Lines To Seduce a Woman

Words To Seduce A Woman By Text

I advise you to read this article carefully. It contains my best catch lines to seduce a woman. Or rather the fundamentals of the best dredge lines: the how and why.

These principles will allow you to make your own on-site dredge lines when you need them.

But before starting, I have one important thing to tell you … very important.

99% of men sabotage themselves. They try to protect themselves. They seek excuses, even with all the tools at their disposal: “Yes, but … Yes, but … Yes, but …”

No “Yes, but …”! You have to get started. That’s all. You have to decide to put yourself … now.

This could be a trivial article. Nothing more. An article like you read dozens a week.

But this article might as well be the beginning of a new life. The beginning of success. The new you.

A banal article? Or the beginning of success? It’s up to you. If you read this article and then move on, then do not read it. However, if you want to apply and test what took me more than 5 years to develop and optimize, then it’s a great honor for me to share it with you.

“What Is The Best Lines To Seduce A Woman? “

This is the question I receive most often. I have never revealed what will follow to the general public. The only people I’ve revealed this trick are my very close dragging friends and my students.

The best lines to seduce a woman have several elements:

  • It must be sincere, natural and spontaneous.
  • It must be clear and focused.
  • It must neutralize any objections in advance.

The problem with many approach sentences is precisely that they trigger negative elements such as:


Women are very intuitive. They feel when what you say is not sincere. They feel that you repeat something prefabricated. They feel that you are trying to hide something. In short, they feel that “something is wrong” with you.

Result? She thinks you are weird, shut up and shut up.

lines to seduce a woman


  • “Hi, it looks good what you drink. What’s this ? “
  • “You would not have a cigarette? “
  • ” Excuse me. I am looking for avenue Marie-Louise. “

Result? A bland, formal and short conversation: “Thank you … Uh … Have a nice day / evening. “


If, after a vague, wise and prudent approach, you nevertheless try to prolong the conversation in a vague, wise and prudent manner, you will raise objections.

She will think:

  • “What exactly does he want for me? “
  • “Why is he coming to talk to me? “
  • “When is he going to leave? “

She will say:

  • “Sorry, but I do not have time. I have to go away. “
  • ” I’m going to the bathroom. See you later maybe. “

AIE Aie Aie.

Other Negative Elements

No need to complete the list. This is the solution that interests us. The basic principles. By applying these basic principles you will avoid 95% of negative elements automatically.

Words to Seduce a Woman

Once again, the best lines to seduce a woman has several elements.

  • It must be sincere, natural and spontaneous.
  • It must be clear and focused.
  • It must neutralize any objections in advance.

Here is how to apply these elements concretely:

  • Sincere, natural and spontaneous: you describe your thoughts and emotions. You think aloud.
  • Clear and focused: you express your intentions. You tell him exactly what you expect from her.
  • Neutralize any objections in advance: you describe the situation. You describe the environment and your behavior (and possibly her behavior).

And now, these basic principles, we will apply them. I will give you a concrete example. I’ll give you my dredge phrase. Here is the sentence that I use to address girls on the streets and even in bars. The phrase that allows me to …

Trigger Words Seduction

Some details of my approach sentence change depending on the circumstances (the woman, the place …). Take the street as an example:

Hey, hello. In fact, I was walking down the street when I saw you. I hesitated to come talk to you, but I told myself that if I did not do it, I would have a lot of regrets on my way home tonight. So here I am.

You see ? Do you recognize the necessary elements? Let’s do the analysis together.

  • Sincere, natural and spontaneous. Ie describe your thoughts and emotions and think aloud: “I hesitated to come talk to you, but I told myself that if I did not do it, I would have a lot of regrets coming home tonight. “
  • Clear and focused. Ie express your intentions. Tell her what you expect from her: “[…] coming to talk to you, […] if I did not do it, I would have a lot of regrets …” Which means: “I want to talk, I want you to speak to me, because I like you. “
  • Neutralize any objections in advance. Ie describe the situation, the environment and your behavior (and possibly her behavior): “[…] I was walking down the street when I saw you. I hesitated to come talk to you, but I told myself that if I did not do it, I would have a lot of regrets on my way home tonight. So here I am. “

How to Woo a Woman

Well, everyone appreciates sincerity. By expressing your intentions you show him that you are confident and everyone appreciates self-confidence.

On the other hand, very few people know that describing the situation neutralizes the objections. What to describe the situation disarms the other. To better understand, you just have to put yourself in the woman’s shoes.

Me: “[…] I was walking down the street […]”

She thinks unconsciously, “Yes, that’s right. “

Me: “[…] when I saw you […]”

She thinks unconsciously, “Yes, that’s right. “

Me: “[…] I hesitated to come and talk to you […]”

She thinks unconsciously, “Yes, that’s right. Approaching someone in the street takes courage. “

Me: “[…] but I told myself that if I did not do it, I would have a lot of regrets coming home tonight […]”

She unconsciously: “Yes, that’s right. If he approaches me in the street, what requires courage is that I must please him. And I know that not doing it, can cause regrets. “

Do you see what’s going on in his mind?

” Yes Yes Yes yes Yes… “

You urge him to be complacent. You trigger hyper powerful persuasion mechanisms: commitment and consistency

It’s human nature. Once you say “yes” to someone (you do not even have to say it, you just have to think it), it’s very likely that you’ll continue in the same direction. It is very likely that you will continue to say “yes” to him. If your friend asks you for help and you agree, the next time he asks you for help, you will probably accept it too. It’s the same principle.

So when you approach a woman that way, she can not tell you, “But why are you coming to talk to me? Or “Sorry, I can not help you. The only things she can say are:

  • “Waow! OK why not. ” with a big smile.
  • “That’s nice, but I have a friend. “
  • “That’s nice, but I’m not interested. “

In any case, you are quickly fixed, you do not waste your time unnecessarily. Do you know what 90% of women tell me when I approach them this way? Even those who have a boyfriend? She often blushes, “Waow! This is the first time I have been approached this way. “

Warning !

I must absolutely specify several elements. You must combine this phrase with the following elements to put the odds on your side.

Approach Back And Sideways

When in motion, favor the back and side approach. You must have a step ahead of her, so she can get a quick overview of who is talking to her. A man who approaches him directly from the front, or by tapping him on the shoulder is almost automatically seen as an intruder, as a threat.

Speak Loudly + Interjection

You must get his attention. How? By increasing the volume of your voice and using an interjection like: “Hey! Hi ! Or “Tell me! Just the fact that she does not hear you may be enough to take you a rake.

So, “Hey! Hi ! Or “Tell me! ” HIGH AND LOUD !


You have to approach him with a smile. The smile disarms and allows the other to open. The smile reassures. I know, it’s a banal council, but believe me, many men forget.

Good Interpersonal Distance

The biggest obstacle in the drag is anxiety. More precisely the anxiety of being rejected. Some men try to avoid the rake by approaching too far. They do not want to rush the woman. But by approaching too far, you give him the opportunity to deny yourself. To reject you.

She says to herself, “Why does he come to me from so far away? He surely has something to hide. A double agenda … Bad intentions … Brrr … It’s weird. I will pretend not to notice it. And she continues on her way. Physical distance equals emotional distance. The solution ?

Reduce the interpersonal distance. What is the average physical distance between you and your friends? It’s the right distance to approach a woman . Between 30 and 70 cm.

With the basic principles (sincerity, clarity and neutralization of objections), smile and approach back and on the side you disarm.

With a “small” interpersonal distance, interjections and talking loudly you get his attention. You do not give him the opportunity to deny you.

Now you have all the ingredients you need to approach the women properly. And since repetition is the best friend of learning, I will give you a summary of the key elements.

How To Seduce a Lady

  1. Sincerity: describe your thoughts and emotions
  2. Clarity: express your intentions
  3. Neutralize objections: describe the situation
  4. Approach back and sideways
  5. Speak loud and clear
  6. Interjection
  7. Smile
  8. Interpersonal distance: 30 to 70 cm

Finally, I’ll give you a practical exercise:

  1. Set the goal of approaching between 5 and 10 women.
  2. Set a deadline.
  3. Prints the 8 key elements of the approach (the list above): selects the list → ctrl + p → prints the selection only.
  4. Address the number of women you have set for yourself:
    1. After each approach, check on the checklist all the items you applied during this approach.
    2. After each approach, evaluate the quality of the interaction by giving a score of 1 (zero) to 10 (very good).
  5. Try to improve the following approach by paying attention to the elements that were missing in previous approaches.

Do not be scared. The first step is the most difficult. The worst thing that could happen to you is that she tells you, flattered and with a big smile, “I have a boyfriend. I am not interested. “.