resolve these issues the minute they arise.

Otherwise, one day, the breakup will await you, as with many distant couples.